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1.I’m looking forward to this.

_____________________________________我盼望着我们假期的到来。 _____________________________________他们期待着看这个电影。

2.so that

____________________________________为了能赶上头班车,我很早就起床了。 ____________________________________为了下次能取得好成绩,你应该更加努力学习。

3.on one’s own

__________________________________. Sally可以独自演奏这首曲子。

4.__________________________________. Sally真的很勇敢。


出现 _________ 避免问题___________ 安静__________ 擅长小提琴_______________ 错过最后的练习 _________________


献身于 __________ 出生________ 去前线___________ 照顾受伤的士兵________________ 学习有关新的疗法______________ 努力工作__________ 停下来去休息__________ 停下来去医治他的手_______________ 动手术 ___________ 继续工作_________ 照顾 __________ 尽管__________ 最后_____________ 中国最著名的英雄之一_____________________________

Norman Bethune is one of China’s most famous heroes, but he wasn’t Chinese – he was Canadian. ______________________

Norman Bethune was born in 1890. He became a doctor in 1916, and he went to the front to look after injured soldiers in the First World War. _______________ Later he invented new treatments to help soldiers, and medical tools to use outside hospital.

In 1938 he came to China to treat the Chinese soldiers in the mountains north of Yan’an. There were few doctors, so he had to work very hard. He opened hospitals to give treatment to local people and soldiers, and to train doctors and nurses.____________

Dr Bethune worked very hard without stopping to rest. Once, he performed operations for 69 hours without stopping, and saved 112 people. He continued working in spite of cutting his hand during an operation._______________

Dr. Bethune’s work with the Chinese soldiers made him a hero in China. There are books and films about him, and he is still remembered in both Canada and China.

A. He built a bridge of friendship between Canadians and Chinese people.

B. In the end, he died because he did not stop to take care of his hand.

C. .He also wrote books so that doctors could learn about new treatments.

D. He saw many soldiers die in the war.

E. He gave his life to help the Chinese people.

F. He started a new hospital in China.


Florence Nightingale _______ born on 12th May, 1820. In 1851 she trained as a nurse. Two years later she went to a British military hospital so that she could help British soldiers. Before she arrived, many soldiers died in the hospital __________ it was dirty. Nightingale worked hard to make the hospital_______and stop soldiers dying. When she ________ to England in 1856, she was a national heroine, Nightingale wrote two books about nursing and she also started a school to train nurses. She died in London on 13th August, 1910,_______she was 90 years old.

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