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1) 诚信守时本是做人的基本原则。

2) 可是现实生活中不诚信守时的事情时有发生。

3) 你怎么看待诚信守时?

Integrity and Punctuality

With the rapid development of our society, our conceptions are changing day by day. What is worth our reflection is that while integrity and punctuality are the two fundamental principles people in all walks of life should comply with, the phenomena of dishonesty and unpunctuality occur quite frequently in our daily life.

On the one hand, integrity should be an excellent morality in our modern society. What worries us most is that the number of incidents of dishonesty is on the rise. As is known to us all, some students cheat in the examination just to get a higher score, which not only deceives themselves but also let both their teachers and their parents down. What’s more, incidents of poisonous milk, fake eggs and so on have definitely aroused wide public concern. There is no denying that something dishonest is around us every day. From my own perspective, integrity is a kind of virtue, which will make others trust, respect and appreciate us. Additionally, the governments at all levels should realize that nothing is more important than to educate the citizens to be fully aware of the significance of the quality of integrity and should exert all their powers to take effective measures to resolve the problem of dishonesty in society. In my opinion, only by our joint effort can we build up a more harmonious and friendly society.

On the other hand, punctuality should be an essential habit in all public affairs. Without it, everything would be in a state of chaos. For example, arriving at a friend’s house much earlier than the planned time may bring up inconvenience for your friend may not have prepared yet. Making a phone call to someone several minutes later than the set time may make the other anxious and worried. A large number of people are so addicted to the Internet that they often fail to take part in the conference on time, which is impolite to the people present. It is undeniable that many an unhappy thing happens due to unpunctuality. Therefore, it is high time that we should take an active action to cultivate our good habit of being punctual in different occasions. I hold the opinion that each of us should attach much importance to our time schedule and at the same time, we should try our utmost to improve our time management and organization skills.

As the old saying goes, there is gain and loss in life. Integrity and punctuality, however, should always be with us. Whenever it is and wherever we are, we are supposed to comply with the two fundamental principles. As far as I am concerned, only by being honest and punctual in our life can we behave

better and be a better self. There is no doubt that it is our unshakable duty to bear integrity and punctuality in mind and stick to the two principles throughout our lives. What a nicer and warmer world it will be if everyone all over the world is honest and punctual all the time.

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