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21. From ___ look on his face, I knew that he had made ___ great progress in English.

A. the; a B. /; a C. /; the D. the; /

22. Those firefighters thought more of others than of _______ in time of danger.

A. theirs B. them C. themselves D. ourselves

23. ---Do you remember ____ he come? ---Yes, I do. He came by car.

A. whether B. how C. when D. why

24. He rushed into the kitchen, _____ up a glass of water and drank it quickly.

A. take B. to take C. took D. taking

25. ---Are you going to attend Mary?s birthday party? --No, _____ invited.

A. unless B. until C. because D. if

26. The boy still remembered the night ____ the great musician played wonderful music for him.

A. which B. where C. when D. why

27. It was getting colder day by day, ____ it more difficult to live on for the poor.

A. make B. makes C. to make D. making

28. Mary weighed herself and found that she was getting ___ than before.

A. much heavy B. much heavier C. the heavier D. the heaviest

29. ---Excuse me, but would you please turn the radio down a bit? ---Sorry. I _____ it bothered you.

A. didn?t realize B. haven?t realized C. don?t realize D. hadn?t realized

30. ---Excuse me, is this the right way to the Summer Palace? --Sorry, I am not sure. But it ____be.

A. might B. will C. must D. shall

II. 阅读理解 A

What do you usually do with your soda-can tabs(拉环)? Throw them away? Maybe you can give them to Kayla Speelman, an 8th-grader at Bermudian Springs Middle School In Pennsylvania, U.S.

The 13-year-old girl is now collection soda-can tabs. She has about 20 large bags of tabs in her room. But that?s just a drop in the bucket(桶). Speelman wants to collect 10 million tabs and give them to the Ronald McDonald House in her city, which gets soda-can tabs from people like Speelman to recycle. The money from the recycled metal goes to the “home away from home” project, helping the seriously ill children in hospitals. Speelman wants to do her part to get money for sick children and their families. She began to collect tabs in 2007, and now she has about 2 million.

The collection is still growing. “ some friends and families are keeping their tabs for me,” said Speelman, “ Sometimes when I?m at a friend?s party, I will have a look at their garbage can, and take off any tabs I find.

31. The passage is mainly about _____.

A. how to collect soda can tabs B. how Speelman makes money

C. the “home away from home” project D. Speelman?s collection and kindness

32. Which of the following is TRUE of Speelman?

A. She wants to get rich by selling tabs. B. She is an 8th-grader in a US school

C. She often visits children in hospitals. D. She cares a lot for the environment.

33. Why does Speelman collect soda-can tabs?

A. To get money for sick kids. B. To finish her school project.

C. To keep the city clean. D. To help recycle metals.

III. 词汇运用

A. grow B. present C. factory D. taken E. whole F. made G. agrees H. advises I. all J. promise K. much L. farm M. unhappy N. until Tom is the 15-year-old son of a rich farm owner. One New Year?s Day, his father asks him to work on the (41) for one year. Tom is (42) with his father?s idea. “That isn?t my job. I have too (43) school work to do.” 1

So his father says,” I (44) the best present if you can finish one year?s work.” Tom thinks for a while and (45). Starting that day, the boy gets up early and works hard (46) evening, just like any other farmer. Time passes quickly. Tom?s crops (47) well. On the last day of the year, the father calls his son to home. “ I?m happy to see that you worked very hard the (48) year,” says the father. “So what do you want?”

The boy smiles and shows his father a big piece of bread (49) from his wheat. “ I?ve got the best (5o). ?No pains, no gains.? I think this is what you wanted me to know.” His father does nothing but smile.

41. ___________ 42. ____________ 43. _____________ 44. ____________ 45. ____________

46. ___________ 47. ____________ 48. _____________ 49. _____________ 50. _____________

IV. 阅读表达

One Saturday George and his friend Peter went deer-hunting in the forest. When they were having a rest, they saw a man walking through the snow towards them. He was dressed in deer-hunting clothes, but he had no gun with him. When he got nearer, the two friends saw that he was following a deer?s track(痕迹)in the snow. They were both very surprised to see man tracking a deer without a gun. So when he reached them, they stopped him and asked whether anything was wrong. The man sat down beside them and told them his story. Like them he had gone out deer-hunting that morning. He had seen a deer with very big horns(角), and followed it for some time. Then he fired at it, and it fell just where it stood. He ran over to examine it, and he said to himself, “ This deer?s horns will make a wonderful rack(搁物架)for my guns when I get it home.” He then arranged his gun in the deer?s horns and stepped back a few yards to see exactly how they would look as a gun rack. Suddenly, the deer jumped up, shook itself and raced away, carrying his gun firmly stuck in its horns.

51. Why did George and his friend go to the forest?

52. What surprised them?

53. How would the man use the horns?

54. Why did the man put his gun in the deer?s horns?

55. What happened to the man?s gun?

注意:1. 词数100左右; 开头已给出, 不计入总词数。 2. 可以适当增加细节,使文章连贯完整。 Sunday Fine


One possible version:

Last Sunday, our class organized to climb the mountain DAQING. We met at school gate at 8 o?clock, and arrived at the foot of the mountain after half an hour. Then we began to climb the mountain. Everybody was in high spirits and we sang and laughing all the way. At about 10 we got to the top of the mountain. Seeing from the top of the mountain, we had a wonderful view and realized how beautiful our hometown is. At noon , we had lunch there together. After that we arranged some free activities. Some of us were singing and chatting. Others were playing cards or games. Everybody enjoyed themselves very much. .

Time went by quickly. Soon it was time for us to go back. We got down the mountain and returned school at nearly half past five.

What a happy day we have had today!


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