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My Favourite City~A9D01

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My Favourite City


Paris is the capital and largest city of France, it is a political, economic, and cultural center . Paris is one of the highest city in Europe GDP, which makes it become the "engine" of the world economy. The romance of Paris is famous all over the world, there are thousands of tourists and artists are attracted to this beautiful and mysterious city every year .

when you think of paris, what will you talk about?
romantic cities?

delicious food?

lots of hansome boys?

The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark in Paris. It was built between 1887 and 1889 as the entrance arch for a fair called the Exposition Universelle.

The Eiffel Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel for the 100th year of the French freedom. At first, People did not like the Eiffel Tower and wanted it taken down. After the 20 years , the tower became the property of Paris again. By this time, the city had learned that the tower could be used to help with communications.

The Triumphal Arch
The Triumphal Arch was built in 1836 by Xiaergelan during the Napoleonic .It is 50 meters high and 45 meters wide, and on each side of the Triumphal Arch has a huge relief. The Triumphal Arch is a structure in the shape of a monumental archway, usually built to celebrate a victory in war. The arch is invariably a free-standing structure。 The arch honours those who fought for France, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars, and today also includes the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Can you imagine that you are walking around the



How beautiful ! How romantic!

The famous food in France are Foie gras ,Snail and Lobster

Foie gras



I always dream that I can go to Paris,but a saying strikes me all the time,no money,no talking.So now it is just my dream.but I believe one day I will make it come ture. I want to see all the views in the Paris ,I want to find a place that can make me relax.I also want to do something I like,just like going to Paris. I love Paris,it is my dream!

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Thank you for listening!

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