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Yesterday afternoon, I happened to see a traffic accident from the schools in our way to the hotel. It was five thirty in the afternoon, I was walking on the way to the hotel. When I got to the zebra crossing, traffic light. So I stopped, waiting for the vehicle through the dragon.

At the same time, heavy load truck roared to a car hit up. The results, a car's windshield is broken into pieces, the truck driver suffered a head injury. Also, the driver of the car was badly injured, and soon the 110 and 120 are to the scene, the scene of the accident promptly processed.

For the cause of the accident, I think, the driver of the truck should bear the responsibility: he should be in the yellow light when decelerating the vehicle; the eager to overtaking. This is he broke the occupation drivers with basic elements. In addition, part of the reason for the bad weather. It's drizzling now, but the road is slippery. Finally, drunk driving may be an important factor, but luckily, both drivers did this accident to pay the cost of life.

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