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Change 改变

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A girl

I was reading a book in the library yesterday, when a girl appeared in front of me suddenly. I was too shocked to say a word when I realized she was my classmate who had been to America to cure her leukocythemia five years ago. I even couldn’t recognize her. After talking with her, I found that she had changed so much not only in her appearance but also in her characteristics, her attitude towards her parents and life.

I even can’t believe yet that the girl who used to dress and behave oddly can become so gentle and quiet. I remember that five years ago, she wore a red hair and she always dressed exaggeratedly and fadishly. She always jumped, laughed and enjoyed making fun of others. While now she wears a long black hair. She dresses simply, just a white skirt which sets off her blond skin. The character of being quiet made me comfortable.

Once she was a vulnerable girl while now her face shows bravery and strength. I still remember the hard time when she knew she has suffered the disease that might lead to her death. She cried everyday and often broke things. She shouted us grievedly that she didn’t want to die. During that period of time, we classmates were also full of sorrow. But now, the girl in front of me, talks to me about her operation, her recovery, her life in America smilingly and peacefully,

just like telling the story of others. She told me how painful it was and she suffered so much but she faced it bravely because she knew many people loved her and supported her.

She has also changed in her attitude toward her parents. She once left home because her parents didn’t buy her a new mobile phone. And she even didn’t return home until they bought one and sent a message to her. But just now, she talked with me about her toilsome parents . She told me that her parents have paid so much for her. When we decided to have dinner together, she phoned her parents and told them not to worry about her. From the gentle tone and intimate words, I can infer how much she loved them. What a filial girl!

I really appreciated her when I saw her attitude towards life. During the past time, she just enjoyed her so-called life. She used to stay up until very late to play computer games, nearly spent all of her spare time in pubs, was often on a diet to keep figure and other things which are harmful to her growth. While now, she told me that health is more important. She would try her best to live a meaningful life. What she wants to do now is to cherish her health, her youth, her parents’ and other people’s love.

I was so surprised that she has changed so much and I couldn’t be overcome by my feelings that I asked her why. She said, “only if you

experienced difficulties or roughs, can you know what is the most important to you and learn to correct your mistakes.”

So, I think we should learn from the incident. Since we have a healthy body, we should cherish it. And also, we should cherish our youth, our parents’ love and try our best to live a meaningful life. Only if we experienced, can we change and develop ourselves.

Alice has changed so much. Now, she becomes so quiet and gentle, knows the value of life well, cherishes her health and love from others. She tries her best to live a meaningful life. I feel so relieved about her.

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