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Unit1 ----4


76 Student IDCard

77 I have two good friends . One is Jack . His last name is Smith . He is 14 years old . His backpack is blue . His phone number is 576-9976 . The other is Jenny Miller . She is a beautiful girl . She is 13 years old . Her first name is jenny . Her last name is Miller . Her jacket is red . Her phone number is 678-5545.

Unit2 ----5


71 你会画家谱吗? 请画出你的家谱吧!10分

72 请根据图画完成短文没空一词15分

Look ! This is a photo of my family . My 1________ is Xiaoxin . This is my 2_________ . Her name 3_________ Meiya. 4________ is my father . 5____________ name is Guangzhi . This is my 6 _________ . 7__________ name is Xiaokui. This is my 8 ________ . 9_____________ name is Xiaobai . I like 10__________ very much .

72 请根据图画完成短文没空一词15分

Look ! This is a photo of my family . My 1__name__ is Xiaoxin . This is my 2__mother_. Her name 3__is __ Meiya. 4__This _is my father . 5__His__ name is Guangzhi . This is my 6 _ sister__. 7__Her name is Xiaokui. This is my . 9_Its_ name is Xiaobai . I like 10_it__ very much .

Unit3 ----6

Unit 4 ----7

61 艾玛准备写一张便条, 请她的姐姐玛丽把她需要的一些物品带到学校来。这些物品都在她的房间里。 假如你就是艾玛,请根据提示,完成这张留言条。

提示: 艾玛所需要的物品有光盘,钥匙,足球(soccer ball)和英语书。

Dear Mary ,

Can you bring some things to school ? I need my CDs , my keys , my soccer ball and my English book . My CDs are on the desk . My keys are in the quilt . My soccer ball is under the desk . And my English book is on the bed . Thank you .



Unit 5 ----8

56 请写一篇短文介绍你会玩的运动和你不会玩的运动, 并简单地说明你对它们的看法。要求不少于40词。

I can do some sports . I play basketball very well . It is very interesting and exciting . I often watch basketball matches on TV. I can also play ping-pong , but I can’t play very well . I can’t play volleyball . It’s very difficult for me . What about you ?

Unit6 ---9

61 王卉有一个美国笔友Jim , 他很想了解中国的饮食习惯。 他希望王卉能给他发一封电子邮件, 讲讲她一日三餐吃的什么。 假如你是王卉, 请完成这封电子邮件。 要求内容完整,书写工整, 语言通顺,开头已给出。 (词数在50词左右)

Dear Jim ,

I’d like to tell you something about my meals .

I have three meals a day . For breakfast , I have an egg , a glass of milk and some bread . I have an apple , some rice , chicken and tomatoes for lunch . For supper , I have some vegetables and noodles . I eat lots of healthy food .

Yours ,

Wang Hui

Unit 7 ----10

62 根据海报, 为Miss Alice 写一则广告, 词数在50词左右。

Come and have a look at Miss Alice’s Clothes Shop . We have all kinds of clothes . Do you like sweaters ? We have sweaters at a very good price –only $49 1 We have pants for $ 65 ., We have T-shirts for $ 36 . For boys , you can buy socks for only $5 . And that’s not all . Come and see for yourself at Miss Alice’s Clothes Shop !

Unit8 ----11

51以下是Joy Smith 的一些情况, 请写几句有关她的话(开头已给出)5分

Name : Joy Smith Age : Fifteen Class : Class 2 , Grade 3 School : No. 3 Middle School Phone Number : 675-8329 Teacher : Miss Wang

I have a good friend , Her name is Joy Smith . She is fifteen . She’s in Class 2 , Grade 3 . She is in No. 3 Middle School . Her phone number is 675-8329 . Miss Wang is her English teacher . Joy loves her very much .

52 根据短文内容, 制作一个有关图片中人物的个人信息表5分

Liu Xiang is a famous running star . He won the gold medal in the 2004 Olympic Games . He is Chinese . He was born in Shanghai on July 13th , 1983 . He likes running very much . He is the pride of China .

Unit 9 ----12

56 假如你是约翰, 请给你的朋友塞琳娜写一封信, 介绍一下你现在所在的学校所开设的课程, 并谈谈你对这些课程的感受。 要求格式正确,书写规范, 词数在60词左右。

Dear Selina ,

I’m in a new school now . We have seven kinds of classes . They are math , Chinese , P.E., music , art , biology and science . Of all the subjects I like science best because I can learn a lot from it . Monday is my favorite day . We have math , science and Chinese . In the afternoon we have P.E. P.E. is very relaxing . We can play basketball in the P.E.class . I think I can be a good student in the new school . Do you agree with me ?

Yours ,


Hello ! I am a girl and my name is Chen Lu . Chen is my family name . And Lu is my first name . My friends call me Lulu . That’s my English name . Here is a photo of my family . These are my grandparents . These are my parents . This my brother and this is me . My telephone number is 13011513639 . Please call me .


61 假如你的好朋友Tom 是一位跑步明星, 请根据他的个人档案写一篇50词左右的短

Tom is my good friend . He is a great running star . He likes running and playing tennis . He only eats healthy food and he doesn’t like junk food . Tom has a great sports collection . He has a dog , too . Every morning he runs with his dog , and every afternoon he plays tennis with me .


56---Nick’s Shop 的下列商品要进行减价销售。 请根据要求及表格中内容的提示, 写一则广告。

要求: 1 。 英文提示词都用上, 2 不少于40词。

提示词: welcome , cheap (便宜) , each , only

Welcome to Nick’s Hat Shop . Do you like hats ? We have men’s hats in black , white and brown for only $25 . You can also buy ladies’ hats in all colors for only $20 each ! They’re very cheap . Come and see for yourself .


96---Dear Helen

给你的朋友Helen 写一个便条。 内容是: 让她从你的房间里拿三样东西, 给你带到学校来, 并且告诉她东西在什么地方。

Dear Helen ,

Can you bring some things to school ? I need my keys , my maths book and my football . My keys are in the drawer near my bed . My math book is on my desk next to the bookcase . And my football is under the sofa .

Thanks ,


My name is Sonia . I like brown and white , but I don’t like black . I have a watch , a set of keys and four CDs . My father’s name is Bob Miller . Alan Miller is my mother . I have a

sports collection . I have 9 baseballs and 4 volleyballs .


76 每个人都有自己的房间, 假设你是Tom , 请向朋友们简单介绍一下你自己的房间。 (不少于60词)5分

This is my room . It’s clean and nice . This is my bed . A black and white quilt is on it . A bookcase is on the floor . Some books are in the bookcase . A clock and a picture are on the wall . Where is my computer ? Oh, it’s on the desk . A chair is under the desk . I like my room . Do you like it ?

77 假设你是王华。 你在笔友俱乐部的网站(the Penfriend Club website )上看到一位英国朋友William 的信息, 你想和他交笔友。 请根据下面的提示, 写一封信给他,简要地介绍自己。 10分

Dear William ,

My name is Wang Hua . I get your address from the Penfriend Club website . I would like to be your penfriend .

I am thirteen years old and I’m a grade 7 student . I live in Tongzhou with my parents . I have a lot of hobbies like singing , swimming and drawing . I want to be an artist in the future . I like all my lessons . I am good at math and English . My teachers are all nice to me . I enjoy my school life very much .

William , please write to me soon and tell me something about yourself .

Best wishes!

Yours ,

Wang Hua


81---在繁忙的现代社会里, 电影是人们生活中的一种很好的调剂品。 你喜欢看电影吗?请写一篇短文介绍一下你喜欢的电影类型以及电影明星。 要求不少于45词。

81 I like watching movies very much . On weekends I often go to movies with my good friends . I like different kinds of movies . But I like comedies best because they are funny and relaxing . I also thrillers very much but many of my friends don’t like them , because they think thrillers are very scary . Jackie Chan is my favorite movie star . He works very hard . I think we can learn a lot from him .

82 ----假如你的哥哥叫Robrt, 下面是他的个人信息, 请根据这些信息,写一篇60词左

Hello ! This is my brother . His name is Robert . He is twenty-eight years old .His birthday

is April 15th . He is an English teacher . He likes basketball and music . He thinks they are fun and relaxing . For foods , he likes hamburgers , chicken and fruit . He thinks they are healthy . He has three good friends –Helen , Kate and Mona .


have an apple3 , an egg and a glass of milk for breakfast . For lunch , I have tow hambergers chicken and broccoli . I have a carrot , salad and some water for dinner . I don’t eat dessert . Dessert is not good for our health .

92假如你是Paul , 你想推荐你的同学John 获得“最佳学生奖” , 请你根据下面表

92 -Dear Mr Wang ,

I would like to recommend John for this year’s Best Student Award . He is good at all his subjects and likes reading , singing and doing sports . He can also play the piano well . He is friendly and often helps the other students with their lessons . Last week , he saw a boy lose his way and helped him get back home . Yesterday he saved a child out of water . If John can win the award , we will be happy . We hope to hear from you soon .

Yours ,


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