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2014年中考作文模拟 书面表达训练

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2014年中考作文模拟 书面表达训练

词汇提示:get information, ···

···than······, be bad for ,easy to be cheated(容易上当受骗), form bad habits(养成坏习惯), fall into, be crazy about(对······着迷, tool(工具)

Internet is playing an important part of our lives now. With the help of the Internet, we can learn more. It’s very easy to get the information that is useful to us on the Internet. Sending and receiving messages is much quicker than letters. And it costs less than traditional ways. It’s also a good way for telexing. We can talk with our friends, listen to music, play games, watch the popular movies, and so on. I think Internet can bring us much pleasure.

However, it is bad for our health to stay in front of computers long. Sometimes we don’t know whether the information is true or not. It’s easy for us to be cheated. What is worse, some young men form bad habits and make bad friends because of the Internet. So the teenagers must take good care of themselves when they are surfing the Internet. It’s a pity that playing computers a lot makes some students feel tired of studying.

Is Internet good or bad? It has nothing to do with Internet itself, but the person who is on line. I like Internet, but I never fall into it to make me crazy about it. I only regard it as a tool of learning or relaxing. Thanks to the Internet, our lives become more and more colorful.



我们的眼睛,养成好的读书习惯。 强光、 弱 光 提示词:poorer and poorer ; Become shortsighted; Reading habit 下看书,

躺着、 走 看书, 1 /


2/3 Two thirds of the students spend too much time on watching TV or playing computer games. A quarter of us are reading

while lying in bed or walking. And a few read books in strong light or in weak light.

With the time passing on, the eyesight becomes poorer and poorer. We’ll regret if we are shortsighted. It is important for us to form a good habit of reading. Eyes are the windows of our minds. Let’s take good care of them.


15周作文练习 日前,由教育部,国家体育总局、共青团中央联合举办了“全国亿万青少年学生阳光体育无能运动”启动仪式,其影响巨大,意义深远。你在本校参与了此项活动,请你根据表格中所给信息写一篇英语短文。


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