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Unit 2 I’d like some noodles.

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Unit 2 I’d like some noodles.


1. potato复数: 2. tomato复数: 3. large 反义词:

4. answer反义词: 5. different名词:

6. lucky名词:


1. (表示愿意)愿意;喜欢 2. 什么种类/尺寸

3. 两碗牛肉汤 4. 一碗……

5. 绿茶 6. 桔汁

7. ……的数目 8. 吹灭

9. 一举;一下子;一口气10. 切碎 11. 全世界 12. 实现 点菜

14. 带有米饭的麻婆豆腐 15. 小/中/大碗

16. 生日蛋糕 许个愿望


1. would like+ sth. 想要某物

2. would like+to do sth. 想要做某事

3. Why don’t you + do sth.?何不做某事?

4. The number of+名词复数……的数量


1. I’d like some noodles.我想要份面条

2. Are there any vegetables in the beef noodles?在牛肉面条里有一些蔬菜吗?

3. What kind of noodles would you like?你想要哪种面条?

4. May I take your order?您现在点菜吗?

5. What size would you like?你想要多大碗的?

I’d like a medium bowl, please.我想要中碗的。

6. We’d also like gongbao chicken and some mapo tofu with rice.


7. Would you like a large bowl?你想要大碗的吗? Yes, please.是的。

8. Is there any meat in the tomato and egg soup.在西红柿鸡蛋汤里有 肉吗?

No, there isn’t any./ No, there’s no meat.不没有

9. I don’t like onions,green tea or porridge.我不喜欢洋葱、绿茶和粥。


10. The answer would be difficult in different countries.在不同的国家里,答案将是不同的

11.The number of candles is the person’s age.蜡烛的数目是这个人的年龄。

12. If he or she blows out all the candles in one go,the wish will come true.


They never cut up the noodles because the long noodles are a symbol of long life.



一. 选择填空

( ) 1. ---Would you like something to eat?---_______. I’m not hungry.

A. Yes, I’d like to B. Yes, I’d love to C. No, thanks

( ) 2. ---_______? ---I’d like a cup of tea.

A. Would you like some tea B. Can you help me C. Do you like tea

( ) 3. ---Do you want a big watermelon(西瓜) or a _______ one?---A big one, please. A. thin B. small C. heavy

( ) 4. He is too hungry and he wants two _______.

A. bowl of noodles B. bowls of noodles C. bowls of noodle

( ) 5. ---What _______ coat would you like? ---A medium one.

A. size B. kind C. color

( ) 6. ---Let’s do something at the party. What about _______?

---No, I’d like _______.

A. to sing; to dance B. to sing; dancing C. singing; to dance

( ) 7. ---Would you like green tea _______ juice?---I don’t like green tea _______ juice. A. and; and B. or; or C. and; or

( ) 8. Look! Some chicken _______ on the plate(盘子). And some eggs _______ in the bowl. A. is; is B. are; are C. is; are

( ) 9. I often eat some _______ and _______ on Sunday evenings.

A. tomatoes; fish B. tomato; fish C. tomatoes; fishes

( ) 10. ---What size pizza _______ Lily like?---She _____ like a large pizza.

A. does; is B. is; would C. would; would

( )11.---What size pizza would you like, small or medium ? ---__________.

A.Small,please B.Medium, please C.Sorry, I don’t know D.Both A and B

( )12.---Can I help you ?---I’d like to drink ______.

A.some oranges B.oranges C.some arange D.orange juices

( )13.He’d like me_________ him_________ English.

A.help, learn B.help, learning C.to help, learn D.to help learning

( )14.I can’t go with you because I have _________ to do.

A. many homework B. much homework

C. a lot homework D. a lot of homeworks

( )15.______ you like______ to eat?


A. Are, something B. Are, anything C. Would, something D. Would, anything


I like eating rice, noodles, strawberries, ice cream, hamburgers and so on. But my favorite __16__ is dumplings. Every Sunday, my mother __17__ many dumplings for me. If she has __18__ time, I’ll go to the supermarket to __19__ some. Dumplings look __20__ white boats(船). They are very delicious. __21__ my birthday every year, I usually help my mother make a lot of dumplings. Do you know the __22__? Because I often ask some friends to __23__ them with me. There are different kinds of __24__ and meat in them. My friends __25__ like to eat them very much.

( ) 16. A. food B. dessert C. fruit

( ) 17. A. do B. does C. makes

( ) 18. A. some B. no C. any

( ) 19. A. want B. order C. buy

( ) 20. A. for B. at C. like

( ) 21. A. In B. On C. About

( ) 22. A. kind B. size C. reason

( ) 23. A. eat B. drink C. like

( ) 24. A. noodles B. dumplings C. vegetables

( ) 25. A. all B. every C. both


56. I’d like some beef.(改为一般疑问句)

_________ _________ _________ _________ beef?

57. Those boys want four large bowls of rice.(改为同义句)

Those boys _________ _________ four large bowls of rice. (对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ of noodles would Mary like? (对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ Taotao like for breakfast?

60. She’d like (对画线部分提问)

______ ______ bag of apples would she like?


A) 写单词

1. China is a l_______ country with long history.

2. What s_______ shoes would you like?

3. T_______ is between Monday and Wednesday.

4. My telephone n_______ is 834—8394.

5.We often have rice,meat,________(马铃薯) for lunch every day.

6.John likes________(粥),pizza(比萨),salad and ice tea very much.

7.My favorite drink is ____________________(橘汁).

8._____________(星期四) is the fifth day of a week.

9. What ____________ (饮料) would you have?

10. We have many great ______________ (特色菜) in the restaurant.

B) 用所给单词的适当形式填空。


1. There ______(be) some beef and eggs in the noodles.

2. There__________(be) some onions and mutton in the bowl.

3. Look, they ______(buy) fruit and vegetables in the market.

4. She ____(have) an egg, a small bowl of chicken noodles and two apples every day. 5. I like

______(listen) to the pop music and watching TV.

6. They would like _____(see) the animals in the zoo.

7.Special 1_______ (have) onions and beef.

8. I and Jack ___________ (do) homework in the classroom now.

9. They enjoy _______________(have) beef.

10. There are some ________(tomato) and _______ (porridge) on the table.

11. I’d like_______ (go) shopping.

12. How many_______ (dumpling) would you like?

13. Can he _______ (watch) TV with you?


There are many kinds of in the supermarket this week. What of fruit would

you like, apples, oranges, , bananas or ? Different people may like fruit. Look at this fruit .Today we have some great Yantai are RMB8 a kilo. The ,for RMB 4 a kilo and the oranges in

Sichuan are RMB 3 a kilo. Strawberries are RMB 6 a kilo. So please go to the supermarket 六.翻译划线句子

Birthday Food Around the World

(1In many countries, people have birthday cakes with candles. The number of candles is the

person’s age. The birthday person must make a wish and blow out the candles.(2) candy in a birthday cake. The child with the candy is lucky.

(3But many people still eat

very long noodles for their birthday. (4symbol of life and good luck.

All of these birthday foods may be different, but the ideas are the same. (5(1)。






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