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山东省临沭县青云镇中学八年级英语上册《Unit 6》复习

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《Unit 6》复习



1. --- What do you want to be when you __________ __________ (长大)?

--- I want to be __________ __________ (一名工程师).

2. Kobe __________ __________ __________ __________ (继续练习篮球) every morning, though he is on of the best players in the world.

3. My mother wants me to be __________ __________ (一名科学家), but I’m not __________ __________ (有把握) that.

4. My mother is going to learn another __________ __________ (外语).

5. Some resolutions __________ __________ __________ __________ (和……有关) self-improvement.

6. Everyone __________ __________ (写下) their plans for the coming year yesterday.

7. Don’t eat junk food any more. You should eat ________ _______ (更健康的食物).

8. Before the new year’s coming, let’s _________ _________ _________ ( 制定计划) and then write them down. 9. My father wants to _________ _________ _________ _________ (进行大量运动) because of overweight (超重).

10. There are many _________ _________ _________ (不同种类的) kites in the sky in spring. They all look beautiful.

11. These boys _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ (有一个共同点). They don’t want to get up early.

12. Reading a lot of good books can _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ (使自己成为更优秀的人).

13. He _________ _________ _________ (打算) watch a movie this weekend.

14. The book is _________ difficult for the kids _________ (太……而不能) understand.


( ) 1. He is going to be _____ engineer when he _____ up.


A. an, grows B. an, will grow C. a, grow D. a, grows

( ) 2. Lang Lang, a famous _____, is good at playing piano.

A. doctor B. programmer C. actor D. pianist

( ) 3. --- Where are you going on your winter vacation?

--- I’m going to _____ warm and interesting.

A. something B. somewhere C. somebody D. somehow

( ) 4. --- Bob, can you tell me about your New Year’s resolution?

--- I’m not _____ about it. A. relaxed B. interesting C. sure D. personal

( ) 5. The students all promise _____ harder in the new term. A. work B. to work C. working D. worked

( ) 6. Please check(检查)your paper to _____ there are no mistakes.

A. think of B. try out C. find out D. make sure

( ) 7. --- I don’t know you email address. Could you please _____ here? --- Sure.

A. write it down B. write down it C. take it up D. take up it ( ) 8. The teacher asks us to practice _____ English every day because he wants

us _____ English well.

A. speaking, to study B. speaking, studying

C. speak, to study D. speak, studying

( ) 9. My sister wants to buy a new dress. She _____ it to the party tonight.

A. wears B. wear C. wore D. is going to wear

( ) 10. --- _____ is he going to be a basketball player?

--- He’s going to practice playing basketball every day.

A. Why B. What C. How D. When ( ) 11. There _____ a talk show on CCTV-3 at eight this evening.

A. has B. is going to be C. will have D. is going to have

( ) 12. --- I’m going to study another foreign language next year. --- _____.

A. That’s right. B. I’m sorry. C. I’d love to. D. Sounds interesting.

( ) 13. There is a _____ in the factory.

A. cook B. cooks C. cooker D. cooking


( ) 14. Money is important in my life, but it isn’t _____ to me. A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything

( ) 15. --- Please tell me when we _____ an English party.

--- Next Friday.

A. have B. had C. are having D. are going to have


1. My brother is a __________. Every day he __________ to work. (drive)

2. My mother is not a ________. But she can ________ delicious food for us. (cook)

3. He wants to be an _______. He is going to take _______ lessons next week. (act)

4. Paris __________ (sound) like a city that I could enjoy myself.

5. At the __________ (begin) of the class, our teacher told us a funny story.

6. If you are clever enough, you could guess the __________ (mean) of the word.

7. People will have their own __________ (person) computers one day.

8. I want to get lots of __________ (physics) exercise.


Do you know what a resolution is? It’s a kind of __________ (promise). The most common kind is the New Year’s resolution. When we make resolutions at the __________ (begin) of the year, we hope that we are going __________ (improve) our lives. Many people write down their resolutions for the __________ (come) year. This helps them __________ (remember) their resolutions. Some are about physical health. Some have __________ (do) with self-improvement and some have to do with better planning. Although there are __________ (different), most of them have one thing in common. People __________ (hard) ever keep them. Sometimes the resolutions are too difficult __________ (keep). For this reason, the best resolution is __________ (have) no resolutions. Do you think so?

六、补全对话。 A: What do you want to be when you grow up?

B: (1) ____________________________________

A: A writer? (2) ____________________________________

B: I’m going to keep on writing stories and reading books.

A: Now I know why you’re so good at writing articles.

(3) ____________________________________

B: I’m going to work in Qingdao.


(4) ____________________________________

A: I want to be a computer programmer.

B: Wow! That sounds difficult. How are you going to do that?

A: I’m going to study computer science.

B: (5)____________________________________

A: I’m going to start next year.

B: Great! If you try your best, you can be anything you want.

A: You’re right.



1. When and where were you born(出生)?

2. When did you start …?

3. What are you going to be when you grow up?

4. How are you going to do that?

5. What is your New Year’s resolution?



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