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Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?




tiring, educational, peaceful, fascinating, thrilling, take it easy, trek, jungle, fall, Florida, Amazon, Niagara


1 Where would you like to go on vacation ? 你想去哪度假?

2 I would like to trek through the jungle 我会去热带丛林跋涉旅行

3 He ran across the street 他跑过大街

4 I like places where the people are friendly 我 喜欢人们友善的地方

5 I hope to see the falls one day/ some day 我希望有一天看到瀑布

6 She’d like to live somewhere relaxing 她想住在很休闲的某地方

7 Why not consider visiting Paris= Why don’t you do sth ?为什么不考虑参观巴黎

8 the capital of -- ----的首都

9 one of the liveliest cities 最有生气的城市之一

10 travel around Paris 周游巴黎

11 Sth cost a lot of money 某物值很多钱

12 In general 一般说

13 be supposed to do sth 应该/ 被期望-

14 hope to achieve in the future希望将来实现

15 thousands of students 数千个学生

16 take part in (活动)= join (组织)

17 the answers to the question 对这问题的答案

18 would like to start work as soon as possible 想尽快开始工作

19 so that 以便

20 provide sth for sb =provide sb with sth为某人提供某物

21 continue studying=go on doing sth 继续学习

22 according to sth 根据----

23 all kinds of 各种各样的

24 quite a few students 相当一些学生

25 dream of/ about going to the moon梦想去月球


[巨人聚优教研室] 26 be willing to work hard愿意努力工作

27 be able to fly=can fly 能够飞

28 on the one hand / on the other hand 一方面,另一方面

29 hold on to your dreams 抓住你的梦想

30 have a winner’s attitude有胜者的态度


Where would you like to go?

I’d like to go somewhere relaxing.

I hope to go toFrancesome day.

I’d love to visitMexico.


1) Football is a game which is liked by most boys.

2) This is the pen (which) he bought yesterday.

3) The man who/whom you met just now is my friend.

4) We’ll go to hear the famous singer (whom/that/who) we have often

talked about.




( ) 1.—There is a ticket on the floor, is it yours?

—Oh, yes, it’s mine.

—Let me _____for you.

A. to pick up it B. to pick it up C. pick up it D. pick it up

( ) 2. The teacher asked the boys ____on the wall.

A. to not draw B. don’t draw C. not draw to D. not to draw

( ) 3.The little girl often makes his mother ______him_____ .

A. talk, something interesting B. tell something interesting

C. say, interesting something D. speak, interesting something

( ) 4.Exeuse me, would you please tell me ______buy a digital camera?

A. what to B .where to C. what I can D. where can I

( ) 5. We want to play basketball after school .Would you like to ____us?

A. invite B. play C. get D. join

( ) 6. What would you like to _____us about your hometown.

A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell

( ) 7.The teacher told the students _____in class.

A. not B. don’t talk C. didn’t talk D. not to talk

( ) 8.-How about going hiking this weekend?

-Sorry, I prefer _____rather than _____.


[巨人聚优教研室] C. staying at home, go out D. going out, stay at home.

( )9. Have you decided _________ Shanghai?

A. to visit B. visit

C. visiting D. to visit to

( )10. Can you provide us _______some information _______ the computer?

A. for, with B. with, about C. about, with D. with, with

( )11. Beijing is cold this time _________. You need _______ warm clothes if you go there.

A. of the year, to pack B. of year, packing

C. of year, pack D. of year, to pack ( )12. They were _________ when they heard the _______ news.

A. excited, exciting B. exciting, excited C. excited, excited D. exciting, exciting

( )13. “I hope _________ play soccer with us tomorrow. ”

“Yes, I hope _________. ”

A. him not to, not too B. he won’t, it too

C. him not to, that too D. he won’t, so too ( )14. The two men walked _________ the forest and got to a small house.

A. across B. through

C. crossing D. over ( )15. It looks _________ people _________ the work.

A. hundreds of, finishing B. hundred of, to finish

C. hundreds of, to finish D. hundred of, finishing



This happened to me at the age of twelve. It seems like a long time to remember the name of the old lady. Yet it keeps that she taught me a lesson in tolerance(宽容) which I shall never forget.

On a winter afternoon, a friend and I stones onto the roof of the old lady’s house. I found myself a perfectly smooth stone and threw it out. The stone was too smooth, however, so it slipped(滑 straight not for the roof but for a small window on the old lady’s back porch(门廊). At the sound of broken knew we were in trouble and ran away.

I was too scared(胆怯) about getting caught by the old lady that first night. However, a few days later, when I was sure that I hadn’t been , I started to feel guilty(有罪的greeted me with a smile each day when I gave her the newspaper, but I was no longer able to act comfortably.

发送) money I collected. I put the money in an for breaking her window and hoped that the seven dollars would cover the cost for repairing it.

it was dark, snuck(悄悄地走) up to the old lady’s house and put the letter I didn’t sign in her door. the old lady’s kind eyes.

from her. She thanked me and gave me a bag of cookies.

Reaching for the cookies, an envelope and pulled it out of the bag. When I opened the envelope, I was surprised to see the seven dollars and a short note that said, “I’m proud of you!”

35. A. diary B. memory C. notebook D. handbag



36. A. throwing 37. A. dropped 38. A. wall 39. A. discovered 40. A. often 41. A. ask 42. A. late 43. A. before 44. A. against 45. A. receiving 46. A. bought B. carrying B. knocked B. roof B. controlled B. just B. look B. sorry B. though B. into B. hearing B. filled C. choosing C. headed C. door C. invited C. hardly C. pay C. ready C. since C. through C. separating C. felt

D. putting D. landed D. glass D. forgotten D. still D. care D. good D. until D. around D. taking D. sent


I love my iPhone---it’s my little connection to the larger world that can go anywhere with me. I also love my computer,

as it stores all of my writing and thoughts. Though I love these devices(装置) of technology, I know that there are times when I need to move away from them and truly communicate with others.

I teach history in a high school. My goals for the class include a full discussion of historical themes(主题) and ideas. Because I want students to thoroughly study the material and share their ideas with each other in the classroom. I have a rule---no computers, iPads, phones, etc. When students were told my rule before class, some of them were not happy at all.

Most students think that my reasons for this rule include unpleasant experiences in the past with students misusing technology. There’s a bit of truth to that. Some students believe that I am anti-technology. There’s no truth in that at all. I love technology and try to keep up with it so I can relate to my students.

The real reason why I ask students to leave technology at the door is that I think there are very few places in which we can have deep conversations. Interruptions(打断) by technology often break concentration and allow for too much dependence on outside information for ideas. I want students to dig deep within themselves for ideas. I want them to push each other to think differently and to make connections between the course material and the class discussion.

I’ve been teaching my history class in this way for many years and students realize that with deep conversation, they learn at a level that helps them keep the course material beyond the classroom.

I’m not saying that I won’t ever change my mind about technology use in my history class, but until I hear a really good reason for the change. A few hours of technology-free dialogue is just too sweet to give up. 53. What’s the second paragraph mainly about?

A. The reasons why students should use computers or iPads in class. B. The advantages of using cell phones and computers in the classroom. C. What the writer is trying to do and what rule has been made in class. D. A new learning style that the teacher enjoys using in history class.

54. According to the writer, the use of technology in the classroom may _____. A. improve teaching and offer more help

B. allow students to get on well with each other C. help students concentrate on what they learn D. keep students from making deep conversations 55. What can we infer from the passage?

A. The teacher will carry on the success in the future. B. The teacher will have to cancel the rule in class.

C. Some students will be punished according to the rule. D. More and more students will be absent in history class.




David Beckham was born on 2nd May, 1975, in London. When he was a young boy, he played football whenever he had the . This led to him going for a visit to a football training camp in Spain. As a boy at secondary school he played for not only his school but also his country team.

On 8thnd April, 1995, he played his first major football league game against Leeds United. During 1995 and 1996, David became a regular member of the team and Manchester United won in both seasons, with David scoring many goals.

/7 season, he scored an amazing goal from beyond the halfway line. Seeing the goalkeeper a little way out of his goal, David sent the ball over the goalkeeper’s head and into the goal. He continued to score astonishing goals, especially from free-kicks.

David Beckham is a great player, but he is different from most other He has a real love for football. 八、阅读短文,根据短文内容回答问题。(共10分,每小题2分)

Red Ribbon Week is held every year, usually during the last week of October. It started with a police officer named “Kiki” Camarena. He was sent to Mexico in order to investigate(调查) a Mexican drug company and stayed there for four and a half years. His efforts helped put a stop to several major drug making companies. So the bosses wanted to murder the men who brought them down. When Camarena left his office for a lunch date with his wife on February 7, 1985, a

was only car drove up and kidnapped(绑架) him, and a month later he was killed. At that time he

37 years old.

Shortly after his death, people in Camarena’s town began wearing red ribbons in his honor. Then Camarena’s high school friend, Henry Lozano, started Camarena Club. Hundreds of people joined the club and promised to be drug-free in order to honor the death of Camarena. And then schools in several states began to join in. Now, at the end of every October, millions of Americans wear red ribbons in memory of “Kiki” Camarena. So, in 1988, the first national Red Ribbon Week was founded in America.

Red Ribbon Week has become the largest drug education and prevention organization in the United States. It encourages communities to stand up against drugs and it encourages children to make a promise not to take drugs in their life.

64. Is Red Ribbon Week held at the end of October in America?

65. How long did “Kiki” Camarena stay in Mexico?

66. What did “Kiki” Camarena do there?

67. Why do people wear red ribbon during Red Ribbon Week?

68. What’s the passage mainly about?


[巨人聚优教研室] 完形填空(共12分,每小题


35. B 36. A 37. C 38. D 39. A 40. D 41. C 42. B

43. D 44. B 45. A 46. C


53. C 54. D 55. A


60. B 61. E 62. D 63. C


64. Yes, it is./ Yes.

65. For four and a half years./ 4.5 years./ For four years and a half

66. He stopped the companies from making drugs.

67. To honor “Kiki” Camarena./ To be in memory of “Kiki” Camarena.

Because they wanted to honor the death of “Kiki” Camarena.

Because they wanted to be in memory of “Kiki” Camarena.

68. It tells us the background and the purposes of starting Red Ribbon Week.




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