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1. Who did yuo go to the movies______?

A.with B.about C.at D.from

2. My grandfather is in good health______he is 85 years old.

A.because B.so C.or D. Although

3. Welcome to our resturant. Can I help you?

Yes , please . Let me see what is on the ______today.

A.screen B.menu C.mirror D.program

4. Next week is quite______for Tony . He has lots of things to do.

A.free B.easy C.full D.different

5. Linda ______four to six times a week now, so he is healthy.

A.exercise B.exercises C.is exercising D.exercised

6. Dont?t take it ______. It?s only a joke.

A.seriously B.quietly C.cheaply D.loudly

7.______do you go to the park?

Twice a month.

A. How long B. How many C. How often D. How much

8. Nick studies______than his best friend.

A.hard B.harder C. Hardest D.the hardest

9. Where will we go this weekend?

It?s up to you ______

A.to choose B.choose C.choosing D.chose

10. There is only one room for us to stay in, so we have to ______it.

A.serve B.share C.show D.sell

11. We feel like______tea this evening. Which is the best tea house?

A.drink B.to drink C.drinking D.drank

12. Of all the subjects, I think math is ______ for me.

A.difficult B.most difficult C.more difficult D.the most difficult

13. She is hoping______ first prize in the swimming competition.

A.win B.to win C.wins D.won

14. It took him a long time to ______this story.

A.dress up B.put up C.make up D.cut up

15. Lucy is ______outgoing than Lily.

A.much B.more C.very D.lot

16. This is one of ______ classroom in our school.

A.big B.bigger C.biggest D.the biggest

17. My father decided ______a big house this year.

A.buy B.buying C.to buy D.to buying

18. He is very talented______, he can play the violin and do Chinese kung fu.

A. For example B. Such as C. Like D. As

19. Is Peter as smart as Alan?

______. Alan is smarter than Peter.

A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn?t C.Yes, he is D. No , he isn?t

20. 20.More and more people got on the train and it was______

A.crowed B.fantastic C.quiet D.old

21. Miss Green is one of the most popular______in our school.

Yes, And she is also the youngest______

A.teacher,teacher B.teachers,teachers C.teacher ,teachers D.teachers, teachers

22. Let?s walk ______ home brcause it?s very colse______ home.

A.to, to B.不填,to C.to, 不填 D.不填,不填

23. Li feng is the second ______student in our class.

A.good B.better C.best D.the best

24. His parents make him ______ his homework for two hours every day

A.do B.doing C.to do D.does

25. What would you like to drink,water or juice?

A. I?m not hungry B. I?d love to C. I don?t mind them D. I love coffee


Everyone has a talent. Some students shared their talents with us last Friday night at our school. The Talent Show began at7:00p.m.there was a lot of talent! The audience really liked all of the acs. They were never bored. Btian Quinn introduced(介绍)all of the acts and did a great job. He was a good host for the show. Decin Keane and Angel , his dog, were the first. Angel made us laugh a lot by following Devin?s orders.

Jenny Parker was next and she sang a lovely song called” the other side of the river”. Her voice(声音)is so good that jenny should fly to New York and try to become famous!

The Leroy Washington played a song by Beethoven on the piano. The audience became very quiet when he played.

The last was Adam Frampton and his magic show. He ever pulled(拿)a white bird out of a black hat!

26. The talent show began at 7:00 pm.on last weekend.

27. Brian Quinn did a good job as a host for the show.

28. Angel was Devin Keane?s btother.

29. Jenny once flew to New York and was famous there.

30. Adam Frampton brought a black hat with him.

Yesterday morning , Mon and Dad went shopping. They wanted to buy some fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. I stayed at home with my btothers, Danny and Larry is 7 years old and Larry is just4. I love my brothers.

First, i chose a bllk and read stories to them. At the beginning, they were interested in the stories. Later, they became bored.

“ Do you want to watch a movie?” i asked. “That?s great,sue,” they said.

Then,we watched a movie . The movie was about a boy and his dog. They were playing at the beach. Then the high tide(潮水)appeared and took them into the sea. Then they found they were in a cave(洞穴). The boy was scared, but the dog wasn?t. They walked on and found some treasure(宝藏). A pirate(海盗)left the treasure there. Then the dog found the way out.

When the movie ended, the boys wanted to play pr=irate. I found a large box , and they climbed on it. It was their “ship”. Danny wanted a dog to sit on the ship, so Ilet him use my toy dog, thenm the boys wanted to draw treasure maps. I found a pen and some paper. I drew a treasure map for them. Next they wanted to look for treasure ! I put some money into a big cup. The boys really enjoyed themselves.

When mom and Dad got home , the boys wanted to spend their money. However, I was ready to have a good rest!

31. Where did Sue?s parents go yesterday morning?

A. To the library B. To the bank C. To the supermarket D. To the restaurant

32. First, Sue ______her brothers.

A.sang songs for B.read stories to C.told jokes to D.cooked food for

33. What was the movie about?

A. A boy and a pirate

B.A pirate and his treasure.

C.A pirate and his dog.

D. A boy and his dog.

34. How did the boy feel when he found he was in a cave?

A. Scared B. Excited C. Bored D. Surprised

35. Which of the following is TRUE acoording to the passage?

A. Danny is the same age as Larry.

B. Danny and Larry enjoyed playing pirates.

C. Danny and Larry drew a treasure map for Sue.

D. When her parents were back, Sue wanted to go out to play.


There are about 5000 different kinds of ladybugs in the world , they come in many different colors like blue, yellow, white, orange and black.

In many cultures, people think ladybugs can bring good luck. Most people like them because they are beautiful and not bad for people?s health. But farmers love them because they eat plant-eating insects(昆虫). One lady bug can eat up to 5000 small insects in its lifetime!

Ladybugs are colorful for a reason. Their colors tell other animals,”Eat something else! I taste terrible.”

ladybugs like to keep warm . When the weather turns cold, they look for a warm place to hibernate(冬眠),such as inside houses.

Here are some other facts about ladybugs.

Though most ladybugs eat small insects, a few kinds eat plants.

Ladybugs will clean themselves after a meal.

There are more than 400 kinds of ladybugs in North America.

36. How many kinds of ladybugs live in the world?

A. About 80 B. About 400 C. About 1000 D. About 5000

37. Why do farmers love ladybugs?

A.Because they aren?t bad for people?s health

B. Because they eat plant-eating insects.

C. Because they never eat plants

D. Because they are beautiful

38. The underlined word “habits” means” ______”in Chinese.

A季节 B.气候 C.沼泽地 D.栖息地

39. Ladybugs like to stay somewhere ______

A.dry B.warm C.quiet D.tidy

40. Where can we probably(很可能)read the passage?

A. In a magazine. B. On a menu C.In a guide book D. In a sports newspaper 第二卷(共50分)



1. Julie ______the conputer once a week.

2. He ______ his dog and he was very unlucky.

3. Helen expects ______English in America.

4. My brother ______online at least three times a week.

5. Although they ______everything they can,they still couldn?t solve the problem.

6. I plan ______sports from now on.

7. Mon, what about ______ this Friday?


Looking clearly because busy move almost where thinking try call

I had my worst trip last year. I still remember everything very ____8__. My family planned to stay for a few days in my uncle?s house in the countryside . I like taking vacation there ___9___of the clean, fresh air and the quiet forest.

We decided to start our trip early in the morning before the ___10___hours on the streets, but we were still late. The road was full of cars and buses! We didn?t __11____ for onehour! We were all very bored and tired. All the drivers were __12____ shouting. Oh !how terrible!

When we arrived at the countryside, it was already dark. A high wind started to blow. The weather was cold. The worst thing was that we didn?t know _13_____we were .we wanted to ____14__ call my uncle but the cellphone(手机)had no power(电)! Luckily , when we were ready to give up, we saw my uncle . He was ___15___for us.

Today maybe my story can make you laugh, but I?m sure it was the most terrible trip I ever had.

8. ______9. ______10. ______11. ______12. ______

13. ______14. ______15. ______



How can we stay healthy? Katie knows that it is very important to eat right and exercise. So she gets up every morning and has an egg, a banana and a glass of milk for breakfast. Then katie goes to play soccer.

Katie ,Jimmy , Toni and Anna always play soccer together. After playing all the morning , the four usually sit down for lunch. Katie knows Toni?s lunch very well---chicken,carrots and an apple. Jimmy?s lunch very well---chicken, carrots and an apple. Jimmy ?s lunch is different. Some days he has bread, oranges, yofurt(酸奶)and candy . Other days his mom will make a good meal for him at home. The only meat Anna eats is fish. She often has fish, cabbages ,a pear and sometimes a cake. Anna?s mom cooks delicious cakes. Katie always wants to eat the cake. Sometimes Anna shares, and sometimes she does not.

To finish her day of trying to eat healthily, Katie usually goes home to have dinner. Her dad cooks delicious meals.

Although Katie and her friends eat some sweets(甜食), they try not to eat a lot of them , and they exercise each dy.



What does Katie do to stay healthy?


What does Toni have for lunch?


What fruit does Jimmy eat for lunch?


2.完成下列句子,每空词数不限(每小题1分) ______cooks delicious cakes for Anna. Katie usually has dinner______

将文中划线部分翻译成汉语(2分) ________________________


Many people love charity (慈善)shops in Britain . They can be found on every street. The charity shops sell all kinds of things and they are pretty cheap.

The first charity shop was in 1947 by Oxfam. Now there are over7000 charity shops in the UK. My favorite charity shop in my home town is the Red Cross Shop. There I always find children?s books, all 10 to20 pence each.

Most of the shop assistants in charity shops are volunteers. Every morning you see bags of things ourside the shops. Some people bring and put them there without waiting for thanks. In fact, kind people give over 90% of the things to charity shops.

All the money the shops get goes to charity work. Charity shops raise more than 110 million pounds(英镑)a year. The money is for sick and poor children, homeless and disabled people , and many others. In a charity shop you can get cheap but nice things. You might even feel special while shopping.

根据短文内容, 完成下列任务。 1.完成句子,每空次数不限。(每小题1分)

People opened the first charity shop______years ago. The writer?s favourite charity shop is______

People will use all the money the shops get to______ 2.回答问题。(每小题1分)

How much money do people raise for the shops a year? ________________________

What does the passage mainly talk about? ________________________ 3.将文中划线部分翻译成汉语。(2分) ________________________

4.从文中找出over的同义短语。______ 五、书面表达(共15分)


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