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The Love of Banana Tree

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The Love of Banana Tree

Once there was a time, a little lovely girl lived in a beautiful forest.

She was so lonely that there weren’t any others living in the forest. She lived in a big house alone, cooked alone and did everything alone. She was lonely at all her birthday in the past. Her birthday was coming again and no one knew how much she was looking forward to a birthday cake given by friends. Everyday, she prayed to the moon,

“Dear moon dear moon, I have been alone for many years. I haven’t enjoyed my own birthday cake in my life yet. Where are my friends? When and how can I enjoy a birthday cake given by my friends?”

The moon was still silently giving out her gentle light to the earth.

There was a banana tree in the girl’s yard. He secretly accompanied the little girl since she was born and fell in love with girl. This year, he decided to realize the dream of the girl and make a birthday cake for her. However, he had no material for a cake. He thought about it day in and day out and he finally decided to make a banana cake using his own bananas!

In order to make the cake big enough, banana tree struggled to grow as many bananas as possible. The girl was so sad that she didn’t recognize the great change of the banana trees.

Finally, the birthday eve arrived. The little girl went to bed early as usual because she was despaired that there would be no birthday party or birthday cake for her.

Then, banana tree picked all the bananas from himself and secretly went into the girl’s

house. He stole some flour, eggs and milk and stirred the bananas with them.

Since it was the first time for him to do so, he failed again and again and wasted a lot of bananas. At last, there were only two bananas left. He carefully tried again and put the cake in the oven. He hopelessly prayed to the moon,

“Please, please let me successfully prepare a cake for her! I will devote all the bananas in my life to you!”

Maybe the moon had heard about the pray of banana tree. Banana tree took out a perfectly beautiful banana cake from the oven! He excitedly put it on the table of the dining room and went back to the yard without any words.

The girl got up as usual in the morning and was surprised to find that there was a birthday cake for her! It was the first birthday cake she had ever owned! And she was drowned in the great happiness of surprise. Everything in her life turned colorful and she felt herself no longer lonely but accompanied by a thoughtful man somewhere.

Everything in the yard was the same except for the banana tree. There weren’t any bananas on the tree and he was still in silence.

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