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1. Mr. Brown usually _______(use) a

computer at work.

2. Cindy _______(not do) his homework

on her computer.

3. Can you ________(sing) the song

―Happy Birthday‖?

4. Can you help children with


5. Tom can _____(swim), but he ________(not speak) English.

6. ________ you ________ (get) any


7. Thanks for ________(make) a family


8. How many people _________(be)

there in your family?

9. She ________(have)got two aunts and

three uncles.

10. My friend asks me ______(have) a


11. Would you like ______(go) out for a


12. ________(swim) is my favorite sport.

13. Let’s ________(play) basketball,

shall we?

14. We are going to ________(go)

shopping tomorrow.

15. The film ______(be) on this evening.

16. Tony _________(invite) Emma to go

to the cinema.

17. He with his two friends ________(go)

to the cinema.

18. Let’s _______(help) Tom with his


19. Betty invites Daming _________(join)

her birthday party.

20. School ________(finish) at 5:50 in

the afternoon.

21. Class is over. Let Tom _______(have)

a break.

22. Li Ming usually _______(have)

breakfast at 6:30.

23. In the evening, he usually ______(do)

his work after dinner.

24. _______ your mother ______(work)

in a school?

25. His father likes _______(read)


26. Mike ______(get) up early every


27. She _____ often ______(not get) up


28. It’s time ______(have) Chinese.

29. There _______(not be) much water

in the desert.

30. _______(not swim) here, it’s not


31. Every student in our class ______(be)

very friendly.

32. Jim, ________(not do) it like that.

33. One of the boys _________(listen) to


34. Zhang Hua ________(not look) like

his father.

35. I _______(like) books, but she

______(like) TV.

36. My sister _________(not go) to school on Saturday. She often

______(stay) at home.

37. Wednesday _______(come) after


38. What about _______(run) for


39. Do you often practice ________(play)


40. My uncle is good at ________(swim).

41. This pair of shoes _______(be) my


42. ______(read) in the sun is bad for

your eyes.

43. ______ the boy _______(come) from


44. I would like _______(study)


45. Does he _______(have) a ruler?

46. Simon _______(study) in No. 10

Middle School.

47. -_______ Nr Zhang _______(work)

here? – Yes, he _______.

48. _______(help) me, please. I can’t


49. My mother often _______(wash)

clothes on Sundays.

50. We use the computer _______(do)

our homework.

51. Lingling wants ________(eat) an


52. They ________(not do) their homework in the evening.

53. I want to ask him _______(go) to my

house for dinner.

54. It’s time ______(get) up. It’s half

past six.

55. Lingling and Daming _______(not

have) history today.

56. Let Lily _______(help) you with

your English.

57. It’s time for ________(make) a cake

for my birthday.

58. My parents __________(live) in


59. My father ______(buy) me a new


60. I finish ______(do) my homework, so

I can go to play basketball.

61. Please _______(switch) on the

computer and get online.

62. He is so lazy(懒惰). He wants her mother _______ (do) everything for


63. Does Jim _______(get) up at half

past six?

64. He likes _______(play) table tennis, so he often _______(play) it in the


65. The lion ______(not eat) grass at all.

66. Tigers _______(need) lots of meat

every day.

67. It’s nice _______(meet) here.

68. Do you enjoy _______(play) the


69. I start _______(learn) English at

8:000 every day.

70. My mother often asks me ________(not play) on the road.

1. The keys _____ (be) Tom’s.

2. Please ______ (not play) too many

computer games.

3. Can you _______ (spell) that word?

4. The eraser _______(not be) Lucy’s.

5. ______ (be) the students’ classroom


6. Whose ______ (key) are these?

7. Is that ______ (you) book?

8. —Your ring’s very nice. — ____


9. Please______ (call) me at 6578319.

10. _____ (be) this your sister?

11. There are three ______ (people) in

my family.

12. _______ (that) are his parents.

13. His parents ______ (be) teachers.

They work hard.

14. What _____ (be) your sister’s

favorite subject?

15. His students.

16. The music is really _______(relax)

17. Are _______ (this) Lucy’s parents?

18. My brother ________(go) to work

early every day.

19. He _________(usual) runs in the


20. Let’s ______(play) football this


21. ______ Tom _____ (play) soccer ball

every day?

22. Mr. Wang only _____ (watch) them

on TV.

23. I have two story books. I like ___


24. My uncle _______ (not play) chess

every day.

25.Do you like __________(listen) to

radio in the morning?

26. _____ you _____ (like) bananas or


27. He______ (eat) lots of healthy food

every day.

28. There _____ (be) some chicken on

the plate.

29. There ______ (be) many apples in

the basket.

30. My brother _______ (have) much

homework every day.

31. How many________ (hour) do you

need a day?

32. Let’s ____ (make) a cake for Tom.

33. My favorite food ____ (be) chicken.

34. How much ______ (be) the yellow


35. Bill __________(not have) a piano

lesson this afternoon.

36. We want two musicians for _____(we)

school festival.

37. Lin ling dances _______(good).

38. Please ______(come) in and have a

cup of tea.

39. The clothing shop ______(sell) all

kinds of clothes.

40. Do you want ______(go) with us?

41. The hat _____ (be) 11 dollars.

42. The story is very ______(interest).

43. The ________ (two) month of the

year is February.

44. There are three _______(comedy)


45. When ________ (be) your father’s


46. Spring _______ (come) in March.

47. Lucy’s 12 ______ (year) old.

48. When’s your ____(sister) birthday?

49. —Where ______ you just now? —I

_______ in the zoo. (be)

50. ______ Miss Li ______ (have) a long

holiday? 1. ________ (He) pen is in ______ (I)


2. ________ (You) shoes ________ (be)

under the bed.

3. ________ (Who) new ruler is this?

4. ---Are these trousers _______


---No, they aren’t ________ (we)

5. It’s time ________ (go) and play


6. This is my pen. Please give it to

________ (I).

7. I have two ________ (baby).

8. Look! That is a ________ (China)


9. It is __________ (my teacher)


10. Now her ________ ( parent) are in


1. He brushes his _______(tooth) every


2. Do you have any ______ (book)?

3. I’m always busy _______ (do) my ho

mework on Sunday.

4. Best _______ (wish)to your parents.

5. Listen to _______(me) carefully(真) in


6. People love ________ (sing) English s


7. Thanks for _______ (tell) me the story


8. What time _______Mary ______ (get)

up in the morning?

9. Our school needs two ________ (musi


10. Mary can’t _________ (play) footbal

l very well.

11. Some boys in our class like ________


12. He can do ________ (China)Kung F


13. Can I join the _______ (swim) club.

14. I have some ________ (photo). I can show _______ (they) to you this afternoo


15. Let ______ (we) go to the movies on


16. Li Ming is a good boy, all of us love

_______ (he).

17. _______ you _____ (have) a bicycle?

18. My father ______ (go) to work on his


19. I am hungry. I want ________ (eat) s

ome bread.

20. He likes _______ (play) basketball in

the afternoon.

21. March is the _______ (three) month

of a year.

22. There are many ________ (tomato) i

n the room.

23. Let’s ______ (be) good friends.

24. My parents _____ (not, eat) salad for


25. What an interesting time ______ (ha

ve) English lesson.

26. What kind of ______(movie) do you l


27. He eats a lot of _______(fruit) for lu


28. I like ______(carrot) and ______(bro


29. Tina wants to be an English _______


30. Kuming and Jinan are beautiful ___


31. Boring and difficult are _______(des

cribe) words.

32. Please write a letter to ______(I)

33. Li Ming is a ________(run) star.

34. ----Let me help you. ------_______(t

hank) a lot.

35.Miss Yao is _______(we) English teac


1. Where________(be)the children’

s brother?

2. ________(he) father is my teacher.

3. Can you________(see) the words on t

he blackboard?

4. Mum,_________(these) is my new clas

smate, Tim.

5. What color ______(be) your shoes?

6. These _______(be) my Chinese books.

7. Lily and Lucy______(be) her cousin.

8. Thanks for _______(give) me a nice p


9. —Are those the ________(photo) of Li

nda’s family? —Yes,they are.

10.—what are these in English? —The

y are ________(watch).

11.Here _______(is) a letter for you.

12.They are my___________(grandpare

nt). I love them.

13.My family _______(be) at home.

14.Thank you for your family photos.__

______(it) are beautiful.

15.The two girls are sisters._________(t

hey) mother is Gina.

16.Thanks for _________(give) me.

17.I _________(not) know her name.

18.Are those her _________(chair).

19.Where ________(be) his Chinese boo

ks? I can’t find them.

20._______(be) her book on the desk?

21.Can you ________(bring) some thing

s to school?

22.Linda _________(need) some help wi

th her English.

23.My father often _______(take) me to

the zoo on Sunday.

24.That is _______(he) son.

25.There are ________(knife) on the tabl


26.My mother likes _________(watch) T


27.I like ________(tomato)for supper.

28.There is a bottle of _________(orange

) juice on the table.

29.Lily _______(like) ice cream very mu


30.Please come and see for _______.(you


31.How much ________(be) the shoes?

32.Do you like _______(them).

33.How many ________(pair) of plants

do you want?

34.She can’t ________(afford) this sweat


35.Tom______(have)a red hat.

36.She doesn’t like green pants .She like

s the blue ______(one).

37.The little boy ______(need) a lot of b

ooks for new school year.

38.Their __________(dictionary) are in t

he backpack.

39.They are Lucy’s ________(sock).

40.There are many new _________(facto

ry) in our city.

41.Look at the sun.It always shines ____________(bright) at this time of year.

42.Miss Smith put the new dress on, and looked at ______(she) in the mirror.

43.Liu Zhong is in his _______(three) at

No. 1 Middle school.

44.The teacher asked her students ___________(not forget) to sweep the floor.

45.I think the dictionary is ________(hel

p) to your study.,

46.Don’t open your books.Please keep th

em ________(close).

47.There _________(be) great changes i

n our country next year.

48.We must ________(send) for a doctor

,because someone is ill here.

49.The movie makes me _________(excit


50.The book he gave me is _________(ex


51.Mary often does her homework with


52.That sounds _______(real) interestin


53.What about _______(watch) TV this


54.My mother _______(look) very young


55.Look! His _______(tooth) are white.

56.Jim _______(have) two eggs for brea


57.Please write to me and _______(tell)

me about your study.

58.I usually take a bus ________(go) to


59.It’s time _______(play) games.

60.Lucy __________(not watch) TV on


61.He has a shower and ________(eat) h

is breakfast.

62.He is 23 _________(year old).

63.Music is __________(relax).

64.Studying makes me too ________(tire


65.Please let Jack ________(put) his glo

ves on.

66.Your dress _______(look) very nice.

67.All his sheep ________(be) not on the


68.Don’t ________(sit) besides me.

69.They like_________(work) in their sc


70.Mary and Jack are all __________(A


71.He is ________(write) a letter in his r

oom now.

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