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II. 单项选择。(20分)

( ) 21. His father was _______ musician, and he played _______ violin very well.

A. /, a B. the, a C. a, the D. the, the

( ) 22. She asked my secretary _______ she could come or not.

A. weather B. whether C. when D. if

( ) 23. Daming enjoyed _______ to pop music when doing his homework.

A. listening B. listens C. listened D. to listen

( ) 24. If you don’t listen to the teacher carefully, you _______ know what to do.

A. didn’t B. won’t C. aren’t D. haven’t

( ) 25. He continued working _______ cutting his hand during an operation.

A. in front of B. in spite of C. at the end of D. in time of

( ) 26. She _______ longer, but she has to catch her plane back to work.

A. stayed B. would like to stay

C. is staying D. stays

( ) 27. Dr. Bethune died because he didn’t stop to_______ his hand.

A. worry about B. take up C. ask for D. take care of

( ) 28. _______ September comes, it starts to get cooler and cooler.

A. Before B. While C. When D. With

( ) 29. —I’d like to go to London with Sally.

—________. We’d have a fantastic time.

A. So would I B. I would so C. So would me D. So I would

( ) 30. We might go to the park tomorrow—it_______ the weather.

A. lives on B. looks on C. depends on D. goes on

( ) 31. — He was_______ tired_______ he fell asleep as soon as he lay down.

— Oh, we can go out and let him have a good rest.

A. too, to B. enough, to C. such, that D. so, that

( ) 32. — Jackie Chan is my hero.

— Why?

— _______ he is a great film star. I think all his films are fantastic!

A. That B. After C. Because D. The reason

( ) 33. It is an enjoyable film, although in my opinion there’s _______ fighting.

A. much too B. too much C. too many D. many much

( ) 34. If you are feeling tired, you should take some_______.

A. time away B. off time C. of time D. time off

八年级英语试卷 第 1 页(共 11 页)

( ) 35. On Mother’s Day, Lingling cooked the meal for her mother all _______. A. on her own B. of her own C. by her own D. to her own ( ) 36. Lingling was afraid that something would _______ with the plane. A. take place B. go wrong C. take up D. go off ( ) 37. People often heard her_______ in the next room. A. singing B. sang C. sing D. sings ( ) 38. The soldier gave his life_______ the student’s life in the earthquake in Ya’an. A. to save B. to saving C. save D. saving ( ) 39. Wait for a moment, I have_______ to tell you! A. something important B. important something C. anything important D. important anything ( ) 40. — That’s my first flight to US! Goodbye, everyone! Stay in touch! — Bye, Lingling! Don’t forget to write! _______. A. Have some sleep B. Have a good rest C. Have a delicious meal D. Have a safe trip

III. 完形填空。(10分)

Have you seen Peter Pan? It’s really excellent film, and it’s been a very many years. It’s the story of a boy children, Wendy and her brothers, in London, and they decide have of adventures there — and there’s danger, too. A bad man, a pirate, called Captain Hook, wants to kill Peter. In a famous between Peter Pan and Captain Hook near the end of the film, Peter Pan and Captain Hook are sailing on the sea. Peter Captain Hook over the side of the ship and a crocodile eats him. The children clap their hands and cheer loudly they are so excited. But in the end, Wendy misses back home.

( ) 41. A. a B. an C. the

( ) 42. A. since B. for C. over

( ) 43. A. calling B. calls C. called

( ) 44. A. growing B. grows C. grew

( ) 45. A. to going B. going C. to go

( ) 46. A. many B. plenty C. much

( ) 47. A. fight B. talk C. competition

( ) 48. A. puts B. throws C. gives

( ) 49. A. if B. when C. because

( ) 50. A. got B. getting C. to getting

八年级英语试卷 第 2 页(共 11 页)

IV. 阅读理解。读下面短文,根据短文内容,完成后面题目。每小题1分, 共15分。


John is an artist who does not have much money, but he is a very kind man. One day on his way home, he gave his last coins to a beggar(乞丐). When he saw another one, he forgot that he did not have any money. He asked the man to have lunch with him, and the beggar accepted, so they went into a small restaurant and had a good meal.

After the dinner, John found he had no money at all. The beggar had to pay the bill. The artist was so sorry about this, so he said to the beggar, “Come home with me in a taxi, my friend, and I will give you the money for lunch.”

“Oh, no!” said the beggar answered quickly. “I had to pay for your lunch, but I’m not going to pay for you again!”

( ) 51. The artist in this story was ______ .

A. a kind man B. a rich man

C. a beggar D. a cheat

( ) 52. On his way home, John forgot ______.

A. to bring money with him

B. to buy the ticket

C. he had given all his money to the first beggar

D. to have lunch

( ) 53. After the meal, ______ paid the bill.

A. the artist B. the beggar C. a lady D. no one

( ) 54. The artist invited the beggar to take the taxi home with him so that _____ .

A. the beggar could pay for the taxi home

B. they could trust each other

C. he could make friends with the beggar

D. he could pay the money back for the meal they had had

( ) 55. At the end of the story, what the beggar said showed that he _____.

A. did trust the artist

B. was thankful to the artist

C. regretted (后悔) having lunch with the artist

D. would make friends with the artist


Before you go to another country, it is a great help if you know the language and some of the customs of the country.

When people meet each other for the first time in Britain, they say, “How do you do? ” and shake hands. Usually they do not shake hands when they just meet or say goodbye. But they shake hands after they haven’t met for a long time or when they will be away from each other for a long time.

Last year a group of German students went to England for a holiday. Their teacher 八年级英语试卷 第 3 页(共 11 页)

told them that the English people hardly shake hands. So when they met their English friends at the station, they kept their hands behind their backs. The English students had learned that the Germans shake hands as often as possible, so they put their hands in front and got ready to shake hands with them. It made both of them laugh.

( ) 56. It is ____ if you know the language and some of the customs of the country.

A. not useful B. not helpful

C. very helpful D. very bad

( ) 57. English people usually shake hands when they ______.

A. meet every time B. meet for the first time

C. say goodbye to each other D. say hello to each other

( ) 58. Usually English people don’t shake hands _______.

A. when they will be away for a long time

B. when they say “How do you do? ”

C. when they just meet or say goodbye

D. after they haven’t met for a long time

( ) 59. Which of the statements(陈述)is right?

A. German people shake hands as often as possible.

B. English people like shaking hands very much.

C. German people hardly shake hands.

D. Neither English people nor Germans like shaking hands.

( ) 60. This story is about _______.

A. shaking hands B. languages

C. languages and customs D. customs


Jamie stood looking at the map. He turned it around. He looked up from the map. He looked back at the map. He took a few steps back along the path. He put his finger on the map, and looked up again. "It's no use!" he shouted. He threw the map away, and sat down on the ground.

I asked him what the matter was.

Jamie said, "We're lost. We must have taken a wrong turning. "

He didn't know where we were. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." he said again and again.

I told him not to worry. "We'll follow the river." I said. "The river flows into the sea, so it will take us back to the coast." This seemed like a good plan. We set off down the hill. The river was a long way below us. It was getting dark, and it was starting to rain. Jamie started to run. "Come on!" he called. "In an hour, it will be dark and we won't be able to see where we're going. " "Stop!" I shouted, because I saw there was a fallen tree on the path. "Don't run. It's dangerous!"

As soon as I saw him fall, I knew he was badly hurt. When I reached him, he said that his leg hurt. He wasn't able to stand up. Now, we were lost, we had a long way from 八年级英语试卷 第 4 页(共 11 页)

home, and Jamie couldn't walk.

( ) 61. Why did Jamie say "It's no use!"?

A. He could find the right way without the map.

B. The path was wrongly marked on the map.

C. The map was not big enough to see clearly.

D. He didn't think the map helpful to them.

( ) 62. The writer and Jamie were lost because_________.

A. they took a wrong turning

B. they threw their map away

C. it was too dark to see the way

D. it was a long way from home

( ) 63. In order to return to the coast, they decided to_________.

A. follow the path

B. swim across the river

C. walk along the river

D. climb the hill

( ) 64. What happened to Jamie?

A. He couldn't see anything.

B. He fell into the river.

C. He was hit by a stone.

D. He fell and hurt his leg.

( ) 65. This passage mainly tells us_________.

A. the writer and Jamie climbed the hill

B. the writer and Jamie lost their way

C. how to read a travel map

D. how to make a travel plan


I. 句型转换(5分)

66. Betty said “She’s an excellent musician.”(变成间接引语)

Betty said that _________ _________ an excellent musician.

67. Tony asked Daming, “Have you got your camera with you?” (变成间接引语) Tony asked Daming _________ he had got his camera with _________.

68. Sally askedme, “When does the bus arrive? (变成间接引语)

Sally asked me __________ the bus ___________.

69. The girl got up early. She could catch the first bus to school.(用so that连成一句话) 八年级英语试卷 第 5 页(共 11 页)

The girl got up early _________ _________ she could catch the first bus to school.

70. You should work harder. You want to make progress in English. (用if 连成一句话)

II. 完成句子。 (5分)。

71. 这个故事很有趣,但是里面的人物却不是真实的。

The story is interesting but the characters are not _________ _________ life.

72. 你看上去好像玩的很开心。

You look _________ _________ you’ve had a good time.

73. 在他失业的时候,他的朋友帮助了他。

His friend _________ him _________ when he lost his job.

74. 我真心盼望着你们来到我们的学校。


’m really _________ forward _________ your coming to our school.

75. 我想去一些美丽的城市,如纽约、华盛顿和洛杉矶。

I _________ _________ to go to some beautiful cities like New York, Washington and

Los Angeles.

III.词语填空。( 5分)

A. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。(2.5分)

76. The film is _________ (enjoy), although there’s much fighting.

77. He is not as _____________ (friend) to us as his sister.

78. We all hope for the happy _________ (end) of the story.

79. He was so _________ (sleep) that he almost fell asleep in class.

80. The boy is old enough to dress himself _________ (proper).

B. 用所给动词的适当形式填空。(2.5


81. I won’t spend so much time _________ (play) video games.

82. While they are _________ (wait) for the New Year, they listen to music.

83. Dr. Bethune worked very hard without _________ (stop) to rest.

84. He went to the front to look after _________ (injure) soldiers.

85. We go _________ (camp) or we have a picnic somewhere nice, or go to the beach.

Ⅲ. 任务型阅读。(5分)

Edward Jenner was a country doctor. He was born in 1749. He studied 八年级英语试卷 第 6 页(共 11 页)

medicine in London and then returned to work as a doctor in his hometown. One day, he made an important discovery. He found a way to stop people catching smallpox, a terrible illness. People with smallpox often died. A lot of the patients Jenner looked after were farmers and their families. Jenner noticed a strange thing—the girls didn’t get smallpox when they looked after cows. They caught a different, less serious illness. Jenner knew that the farmers sometimes tried to give this less serious illness to their family. They hoped that this would stop them from catching smallpox.

Jenner developed this idea by doing an experiment with a farmer’s son. He cut the boy’s arm and gave him the less serious illness. He hoped it would protect the boy from smallpox. Jenner and the boy were both very brave because they did not know what would happen. There was a danger that the boy would become very ill, and even die. Fortunately, Jenner’s experiment was successful. The government asked other doctors to use the same treatment. Thanks to Jenner, no one gets smallpox today.

Ⅳ. 综合填空。(5分)

O. Henry was a pen name for an American writer of short stories. His real

name was William Sydney Porter. He was born in North Carolina in 1862. As a young boy he (96) l_______ an exciting life. He did not go to school very (97) l_______, but he taught himself everything he needed to know. When he was about 20 years old, O. Henry went to Texas. There he tried (98) d_______ jobs. He first worked (99) o_______ a newspaper, and then had a job in a bank. When some (100) m_______ went missing from the bank, people thought O. Henry stole it. Because of that, he was (101) s _______to the police. During the three years in prison, he (102) l _______ to write short stories. (103) A_______ he got out of prison, he went to New York and went on writing. He wrote mostly about New York and the (104) l_______ of the people there. People liked his stories because the simple stories were (105) b_______ very interesting and exciting.

八年级英语试卷 第 7 页(共 11 页)

Ⅴ. 书面表达 (10分)



My summer holidays are coming soon.

___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________







1. I’d like to go to London with you.

2. I’ve phoned my teacher and I said I was in hospital.

3. When spring comes, the flowers begin to grow.

4. Norman Bethune is one of China’s most famous heroes, but he was Canadian.

5. Sally played the piano very well at the concert.


6. Sally: Is that Mrs. Styles? This is Sally Maxwell speaking.

Mrs Styles: Hello, Sally. Are you having a good day?

Sally: Yes, we’re going for a walk in Beihai Park later.

Question: What are they going to do?

Dad: Hi, Oliver. What's the matter?

八年级英语试卷 第 8 页(共 11 页) 7.

Oliver: Jamie and I are walking in the mountains. We left this morning.

Dad: Yes, you told me you were going walking.

Oliver: Well, Jamie's fallen and hurt his leg. He can't walk.

Question: What’s wrong with Jamie?

8. Lingling: Betty, can you tell me about Independence Day?

What date is it?

Betty: Well, it’s on 4th July, and it’s our national day. Americans celebrate the day

when the USA became a different country from Britain.

Question: What are they talking about?

9. Girl: Who's the richest man in the world? Do you know?

Boy: Um—no, I don't. Who is it?

Girl: It's an American called Bill Gates.

Boy: I don't know anything about him.

Girl: You don't know anything about him? Well, you should. He's the

head of Microsoft.

Question: Who’s Bill Gates?

10. Sally:OK, here's the airport. It's time for me to say goodbye!

Betty:Don't be silly! You're not going anywhere without all of us. We're

all going in to see you off.

Daming:We'll take you to the gate and make sure you board the plane.

Question:Where are they seeing off their friend?


May: Hello, Jack. Have you got plans for the summer holidays?

Jack: Hi, May. Yes, I have. I'm going to stay with an American family. I want

to improve my English.

May: Wow! That's a good way to improve your English. Where are you going? Jack: I'm flying to LA. The family live there.

May: Have they got children?

Jack: Yes, they have. They've got a son the same age as me. He's learning


May: Then you'll speak Chinese all the time!

Jack: No, I won't. I'm going to learn a lot of English.

May: How long are you going to stay with them?

Jack: Two months.

May: Two months! That's a really long time.

Jack: Well, there's a lot to do in America.

May: What do you want to do in LA?

Jack: I want to see the film studios! But we won't stay in LA all the time. They are going

to take me on holiday to different parts of the country.

八年级英语试卷 第 9 页(共 11 页)

May: Fantastic! Will they take you to New York?

Jack: Yes, I hope so.

May: When are you leaving?

Jack: On 1st July.

May: Um—would you like a friend to go with you?

Jack: Who?

May: Me!


11. What is Jack going to do this summer holiday?

12. How is Jack going to LA?

13. Why doesn’t Jack want to speak Chinese while staying in LA?

14. What is Jack going to see first during his visit?

15. When is Jack leaving for New York?


Last Sunday Mr. Green and his wife went to the country. They arrived home very late. Mr. Green opened the front door and they went into the house. It was very dark. So Mr. Green turned on the lights. On the way upstairs Mrs. Green said, “Listen, I can hear someone in the bedroom.” They went downstairs again and stood quietly outside their bedroom. “Yes, you are right,” said Mr. Green. “There are two men there. They are talking!”

Then he called out, “Who is there?” But no one answered. Mr. Green opened the door quickly and turned on the light. The room was empty, then he saw something and laughed. The radio was still on. “Oh, dear!” he said, “We forgot to turn it off this morning.


1—5 ABCBA 6—10 ABCAC 11—15 BCABC 16—20 ABACB 21—25 CBABB 26---30 BDCAC 31—35 DCBDA 36—40 BCBAD 41—45 ABCAC 46—50 BABCB 51—55 ACBDC 56—60 CBCAD 61—65 DACDB

八年级英语试卷 第 10 页(共 11 页)

66. she, was 67. if, him 68. when, arrived 69. so, that 70. if, want

71. true, to 72. as, if 73. helped, out 74. looking, to 75. would, like

76. enjoyable 77. friendly 78. ending 79. sleepy 80. properly

81. playing 82. waiting 83. stopping 84. injured 85. camping

86. catching 87. smallpox 88. less 89. serious 90. cut

91. arm 92. even 93. die 94. successful 95. treatment

96. lived 97. long 98. different 99. on 100. money 101. sent 102. learned 103. After 104. life 105. both 书面表达例文(评分标准参照2012年天津市中考书面表达题之评分细则)

Dear Mike,

My summer holidays are coming soon. I have made a plan for it.

During the holiday, First I will/would like go to visit some of my teachers and friends. In Grade Two, I was so busy that I had no time to talk with them. Teachers and friends are very important. Second, I will/would like try to do some housework. My parents work very hard. I should try my best to help them. Third, I will/would like have a 3 or more days’ trip. Fresh air and beautiful views will be good for my health. At last, daily exercise is important, too. I want to be stronger, so I will/would like do exercise for an hour every day.

How do you like my plan? What about yours? Write to tell me soon.



八年级英语试卷 第 11 页(共 11 页)

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