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Dear LiLi:

I,m glad to write ro you .I,ll tell you important something. Our class will hold a wonderful party in the Youth day. And our classmates has prepared all kind of attractive performances to celebrate the important day . During it, you will fell it is so good and perfect a show throughout the party . Next , you should pay much attention .

Firstly ,you should know we will hold the party in our classroom .so ,you can find it easily . Secondly , The time of the party is 4:00-6:00. Please don,t forget the it and come in time .

Finally ,it,s the most wonderful things that I,ll tell you .During the party ,you will see a boy imitated Chaplin eat shoes vividly .It,s my belief that you,ll be interestd in

it .That,s all I should let you know .

If you have no idea about you spare time ,all of us expect you will

LiHua come . Yours friend ,

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