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1.David 丢失了一个蓝色的铅笔盒,他的电话号码是392—4655.


My blue pencil-case.

My name is David.

Please call 392—4655.

2. Cindy 捡到一个戒指,她的电话号码是456—3929

Found: Ring.

Is this your ring?

Please call Cindy at 456—3929.

二. 下面是黄亮写给他的笔友Sonia的信,在信中他主要介绍了他的全家福照片.

Dear Sonia,

Thanks for your family photo. Here is my family photo. These are my grandparents. This is my father. And that is my mother. The girl is my sister Huang Min. Who’s the boy? Aha! It’s me! Your friend, Huang Liang

三.Emma要她弟弟Barry把她需要的几样东西带到学校.请进行合理的想象,代她写个便条. Dear Barry,

Can you bring the things to school? I need my hat, backpack, keys, video tape and computer game. My hat is on the dresser. The backpack is on the chair. The keys are in the drawer. The video tape is on the bookcase. The computer game is on the floor.

Love, Emma

四. 介绍你自己的房间.

Hello! This is my room. A table, a bed, a chair, a desk and a bookcase are in the room. Some plants are on the table. My backpack is on the desk and my hat is on the chair .Some things are under the bed .My basketball is on the floor. And those are my books . They are on the bookcase.

五.介绍歌星Julia 一日三餐的健康饮食.

Singing star Julia eats well. For breakfast, she has two eggs, a banana and an apple. For lunch, she likes a hamburger, broccoli. She likes ice cream for dessert. She eats lots of healthy food every day. She is very healthy.


This is Peter’s room. A volleyball, a basketball and a soccer ball are on the floor. His shoes and socks and socks are on the floor, too. His jacket is on his bed. A lamp is on the night table. Next to the night table are a baseball and a baseball bat. A pen, a book, a dictionary, an eraser and a computer game are on the desk.


Come and have a look at Bianmin Clothes Store. We have lots of sweaters for ¥38 each! Do you need bags for sports or school? We have great bags for only ¥8 each! For girls, we have T-Shirts in red, green, yellow and white for only ¥28! For boys, we have shorts for sports for sports for just ¥18!We also have socks at a very good price – only!Come and see for yourself!



Hello, everyone! My name is Guo Tiantian. I’m a student. I’m fifteen years. My birthday is February 18th. My father is a worker. He is forty three years old.. His birthday is December 2nd . My mother is a clerk in a clothes store. She is thirty-eight .Her birthday is January 29th . I have a happy family.


Dear Li Hui,

August 15th is my birthday .I want to have a birthday party in my house on Sunday. I want my friends to come to my birthday party. Would you like to come, too ? The party begins at 8:00 pm. We dance and sing songs, and then eat the birthday cake!

I hope you can come,

Yours, Tina

十. 展开想象, 介绍Jack 和他的父母所喜欢的电影类型和不喜欢的电影类型,并说明理由.

Jack’s family like different kinds of movies. Jack likes action movies and thrillers because they are exciting. He doesn’t like Beijing Opera. He thinks it’s boring. But his father likes Beijing Opera very much. He thinks he can learn about Chinese history. His father also likes comedies because they are very funny, but he doesn’t like action movies. Jack’s mother likes comedies, too. She thinks they’re very interesting. But she doesn’t like thrillers. She thinks they are scary . 十一. Jenny Brown 想参加京剧俱乐部,她还想学中国功夫,帮她写一张申请书。 Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Jenny Brown. I’m fifteen years old. I can speak English and Chinese. I want to join the Beijing Opera club because I want to learn about Chinese history. Also I want to learn Chinese kung fu. I think it’s very interesting and exciting. My telephone number is 473-9302. My e-mail address is JCan I join your club?

十二。以My Sunday 为题,描述一下自己在这一天的学习和生活。

My Sunday

Sunday is my favorite day. On that day I usually get up at 7:00. At 8:00 I have breakfast. Then I do my homework from 8:30 to 11:30 in the morning. At 12:00 I have lunch. In the afternoon I often play basketball with my friends for three hours. I have dinner at around 6:00 in the evening. And from 7:00 to 9:00 I often watch TV. At 9:30 I take a shower and then I go to bed.

I have a happy Sunday.

十三. My favorite subject

This year I have many subjects. I have Chinese, English, math, history, music, art, P.E., biology and so on (等等). My favorite subject is English. I have it from Monday to Friday. I like English because I think it’s very interesting. I read English every morning. I join the English club. Every Wednesday afternoon I go to the club and speak English with my teachers and friends. I also watch English movies and learn to sing English songs. I think I can learn English well. 十四,写信给你的外国朋友描述你现在的学校生活.

Dear Rick,

My school life is very busy. I have seven classed every day. The first class starts at 8:00am and the last one finishes at 4:30pm. I have thirteen subjects at school. I have Chinese, English and math every day. My favorite subject is history because it’s fun, After school I go to the music club. 2

Because I like singing songs. Please write and tell me about your school life.

LOVE, John 3

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