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( )1. A. my B. his C. her

( ) 2. A. Alan B. Bob C. Jenny

( ) 3. A. 95928 B. 59526 C. 34177 ( ) 4. A. His name is Tony Miller. B. Your name is Mike Green.

C. My name is Jack Brown.

( ) 5. A. Nice to meet you. B. Hello. C. Hi.

二、听对话选择正确的答案。 (每小题1分,满分5分)

Conversation A:

( )6. What is her family name?

A. Linda. B. Jones. C. Linda Jones.

( )7. What’s his phone number?

A. 2786926. B. 5184936. C. 2784936.

Conversation B:

( )8. What is his name?

A. Kevin Brown. B. Paul Brown. C. Kevin Smith.

( )9. What’s his ID number?

A. 8. B. 5. C. 6.

( )10. What is his phone number?

A. 8504864. B. 8385374. C. 8358784.


( )11. What’s the boy’s name ?

A. Jim White . B . David Green C. Jim Green.

( )12. what color is the backpack?

A. Red B. Yellow C. Green

( )13. what color is the pencil case?

A.White B. Black C. Blue

( )14.what’s in the backpack?

A. A dictionary B. A jacket C.A ring

( )15. what’s the boy’s phone number?

A.8592233 B. 8591123 C. 8563321




16. 下列哪一组字母都能一笔完成_________.



A. F B. H C. I D. O

18.Bill Gates is from the _________..


19.A little boy wrote____ "U" and___ "n" on the wall.

A. a; an B. an; a C. an; an D. a; a

20. His name is John Brown. You can call him _____.

A. Mr. John B. Mr. Brown C. Mr. John Brow D. Mr.

21.What color is it? -_____.

A. It’s a pen. B. It’s black

C. It’s black pen. D.It’s a black

22. ——Is your name Jim Green? ——_________.

A Yes, I am B Yes ,it is C No, I am D Yes,I’m

23. Please call me ___ 2137718.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

24 .Mum, ________my teacher, Mr Wang.

A. he is B. it is C. this is D. that is

25.——Look! Who is the man in the picture(图片)?

——I know. ______ Zhou Xingchi.

A. I’m B. It’s C. He D. She’s

26. _______, What’s your name?

A. Sorry B. OK C. Excuse me D. Thank you

27.Thank you ________the great photo_______your family.

A. for; in B. for; on C.in; at D. for; of

28. How do you spell watch?—_________.

A. W-A-T-C-H B. No, it’s not a watch

C. It’s my watch D. Yes it’s watch

29 .This is not___ watch. I think it’s ___watch.

A. you, he B. she, my

C. his, her D.I, your

30. ——Happy New Year! —— ________.

A. Thank you B. The same to you C. That’s all right D. Not at all




Hello, Do you know ? My name Cindy Brown. Cindy is my

name and Brown is my family name. I am a is 667-1298. There are(有) We all like fruit and vegetables.

girl. I am 13. There are four people in my

family. They are my brother and I. I also have a cousin. She is my uncle’sare good . I have a bedroom(卧室). A computer and a CD player are on a desk . The bookcase is near the door and my books are on it. I like sports very much, so(所以) the books are about(关于)sports. I like football and baseball

( )31. A.me B.I C.my D.us

( )32 A.am B.are C.is D.be

( )33 A.last B.Chinese C.one D.first

( )34 A.boy B.girl C.daughter D.cousin

( )35.A..ID card number B.watch C.answer D.telephone number

( )36 A.. three B.four C.five D.six

( )37 A. English B. great C. good D. nice

( )38. her B. my C. your D. his

( )39 A. son B. aunt C. daughter D. grandmother

( )40 A. brothers B. grandfathers C. friends D. boys



A. pencil case B. baseball bat C. school ID card D. telephone card

( )42.The girl’s full name(全名) is __________.

A. Smith Grace B. Grace Smith C. Grace D. Smith

( )43.Grace’s telephone number is_________.


A.568-3406 B.586-3406 C.586-3046 D.586-4306

( )44.The underlined word(划线的单词) “find” means(意思是)_____________in Chinese.

A.找到 B.看见 C.丢失 D.知道

( )45.________finds Grace’s school ID card.

A. Mary B. Jenny C. Tina D.Jack


Look, this is a photo of Mr. White’s family. The man in the photo is Mr. White, the father. The woman is the mother. They have two daughters. The girl behind Mr. White is Mary. She’s 14. The girl behind Mrs. White is Jane. She is 11. Mary and Jane are in the same school, but not the same grade. Mary is in Grade2. Jane is in Grade 1. They are good students.

( ) 46.There are people in the picture.

A. five B. three C. four D. six

( )47.Mary is behind .

A. Mr. White B. Mrs. White C. Jane D. Peter

( ) 48.Mr. and Mrs. White have .

A. one son and one daughter B. two sons

C. two daughters D. one son

( ) 49.Jane is sister.

A. Mr. White’s B. Mary’s C. Mrs. White’s D. Peter’s

( ) 50 .How old are Mary and Jane?

A. Eleven and thirteen B. Fourteen and eleven

C. Eleven D. Thirteen


Hello! My name is Joy. I’m a girl. I’m eleven. I’m in Class Eight, Grade Seven. This is my friend, Joan. She is twelve. She is in a high school. She is in Class Seven, Grade Eight. My English teacher is Miss White, but her English teacher is Miss Green. Look!Who’s that? Oh, she’s my mom. She’s a Chinese teacher.


( )51. ____ is in Class Eight, Grade Seven.

A. Joan B. John C. Joy D. Joe

( )52. Joan is Joy’s(乔伊的)____.

A. teacher B. friend C. student(学生) D. mom

( )53. Joan is ____.

A. eleven B. twelve C. thirteen D. fourteen

( )54. Joy’s English teacher is ____.

A. Miss White B. Miss Green C. Joy’s mom D. Joan

( )55.Joy’s mother is ____.


A. an English teacher

C. a student B. a friend D. a Chinese teacher



56. _______ can teach(教)us English.

A. Li Hong B. Zhao Bi

C. Xie Zhongqing D. Liu Huifang

57. You should call _______ if your daughter(女

儿)is ill(病).

A. Li Hong B. Zhao Bi

C. Xie Zhongqing D. Liu Huifang

58. You call ______ when you want to take a taxi

to New Century Computer Center.

A. 199230163 B. 13704358529

C. 13902137285 D. 127080370

59. ______ is a merchant(商人).

A. Li Hong B. Zhao Bi

C. Xie Zhongqing D. Liu Huifang

60. We can’t send a fax to the ______.

A. professor B. manager

C. doctor D. driver




61.These are my d_______________(字典).

62 .What color are his______________ (笔记


63.T_______________(感谢)for the photo of

your family.

64.Mr Zhang has three children, one is a son, the

other two are d_____________

65.Your mother and your father are your p______________



66.Is the book under the sofa? (做否定回答) No, 67.(对划线部分提问) ______ _____ James?

68.That isn’t my box.(变成复数 )

_____ aren’t my _____

69.Are these his photos. (做肯定回答)

Yes, ______ _____

70. Are they English books? (变成单数)

Is _______ ______ English book?


71.[?jel?u] ___________ 72.[baik]_________ 73.[?telif?un]___________

74.[geim]___________ 75. [?zi?r?u]_ _________

十、写作 (15分) .

假设你是Kate Brown,想寻求笔友。请根据下面的表格,发送一封介绍你自己的


Dear friend,





班级__________ 学号_________ 姓名______________ 准考证号_________ 1. 2. 3.4. 5. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 二、听对话选择正确的答案。(每小题目1分,共5分) .6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 三、听短文,回答问题。(每小题2分,共10分) 11.12. 13.14. 15. 第二部分:笔试(100分) 四、单项选择(每小题1分,满分15分) 16.17.18. 20.21.22. 23.24. 25. 26. 28. 29.30. 五、完形填空(每小题1分,共10分) 31.32. 33.34. 35. 36.37.38. 39.40. 六、阅读理解(每小题2分,共40分) 41.42. 43.44. 45. 46.47.48. 49.50. 51. 52.53. 54. 59.60. 七、根据句意或汉语提示首字母填写单词(每小题1分,共5分) 61. 63.64. 65.八、根据要求完成下列句子, 每空一词。(每空1分,满分10分) 66.The book is under the sofa? (做否定回答) No, , 67.(对划线部分提问) ______ _____ James?


68.That isn’t my box.(变成复数) _____ aren’t my _____ 69.Are these his photos? (做肯定回答) _______ ______

70.Are they English books? (变成单数) Is _______ ______ English book?


71.[?jel?u] ___________ 72.[baik]_________ 73.[?telif?un]___________

74.[geim]___________ 75. [?zi?r?u]___ _______


假设你是Kate Brown,想寻求笔友。请根据下面的表格,发送一封介绍你自己的电子邮件。60词左右。


Dear friend,

My name is Kate Brown.





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八、根据要求完成下列句子, 每空一词。(每空1分,满分10分) 66.Is the book under the sofa? (做否定回答) No,

67.(对划线部分提问) James?

68.That isn’t my box.. (变成复数 ) ’t my

69.Are these his photos? (做肯定回答)

70. Are they English books? (变成单数) Is English book?


71.[?jel?u] 72.[baik] 73.[?telif?un

74.[geim] 75. [?zi?r?u]逍林初中期中测试初一(上)英语听力材料(201311)


1、What’s her name?

2、His name is Bob.

3、Her telephone number is 595-26.

4、My name is Jack Brown.

5、Nice to meet you.

二、听对话选择正确的答案。 (每小题1分,共5分) 读2遍。

Conversation A

W: Good morning. My name is Linda. What’s your name?

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M: My name is Jim Green. What’s your last name?

W: Oh, it is Jones. I am Linda Jones. My phone number is 2786926.

M: And my phone number is 5184936.

Conversation B

W: Good morning. What’s your name, please?

M: Kevin Brown.

W: Nice to meet you, Kevin. What’s your ID number?

M: It’s No.5.

W: Number Five? Ok. And what’s your phone number?

M: It is 8504864.

W: Thank you.

三、听短文,回答问题。 (每小题2分,共10分)读2遍

I am Jim White .my backpack is lost. It ia a nice green backpack. A blue pencil case , an English dictionary and a set of keys are in it . please call me at 859-1123.

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