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观点选择A / B

? 解题思路

? 处理观点选择型的文章时,首先考生要在引言段客观地介绍不同的两种观点,即将

原题复述,此处注意切勿照抄题干。然后考生需要亮明自己的观点。英文写作和中文写作的一个很大的区别在于 :中文写作喜欢水到渠成,直到最后才透露观点 ;然而英文写作却往往开门见山 ,在文章的首段就讲明自己的观点 ,接着是主体段落,介绍理由。建议大家要每个理由写主题句,让阅卷人一目了然,使文章结构更加清晰。最后是总结段,简要地重申观点和论述概要 。


? 1. 引言段 :(复述原题)Quite a few hold that ___(A观点)_____, but others, in contrast,

regard ___(B观点)_____ as the premier choice. In my view, I believe that ___(A观点)____ for the following three reasons.

? 主体段 :First and foremost, ___(理由1)___. (然后举例或详述) In addition, ___(理由


? (然后举例或详述) Last but not the least important, ____(理由3)___. (然后举例或详述) ? 总结段 :In a word, (重复观点句并缩写理 由). Taking into account of all these factors,


? may reach the conclusion that___(A观点)_____.

? 2. 引言段 :Nowadays the society is faced with a problem of (简述题干中的社会现象),

which has aroused heated discussions. Some people would claim that ___(A观点)____, while others hold that ___(B观点)_____ and that is also my point. There are numerous reasons why___(B观点)________, and I would explore only a few of the most important ones here.

? 主体段 :The main reason is that_____(理由1)____ . (然后举例或详述) There is


? factor that deserves our attention. _____(理由2)____. (然后举例或详述)

? 总结段 :To sum up, I firmly believe in ___(B观点)_____, (缩写理由).

? 虽然给出了模板 ,但是大家一定要铭记的是,模板只是参考,语言表达丰富多彩 ,

千万不要束缚了自己。在符合用语习惯和语法准则的情况下,可以有各种表达。比如,在描述自己有两个理由支持观点的时候,也完全可以用Firstly, ... Secondly, ... 或者For one thing, ... For another, ... 。如 :For one thing, I don t have any interest in that movie; for another, I have no time. 不过按照用法 ,不能使用On he one hand, ... On the other hand, ... 因为这个短语用于描述对立的两方面 ,如 :On the one hand, he complains that he is lonely; on the other hand, he won t come to parties with me.

? 只要是符合用语习惯 ,在已有基本模板的情况下 ,可以变出百种千种文字的表达 ,

一句话 ,使用模板要“抓大放小” !

? 作文写作摸板—

? 现象解释说明/结果预测型

? 现象解释说明/结果预测型这类题型往往是让考生分析某个社会现象背后的原因,为

什么会产生这种情况,带有说明的性质,这类题型还未在近年的真题中出现过,但是有以黑马姿态出现的概率 ,也符合国际英语测试的潮流。或者也非常有可能是让

考生预测某个热门社会现象可能产生的后果 ,甚至也会进一步让考生提出一些建设性措施 。关键词 :

? the reasons of ...

? the consequences of ...

? the effective measures

? 典型例题

? Nowadays more and more students choose to further their studies abroad, for example, in

the USA or UK. What could be the possible reasons behind this social phenomenon?

? In the modern society, people depend on technology more and more, such as mobile

phones and the Internet. What can be the possible consequences or impacts on people’s lives?

? 解题思路

? 考生要看清题目,是解释原因,还是预测可能的结果,还是两者都要覆盖到。我们


? 引言段:Recently, ... has been brought into focus... No where in history has the issue been

more visible. In this essay, I aim to explore this complicated phenomenon from diverse perspectives, identify the relevant contributing factors and bring up some effective measures. (最后半句根据题 目需要取舍 ,看题 目中有没有要求提出建议措施)

主体段.:As far as I am concerned, an array of integrated factors contributes to the... The first role that should be blamed is... Another equally important factor lies in... Last but not least, ...

? 总结段:As a matter of fact, ...gives rise to a host of problems, such as... Confronted with

such a thorny issue, people come up with a variety of constructive countermeasures. Personally, the following is worth recommendation... (分析现象背后的原因的题目也往往会让考生给出建设性措施,可参考此条 )

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