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Shanghai Calling

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Shanghai Calling

In many Hollywood movies, we can see some Chinese or Asians life in foreign country. In Shanghai Calling we can see how a foreigner life in Shanghai and we can learn the different between the eastern and the western culture.

Sam is an American layer, his boss wants he go to Shanghai develop his career. Sam has Chinese ancestry ,but he neither know about Chinese culture nor speak Chinese. So he make many mistakes and make a lot of jokes.

Sam think Shanghai is a small town. When he arrived at Shanghai, he found it is a big internationalization city, many foreigners find jobs and chances in here. Different culture, converging to this city.

Throw this film, we can know the culture is diverse and it has many characteristics. Such as shared learned symbolic, integrated, dynamic and ethnocentric. Amanda’s daughter has an

American face, but she speak Chinese is very fluent and she likes eat Yunnan Road’s soybean milk and seedcake very much. The foreigner teacher recommended Baozi to Sam. Sam’s new boss very like Chinese calligraphy and often carry the Chinese brush. Many scenes of film show to us the culture is shared, learned and integrated.

As a Chinese American.Sam knows a lot American comities and culture, but when was in Shanghai, he seemed to be a loss what to do. He won’t pass the card in Chinese way, he can’t communicate with the diver and he can’t find his company, he can’t do anything. He makes many mistakes and hurts a girl’s feelings. Although he start a new business and learn some Chinese culture.But the culture likes a big iceberg, the part of culture that is visible is only a small part of the iceberg. Many Chinese culture below the waterline and we can found it here and there. Culture is difficult to understand, it looks like a onion, consisting of many layers.

All culture have these characteristics and it is difficult to understand, if we learn them, we can found many interesting things. Finally, Sam defect his enemies and start a new career with his lover and his friend’s help.

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