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第一部分 听力部分(20分)





1.___________ 2.___________ 3.____________ 4.__ ____ 5.____________


A: 听下面一段长对话,回答6-7小题,对话读两遍。

( ) 6.What color are Linda’s pens? A. Red.


( ) 7.Where is Linda’s eraser? A. On the table. B. On her bookcase. C. In her pencil case.

B: 听下面一段长对话,回答8-10小题。

( ) 8.Where is Bob? A. At school B. In the classroom C. In the library

B. Bob C. Lily B. Black. C. ( ) 9.Who has a basketball ? A. Alice

( ) 10.What is Lily’s telephone number? A. 8840346

第三节:听短文,填写下列表格。短文读两遍(共10分) First name : 11 . Class: 12 . Family member: father , mother , 13 and I B. 8940346 C. 8830346

Baseball: 14 the desk. I have 15 in the bookcase.

( ) 11.A. Helen B. Green C. Miller ( ) 12.A. One B. Seven C. Three ( ) 13.A.sister B. brother C. son

( ) 14.A.on B. in C behind

( ) 15.A.books B. bags C. balls


第二部分 笔试部分(80分)


( ) 16. This is ______ ruler and that’s ______ eraser.

A. a; a B. a; an C. an; a D. an; an

( ) 17. –Is this your book? –Yes, ________.

A. this is B. it is C. it isn’t D. he is

( ) 18. --- Where’s my basketball? --- It’s _______ the door.

A. behind B. on C. in D. under

( ) 19. ---- Is Mr Wang your English teacher, Li Lei ---- ___________.

A. Yes, she is B. Yes, she’s. C .No, he isn’t. D. No, she isn’t.

( ) 20. -- _____ do you spell “book”? -- B-O-O-K.

A. What B. How C. Where D. Who

( ) 21. Tom and I _______ good friends . He _______ twelve.

A. are ; is B. am ; is C. is ; are D. are ; are

( ) 22. ______ these your _________?

A. Are, pencil B. Are, pencils C. Is, watch D. Is , watches

( ) 23. Jack Brown is a boy. Jack is his _________

A. first name B. last name C. family name D. full name

( ) 24. --- Your English is very good. ---_________

A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, it is. C. Thank you. D. No, no.

( ) 25. ---Is this ruler? ---No, it isn’t. is yellow,it’s .

A. your, my, her B. your, mine, her C. your, mine, hers D. your, my, hers


My friend Sally is an English __26___. Her family name is ___27____. She is 13 years old. Here is a photo ___28____ her room. In ___29___ room, her notebook and computer game ____30_____ on the desk. Her schoolbag is on the sofa. Her ___31____ are on the sofa, too. Some books and two pens are in her schoolbag. A baseball is under the bed, ___32____ it’s not hers. It’s her brother’s. Sally has a TV. It’s on the table. Next to the table is a photo. Three girls are ____33____ the photo. Do you know ___34____ the two girls are? Well, ___35___ are Sally’s good friends, Mary and Cindy.

( ) 26 A girl B boy C dog D father

( ) 27 A Eric B Frank C Brown D Bill

( ) 28 A for B of C at D in


( ) 29 A his B her C he D she

( ) 30 A is B are C am D /

( ) 31 A pencil B pen C schoolbags D pencils

( ) 32 A and B too C but D also

( ) 33 A at B to C in D under

( ) 34 A what B how C where D who

( ) 35 A these B they C this D that

三、阅读理解(20分) (A)

( ) 36. Who lost (丢失) a bike? A. Betty B. Jimmy C. David

( ) 37. Is the ring Betty’s ? A. Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. No, it’s Bruce’s

( ) 38. What color is the bike? A. Red B. Green C. I don’t know

( ) 39. Who can you call for the baseball? A. Bruce B. David C. Betty

( ) 40. What’s David’s phone number? A. 678-2190 B. 820-2411 C. 555-0874


This is a picture of Mr. Li’s family. The man in the middle is Mr. Li. The woman is Mrs. Li’s wife. They have two sons. The child behind Mr. Li is Li Lei. He’s thirteen. The boy in front of Mrs. Li is Li Ming. He is seven. Li Lei and Li Ming are in the same school, but not in the same grade. Li Lei is in Grade Two. Li Ming is in Grade One. They are good students.

( )41. There are _________ people in the picture. A. three B. four C. five D. six

( )42. Mr. Li is Li Lei’s ___________. A. uncle B. mother C. father D. son ( )43. Mr. and Mrs. Li have _________.

A. one boy, one girl B. two sons C. two girls D. one boy

( )44. Li Ming is ________ brother.

A. Mr. Li’s B. Mrs. Li’s C. Li Lei’s D. we don’t know.

( )45. How old is Li Ming? He is ______. A. seven B. twelve C. ten D. thirteen


46. Grace has a _____________(白色的) eraser.

47. Mr. Wang has a _____________(女儿). She’s only five years old.

48. My aunt’s son is my _____________ (堂弟).

49. This is Bill, he is my good __________(朋友).

50. Ms Brown is ______________(他们的) math teacher.

51 .The ____________ (手表) are very nice.

52. Here are two nice ________(照片)of my family.

53. You can ask Sam. I think it’s his _________(戒指)

54. It’s a ______________(地图) of China.

55. Wang Wei has ___________(三个) tennis balls.


56. My parents are 36 years old.(否定句) My parents _________ _________ 36 years old. 57. That is an old library.(改为复数形式) _________ are old _________. 58. This is a black pencil.(对划线部分提问) _________ _________ this?

59. Our English teacher is in the classroom. (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ in the classroom?

60. His name is Tom.(同义句) _________ _________ Tom.


Eric: I can’t find my schoolbag. Do you see it, Alice? Alice: ________61____________?

Eric: No, it isn’t. It’s black. Alice: _________62___________?

Eric: Some books, a dictionary, a notebook and a pencil box. Alice: ________63____________?

Eric: The dictionary is yellow, the notebook is white, and the pencil box is blue. Alice: _______64______________? Eric: Two pens, a pencil and a ruler.

Alice: Aha, Tom and his sister found it this morning. It is in the lost and found box

now. You

七、从Ⅱ栏各句中找出Ⅰ 栏各句的相应答句,并把答案写在括号内。(5分)


66. Nice to meet you! A. You’re welcome.

67. Are you Anna? B. They are my grandparents.


68. Thank you for your help! C. Nice to meet you too!

69. What’s your brother’s name? D. Yes, I am.

70. Who’re they? E. Zhang Lin


请参照下表,假如你是Li Lei, 根据中英文提示,写一篇介绍自己的文章,可适当增加细节。

Hello, everyone! I’m_______________________________________




七年级 英语答题卷



46._________ 47.________ 48.________ 49._________ 50. _________

51._________ 52._________ 53.________ 54._________ 55. _________


56. _________ _________ 57. _________ _________ 58. _________ _________

59. _________ _________ 60. _________ _________


61.__________ 62._________ 63._________ 64._________ 65._______ _


66.__________ 67._________ 68.________ 69._________ 70._______


Hello, everyone! I’m_______________________________________









1.--- Do you have a basketball?

--- No, I don’t . But I have a soccer ball.

2.--- What’s this in English?

--- It’s a computer.

3.--- Do you have a clock, Dave?

--- Yes, I do . It is in the bookcase.

4.--- Is that notebook on the table?

--- No, it is an English book.

5.--- Is that your ping-pong bat?

--- Yes, it is .



M: Do you have pens, Linda?

W: Yes. I have two red pens.

M: Look! Is that your eraser on the table?

W: No, it isn’t. My eraser is in my pencil case.


M: Hello, this is Mike. Is that Bob?

W: Hello, Mike this is Alice. Bob is at school.

M: Do you have a basketball Alice. I want to play basketball .

W: No, I don’t . But Lily has a basketball. You can call her.

M: What’s her telephone number?

W: It’s 8940346.


Hello, My name is Helen. My last name is Green . I am a student.I’m 13 years old. I’m in Class Three, Grade Seven. I have a happy family—father, mother, sister and I .Here is my room. My bed is next to the desk. And my family photo is on the desk. My baseball is on the desk. And I have many books in the bookcase. I like my room. It’s very nice.

This is a picture of my room. It’s a nice room. A map is on the wall. My table is near the window. A computer is on it. Look, the baseball is under my bed .You can see some books and flowers on the chair. My English books are in my schoolbag. The bag is behind the chair.



听力: 1-5 BECAD 6-10 ACACB 11-15 ACAAA 笔试:

61-65 EABCD 66-70 CDAEB 书面表达略


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