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1、 (我们有)any milk?

2、 in the fridge.

3、 Mary has got 很多)tomatoes.

4、 Drinking more water is good B

A、for B.at C.of

5、 There is water in the bottle. B

A.some B. Any C.many

6、would you like ? C

A.go B to go C going i would like

7、There are


1、Our teacher often stands the classroom when she speaks to us。

A in front of B in the front of C to front of

2、My mother is english teacher working for university。(B)

A a,a B an,a C an,an

3、(be)one sheep and two goats(山羊)over there。

4、Thank you very much for 5、Tom’s uncle is 对划线部分提问)

Tom’s uncle?

6、There is a sheep over there.(改为复数形式)

There are some sheep over there.


The library is next to the classroom.

8/我有一个叔叔两个姑姑(aunt uncle、)

I have an uncle and two aunt。



11、Look at 表示看的动作

See 表示看到的结果。

Listen to 表示听的动作

Hear 表示听到的结果。

12、Hi,Jim!。He is my good friend. b

Hi,Tom!Nice to meet you.

A He B that C this D it

13、Marina is english girl.She can play very well,but she can’t play

piano. a

A an,the,the Ba;/;the Can; /; the D a;the; /

14、Lucy and lily are c

A English B English girl Can English girl D Englishes



BWhat’s your name? C what’s this、D Can you spell your name?

16、is your mother?

B;she is a secretary.

A what B how C where D who

17、Are there(有)some cards in Jim’s bag?

18、There are many beautiful flowers in the garden.(就划线部分提问) What are in the garden?

19、These are jack’s books.(变一般疑问句,并作肯定回答)

A:Are these Jack’s books?

B:Yes, they are .

20、There isn’t any water here.Could you get some for me?

There are three C in the office.

A:woman teachers B:women teacher

C:women teachers D:woman teacher

21、There is a playground the school.

A. in the front of B. in front of C. in front D. front of

22、Mike and Tom good A. are,friends B. are brothers C. is student D. is friends

23、Do you like A . reading B. reads C. read D. to reading

24、-Is there milk in the fridge?

--No,there isn’t.But there is juice in it.

A.any ,some B. some , any C. any , any D. some ,some 25--Are these your English books?

aren’t.They’re English books.

A it, they B these ,he C they ,her D their ,she

26、-Hi,Jim!。He is my good friend.

-Hi,Tom!Nice to meet you.

A He B that C this D it

27、I have (许多)good friends in my class.


29、Have you got 30、 A come B comes C/ D is

31、A:Where B:Africa.

A does;from B is; come from C does;come from D are;from

32、like eating meat.They live in the forest.

33、water in my bottle.I’ll give you some.

A a few B few C a little D little

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