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Advantage or disadvantage?


As the economy develops rapidly, people’s living standard and working condition have been greatly improved. In recent years, more and more cars have found their way into our lives . On the one hand, cars’ mobility, efficiency and flexibility bring us so much convenience that they become the essential part of somepeople’s daily life. On the other hand , we also witness the problems caused by cars .

? ? ? ? A quick and comfortable transportation Cars offer flexibility and mobility to people Cars can make us more efficient. The car industry is the largest industry in the world economy ? The car industry in is developing rapidly, creating millions of job opportunities and boosting China economy.

Car accidents


Traffic jam

? Cars are like coins, which have two sides, positive and negative. In order to make best use of the advantages and avoid disadvantages, effective measures should be taken. ? First,we can restrict the use of cars, improved public transport .Second, car manufacturers are trying to make more environmentally friendly cars, which use fuel more efficiently and cause less pollution.

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