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My Favorite Festival---Spring Festival

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My Favorite Festival---Spring Festival

Until recently, one department has been chewed out by most people. It is the National Holiday Office because of one holiday notice. The Spring Festival of 2014, China’s most important festival for family reunions, will be run from January31 to February6, according to the statement released by the State Council. It means the Lunar New Year’s Eve will be a workday.

In our opinions, the Lunar New Year’s Eve is always the traditional festival and holiday for all Chinese. Because that every family must have dinner together on the evening. It’s the happiest time for all families.

I could get many new clothes and shoes, at the time my uncles and aunts gave me some gifts in my childhood. So as a child, the spring Festival is the most expected day of all days. Now I graduated from the university and work in Changzhou. I can’t often go home. Because that there is about 600 km from here to my hometown. So if the Lunar New Year’s Eve is a workday, I can’t take part in the dinner of my family on time. It’s the sad news for me. As the same as me, many workers far away from their hometowns hope for having dinner with families on the evening.

People have kinds of special foods and shows for celebrating the Spring Festival at different places. In the north, every mother must make dumplings with other families on the Lunar New Year’s Eve and the first day of the Spring Festival. On the following days, people visit their relatives and friends. In my hometown, on the second day, the women with their babies go back to their mothers’ homes.

The Spring Festival is the beginning of the New Year for the Chinese. It means hope. So I love Spring Festival.

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