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( ) 1、It’s______good weather that parks are crowded with people morethan


A.so a ,once B. Such a ,ever C. Such ,ever D. So,usually

( ) 2、Mary won in the_____ race last week .

A. woman’s 400-metres B. women’s 400-metres

C. woman’s 400-metre D. women’s 400-metre

( )3、The river is very long and it is about______.

A. 20 metres wide B. 20-metre wide

C. 20 metres thick D. 20 metres high

( )4、The puzzles are too difficult for me.Why not_______ ?

A.give up B. give up them .

C. give it up D. Give them up

( ) 5、She often feels lonely,because he has ____friends .

A. a little B. a few C. little D.few

( )6、If he_______ the composition,he’ll be better next time .

A.practises to write B.will practise writing

C.willpractises to write D. practises writing

( )7、----Many people like to read the book.

----That’s right.There’s___ in it .

A.boring anything B. nothing boring

C.something funny D. funny something

( )8、Do you think Bob plays basketball as ____ as Jim .

A. bad B. badly C.better D.good

( )9、Don’t play while____ .

A.to eat B. eat C.eating D.all the above

( )10、---David is often late for school ,isn’t he ?

---_______.He always comes earlier than others .

A.Yes, he is B.No, he isn’t. C Yes ,of course . D. No, sometimes

( )11、---Linda had nothing for breakfast this moning,____?

---No.He got up too late.

A.had she B.hadn’t she C.did she D. didn’t she

( )12、He will go for a picnic if it ______ tomorrow .

A.won’t rain B.don’t rain C.doesn’t rain D.isn’t rain

( )13、The old man has three sons, but _______of them live with him.

A.all B. both C.neither D.none

( )14、----Tom is six and he is___his sister Jane.How old is Jane? ----Three.

A. three years younger than B. two years old than

C. twice as old as D. as old as

( )15、----Don’t worry.I can help you repair your car.


A. I don’t think so B.What a good idea

C. That’s very kind of you D. I’m sorry to hear that

( )16、My brother bought me a new camera,but I don’t know_____.

A.when to use it B.how to use it

C.which one to use D. what to use

( )17、----How much does this shirt____?

----Only 20 dollars.

. A.spend B.pay C. cost D.take

( )18、-----How many more apples can I have,mum?

-----You can have one more.______ are for Tom.

A.Another B.The others C.The other D. Others

( )19、The teather asked Jim____he had a good trip last holiday .

A .that B.whether C.so D. which

( )20、---Could you tell me ____?

---- Sorry , I don't know.

A. where my keys are

C. where are my keys

B. where can I find my keys D. where my keys put

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