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作文类型一:某人度过的一天 (考查概率90%)



记叙文格式:1. My great weekend

I stayed at home and watched TV in the morning. In the afternoon, I went shopping

with my parents. They bought some new clothes for me. I felt very happy. On Sunday morning, I met my classmates and we played basketball. In the afternoon, I visited my good friend Jim. He helped me with my English. In the evening, I did my homework

书信格式:2. A letter from Jim to Mary

Dear Mary,

I’d like to tell you about my last weekend.

【On Saturday morning, I did my homework at home. In the afternoon, I

watched TV with my family for two hours. After supper I did some sports and then I went to English club to practice my English. On Sunday morning, I visited my uncle. In the afternoon, I studied for the history test. In the evening, I played chess with my father. I had fun over the weekend.】

How about your weekend? Write to me soon, OK?

Best wishes


日记格式:3. A diary

Wednesday, June 10th

【In the morning, I cleaned my room, and then I washed my clothes. At about 7:00, I had breakfast. After that, I went to the movie with my friend Jim. It was an exciting action movie. In the afternoon, I went to the library. There were many people in it, but it was quiet. After supper, I watched sports shows on TV. Then I went to bed at about 9:30.】


4. How did I spend my vacation? I went swimming and played volleyball. It was really fun. At dinner, we had a delicious seafood (海鲜) at a restaurant. We also went to some stores. They were always crowded and the things were too expensive. We took lots of photos. Some of them were very beautiful. 作文类型二:介绍自己有关情况(考查概率75%)

1. A letter from Lily

Dear Kate,

Hi! I’m your new pen pal. from China. And now he is my neighbor. We like playing the guitar very much. We both want to be pop singers. Please write to me soon.



2. About me My favorite animals are tigers and pandas. And my favorite food is beef and tomato noodles. I am a student, and I want to be a doctor. I have many rules at home. I can’t go out at night and I have to get up at 6:00 am. I am reading a story-book now. it is fun.


1. In the park

’s very busy in the park. Look! What are Dave’s friends doing? Well, Dave, Jim and Kevin are playing soccer over there. Kate and Sally are dancing under a tree. Linda is playing the violin behind the tree. Near the tree, Julie is reading a book. Where are Tom and Ken? Oh, they’re swimming at a pool. They swim very well. Brad is listening to the music near the pool. He likes

2. On the playground

Today is Friday. The weather is fine. Our school is having a sports meeting. It’s very exciting, and all the students are busy. Look! Peter is running. Amy is playing volleyball. Tom is playing ping-pong. They are trying their best to win. Lots of students around are cheering them. Some students are taking photos.



Mr. Smith’s family

company. He works very hard. Mrs. Smith is a worker. She works in a shop. She is friendly and works hard, too. Their son, David Smith is a middle school student. He is at No. 14 Middle School in Beijing, China. He studies hard. He likes making friends. He likes playing basketball. He is learning Chinese. He can speak a little Chinese. Joy Smith, a 6-year-old girl, is Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s daughter. She likes playing with toys. They all like China. They like Chinese food and the people, too.

I wish you a good summer vacation and a good result!

------------ Edited by Mr. Chen

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