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.In the past three years在过去的三年was short three years ago,but now I’m tall.I of the dark,but now I

’m brave勇敢的


丰富多彩的活动every term每个学期。For example例如,our school gave away money捐钱after the earthquake地震 last year.Our teachers always try to生动and interesting.we have a lot已经学了很多 and取得很大进步during在---期间 the last three years.we should hope our school will be more and everyone will have a good time here.

.I had to ---时为止I went outside,the bus had already left.So I ran

to school.But when I got to school,I识到I had left my backpack at home,I was stressed out压抑的。 提示词:smile,happy,make,life,trouble

微笑is like就像sunshine阳光because it can make us let us have more friends.Even甚至when we are 遇上麻烦,it’s necessary必要的for us to smile at ourselves


If we smile at 对生活微笑,life will smile at us.So I want to smile at everyone and everything.

提示词:picture,hair,outgoing,hobby,grow up

at the .Can you guess猜测 who that girl is?Yes,It’s me.I was a twelve-year-old girl with long straight 留着长发then那时.I’m and I have a lot of 习惯.I’m interested in teaching and communicating

交流 with little kids.so my dream is to be a teacher when I .


With随着 the t发展 of economy经济 and technology技术,our life becomes变得 better and better越来越好.However然而,there are serious严重的

environment 环境problems.Nowdays现今,Human beings人类 are facing正面临 air 光污染,.We shouldthe 护环境.We can plant more trees 多种树to make our earth地球 more beautiful.

make some good friends交朋友.They might be funny and enjoy English is moreare 尽管English is one of my favorite.I think I also need to’t get good grades取得好成绩 or even

英语考试不及格.What should I do我该怎么办?I think I need way,reach到达,thrilled害怕,ride骑车,describe描述

didn’t go off闹铃不响.And the bus 在上学的路上.I met 遇上Tom at the gate大门when I 到达school.He was late tooHe looked奋.He told me he met E.T.when he rode to school.He even甚至described

描述what E.T.looked like.But I did believe himdream,star,make,secret秘密,everywhere到处 I’v of becoming成为a .I thought原以为 it canme famous and .And I thought I would be happy.But,’t realized 还没有认识到the 劣势,缺点of being a famous star.I won’t have any secrets秘密as a star because reporters and fans粉丝will 跟随me

prefer to be an person 人now.

willfor 3days.We’re going to t and t.And we’ll 逛in Beijing Hutong and buy some

for my friends.What a great vacation!I

’ 衡饮食’t eat too much太多junk food.At last最后,we should take some excrcise 做运动to keep fit保持健康,such



dollars,give away捐赠,poor贫苦的,save节约,world,

I would half of them to charityI can help the ,Then I wouldy节约钱,存钱 for my future.After that,I would travel around the with my family and eat different

kinds of food.I think I would have a wonderful time. water,save节约,many,turn off,after.

尽最大努力to节约it.I think s

good for uso而且for our next generation下一代.,the tap水龙头in time及时,after we finish washing and use the

rain water雨水to do the washing洗刷


physics物理teacher,Mr Zen,is the most funny teacher I have ever met.He is 28-year-old gentleman绅士of.He is精力充沛的and 幽默.He always有独到的方法to 的课生动and interesting.All the lessons he gave are easy to understand.He is such a person这样一个人,who is popular with 受到---欢迎all his students,We all love him.


东南of China.The 那儿is warm and .So many plants植物grow成长very well.The fruits there 尝起来really delicious,like 像bananas,pears and so on等等.Taiwan also has,如Mount Ali,the Sun Moon Lake日月潭and thousands of数以千计的people are attracted被吸引to visit there every year.Taiwan is a rich富有and beautiful island


进展顺利 if others对别人礼貌,on the other hand另一方面,if we , in our life.For example例如,we should not 大声喧哗 or smoke in public在公共场合,We are supposed to被认为应该help people in trouble.

上班和---都) at their free time在空闲时间,It has changed our life改变我们的生活,We can use it to We can also use it to 发送电子邮件 to friends who are .It can make our work and life easy.It has become one of the mostin our daily life在我们日常生活中。

中等个头 with thick厚的glasses带厚眼镜.He likes sports and often plays basketball with us.He’s humorous 幽默and always makes his classes lively and interesting.He 对我们要求很严.He never us to 假装that we know what we don’t know.He often tells us that对我们有益 for us.My English has greatly .



Lucy and I are在一些方面we look the same看起来一样,and in some ways we look different看起来不一样.We both都 black eyes and curly hair留着卷发,but Lucy is more


Here let me tell you how to make tomato beef noodles.

倾倒入两茶勺油 in the pan

and you can eat them.

Last weekend,I went to the aquarium水族馆 with my best friend Tom.We 骑自行车,and then 然后,到达那儿花了我们二十分钟。

We 看了一场有趣的海豚表演.!我们过的多开心啊!

4 One day 有一天Last I d with my family.The there by ship坐船.I saw a dolphin show看了海豚表演and many other interesting animals.I heard听到lots of great music,I was very happy.I think it was really的确a l holiday

5I‘m in good health.I exercise every day.I like eating vegetables and fruit.I never eat junk food.I sleep about ten hours every night.My healthy lifestyle我健康的生活方式helps me有助于我to get good grades取得好成绩

If you want to keep healthy,I think you should take more exercise,you should eat more vegetables and less junk food.you should sleep at least至少8 hours every night.Good eating habit,exercising and sleeping well can make you healthy.好的饮食习惯,锻炼,和好好睡觉,能让你健康。

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