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1. ——I have no money with me. ——Why not ______ some ______ your cousin?

A. lend, to B. borrow, from C. buy, from D. send, to

2. ——Could you please clean the car? ——______. But I have to finish my homework first.

A. No, I can’t B. No, I didn’t C. Yes, sure D. That’s right

3. ——What _____ your sister ______when she grows up? ——A pilot.

A. is, going to be B. is, doing C. did, do D. was, doing

4. ——Can Dave finish the housework ______ our help? ——Sure, he always does

the housework by himself.

A. in B. without C. for D. by

5. If you want to be a _____, you should study math hard.

A. computer programmer B. soccer player C. reporter D. doctor

6. ——Can you play ______ guitar? ——No, I’m going to take ______ guitar

lessons this year.

A. a, the B. the, 不填 C. a, 不填 D. 不填, the

7. ——_____ did you begin to swim? ——At the age of four.

A. How old B. How long C. when D. How

8. We’re going on a picnic tomorrow. Would you like to ______ us?

A. take B. join C. care D. invite

9. ——When did the Olympic Torch Relay start? ——______ May 11th, 2008.

A. At B. In C. On D. For

10. Kelsey is ______ athletic than her sister Mona.

A. much B. a lot C. most D. more


1. 我叔叔8岁开始打高尔夫球。

My uncle started golfing ______________________________ old.

2. 他们骑自行车到学校通常需要10分钟。

It usually _____________________________ go to school by bike.

3. 父母应该经常和孩子们交流。

Parents should often __________________________ their kids.

4. 在行动之前要考虑到所有问题。

________________________________ all the problems before you act.

5. 汤姆打算明年取得好成绩。

Tom is going to _________________________________ next year.

outside with our friends. We enjoy tennis. We usually have chips for supper. We a lot of television in the evening. We usually go to bed 2

father is good at swimming and he the national team when he was 16 ’t a swimmer now. When we are in the Sports Center, he likes to teach there to swim. It’s free for them. We always eat out on Sunday afternoon. My favorite restaurant is Pizza Hut. There is one near my home. 四、补全对话:

A: Mr. Hand, what do you do? B: I’m an English teacher.

B: Twenty years ago.

B: At the age of four. A: Who taught you first?

A: When was she born?

A: Great! When do you think is a good time for a child to start learning English? A: I see. Thanks a lot. B: You are welcome.




1. I don’t know the word. I want to ______ in the dictionary.

A. look up it B. find it C. look it up D. find it out

2. Have you decided which answer ______?

A. choose B. choosing C. chosen D. to choose

3. We ______ in this pool when we were young, but now it ______ fish.

A. are used to swim, used to keep B. are used to swimming, is used to keep

C. used to swim, used to keep D. used to swim, is used for keeping

4. We won’t allow ______ in the cinema. But you are allowed ______ in the restroom.

A. smoking, smoking B. to smoke, to smoke

C. smoking, to smoke D. smoke, smoking

5. If he ______ with us, we ______ finish it earlier.

A. were, will B. were, would C. was, will D. was, would

6. ——Whose book is it?

——It ______ be Li Lei’s. He always forgets to write his name on it.

A. can’t B. must C. shouldn’t D. may

7. The Internet provides us ______ a lot of ______ we need.

A. for, information B. with, information C. with, informations D. for, information

8. By the end of last month, he ______ in the club for two years.

A. joined B. has joined C. has been D. had been

9. Could you please tell me ______?

A. where are the restrooms B. where were the restrooms

C. where the restrooms are D. where the restrooms were

10. What ______ you ______ to do when you meet someone?

A. do, suppose B. are, supposing C. are, supposed D. did, suppose


(1) 汉译英

1. 在妈妈的帮助下,我按时完成了那项工作。

_____________________ my mother, I finished the task on time.

2. 我不知道怎么使用逗号。

I don’t know ____________________ commas.

3. 我总是尽力让老师更注意我。

I always try to make our teachers ________________________ me.

4. 我将永远不会让自己失望。

I’ll never ________________________.

5. 我的毛衣和她的很相似。

My sweater __________________________ hers.

(2) 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. The abacus __________ (invent) in the sixth century by the Chinese.

2. We can’t put off _________ (make) a plan.

3. It is reported that many students are willing __________ (work) hard to achieve their dreams.

4. Do you have any trouble __________ (learn) English?


5. His father’s __________ (die) made his life more difficult.

(3) 介词填空

1. Who do you take ________, your mother or your father?

2. We can deal with our problems by regarding problems ________ challenges.

3. What could I do if I cut myself ________ accident?

4. Paris has some fantastic sights, ________ the Eiffel Tower.

5. Can you translate these sentences ________ Chinese.

(4) 句型转换

1. He found a new way to protect the old town. (同义句转换)

He ________ ________ ________ a new way to protect the old man.

2.Tom doesn’t have a computer.Tony doesn’t have a computer, either.(合并为一句) ________ Tom ________ Tony ________ a computer.

3. People plant many trees every spring. (改为被动语态)

Many trees ________ ________ by people every spring.

4. You have never seen such an exciting film. (改为反意疑问句)

You have never seen such an exciting film, ________ ________? 对画线部分提问)

________ ________ will Sam arrive here?

. However, ’for their eyes. many students have a habit of too much TV. Then they have little time left for sports. Third, some TV programs are not suitable for students. Some even lead them to commit crimes(犯罪students weak in reading. They will lose interest reading, which I think is a terrible thing.


A: Hi, John. You didn’ B: I was ill.

B: Much better. But I still cough and I feel weak.

B: Yes, I have. I went to the doctor’s last night. The doctor gave me some medicine and asked me to stay in bed for 3 days.

A. B. Because I’m afraid I’ll miss more lessons and fall behind.

B: It’s very kind of you. Thanks a lot.

A: You’re welcome.


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