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初三考点 被动语态

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初三上册英语考点 被动语态


典例(2012新疆阜康中考)The old over90_______not only by their family but also by the government in many places.

A:is looked at B:are taken good care of C:are taken good care D:is looking after


1:English_______by lots of people as their first language in the world.

A:is spoken B:speaks C:is speaking D:spoke

2: I want to be a doctor. Doctors________greatly in every part of the world,. I think.

A:need B:are needed C:are needing D:will need

3: I know Alisa won’t come to join us unless she________to.

A:tells B:has told C:is told

4: Look! What a nice garden! Yes, It________every day.

A:is cleaned B:has been cleaned C:is being cleaned D:was cleaned

5:The letter________in French. I can’t read it.

A:is writing B:is written C:wrote D:writes


1:Every year millions of people see Shakespeare’s plays.

Every year_________ __________ ___________ _____________by__________ ___________ __________.

2:Dangerous driving causes many accidents.

____________ _____________ ____________ _____________by dangerous driving.

3:Many teachers think that Todd is a good student.

Todd is__________ ___________ ____________a good student by many teachers.


1:Chinese is___________(讲) by the largest number of people in the world.

2:Letters____________(collect) from this postbox at 4:00 every afternoon.

含有情态动词的被动语态,由“情态动词(must, may, need, should等)+be+及物动词的过去分词”构成。

典例 (2012湖北襄阳中考)It’s difficult for village children to cross the river to school. I think a bridge_______over the river.

A:should be built B:will build C:is built D:was built


1:I’m sorry you can’t go in now.The room_________yet.

A:hasn’t been cleaned B:hasn’t cleaned C:isn’t been cleaned D:isn’t being cleaned

2:To make our country more beautiful, rubbish_________into the river.

A:needn’t be thrown B:mustn’t be thrown C:can’t throw D:may not throw

3:There is too much pollution. The environment__________.

A:should be improved B:should improve C:has been improved D:is improving


1:We can do the work now if you want.

The work___________ ____________ ____________now if you want.

2:We can finish the work in five days.

The work___________ ____________ ____________in five days.

3:Could they build a bridge two years ago?

__________a bridge___________ ____________two years ago by them?

现在完成时态的被动语态结构为“has/have been+过去分词”。

典例 (广东深圳中考)David, turn off the TV __________no one is watching it.But it__________off already.The music is from the radio.

A:so that; has been turned B:when; has turned C:if; has been turned D:because;has turned


1:The tickets__________well and all the tickets___________out by now.

A:sell; sold B:were sold; sold C:were sold; have sold D:sell; have been sold

2:This year has__________World Year of Physics___________Albert Einstein,the father of modern physics. A:made; remember B:made; to remember C:been made; remember D:been made; to remember


Droughts and floods often happen there because the farmers have cut down all the trees on the mountains.

The trees on the mountains___________ ____________ _____________ ____________and as a result,droughts and floods often happen there.

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