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一、听小对话,请从A、B、C三个选项中选择符合对话内容的图片(5%) ( )1.Where d

oes the boy hope to live in the future?

A B C ( )2.How does the girl study Englis


( )3.What does the girl’s father do?

( )4.What will the girl do tomorrow?


( )5. What did the boy buy yesterday? A


二.听对话,选择正确答案. 10%

( )1.A.19yuan B.14 yuan C.5yuan

( )2.A.They find TV programme interesting

B. They find it difficult to turn on TV

C. They find TV not worth watching

( )3.A.In a kitchen B. At a picnic C. In a garden

( )4.Tomorrow B .Before the dinner C. After the dinner

( )5.A Because it’s raining

B. Because he has been ill for a few days

C. Because the woman doesn’t invite him


( )1.What kind of museum are they going to visit?

A. History Museum B. Science Museum C. Nature Museum

( )2.What does Mrs Brown do ?

A. She’s a guide B. She’s an assistant C. She’s a teacher

( )3.How long will they spend on the first floor?

A.An hour B. A day C.A morning

( )4On which floor can they see the history of cars?

stndrd A. The 1 B. The 2 C. The 3

( )5.What’s the name of the model spaceships?

A. Shenzhou VI B. Shenzhou V C.ShenzhouIV


一.单项填空 (15分)

( )1.We are looking forward to ________ the spacecraft.

A.see B.look C.seeing D.looking

( )2.Is it _______ to throw away glass and paper ?

A.important B.useful C.wasteful D.careful

( ) 3.The pyramids in Egypt are one of the wonders of the _______ world.

A.ancient B.modern C.old D.natural ( )4.______ people around the world _______ the 2008 Olympic Games.

A.Millions; will watch B.Million; will be watched C.Millions of; will be watched D.Millions of; will watch

( ) 5.—Can I _______ your bike ? ---- Certainly.

A.lend B.borrow C.lent D.borrowed

( ) 6.The work must ______ before supper.


A.do B.done C.did D.be done

( ) 7.No ______ in the library.

A.shouting B.shout C.shouted D.be shouted

( ) 8.Speak loudly ______ I can hear you clearly.

A.because B.so that C. when D.after

( ) 9.You aren’t allowed _____ the sculptures in the museums.

A..to touch B.touching C.touched D.touch

( ) 10.My digital camera _______ 2000 yuan .

A. spent B.took C.paid D.cost

( )11.His father spent about 6000 yuan _____ the new computer.

A.buying B.bought C.buy D.to buy

( ) 12.Remember to _______ the lights when you leave the classroom.

A. turn on B.turn down C.turn up D.turn off

( )13. Your skirt looks nice. It’s ______ Shanghai.

A.made of B.make in C.made in D.made from

( ) 14.“Reduce” means to use ______.

A.more B. much C.less Dlittle

( ) 15. When we arrived _____ the cinema, the film had already begun.

A. / B.in C.at D.to

二.完型填空.15% Jim likes to watch football matches very much. But his father has a big (1) and can’t give him enough money. He often feels (2) . It was Friday. Jim and Kate were (3) . After school they did some cleaning. Jim found a wallet (钱包) on the (4) when they swept the road. Jim picked it up and put it into his (5) but Kate found it. He had to bring it out and they (6) there was some money in it. Kate told him to turn it in (上交) and the boy (7) .

The next morning Jim read a (8) and knew it was a football match that evening. He bought a (9) with the money in the wallet. And the next (10) Kate knew he didn’t turn in the wallet and told Miss Hunt, their headmaster about it. Miss Hunt (11) Jim in her office and asked,“You found a wallet (12) days ago, didn’t you?” Jim (13) Kate reported it to the teacher and (14) say,“Yes, I did.” “Why didn’t you turn it in?”

“Because I didn’t find you.”

“Why not turn it in today?”

“Because there’s (15) money in it.”

( )1.A office B. factory C. family D. shop

( )2.A.sorry B. happy C. pleased D. afraid

( )3.A. at school B. at home C. in class D. on duty

( )4A. floor B. ground C. building D. tree

( )5A. shoe B. desk C. room D. pocket

( )6.A.saw B. counted C. read D. guessed

( )7.A. smiled B. agreed C. wished D. won.

( )8A.book B. diary C. newspaper D. card


( )9.A. coat B. ticket C. cake D. pencil

( )10.A.Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday D. Thursday

( )11.A.carried B. pulled C. pushed D. called.

( )12 A. five B. four C. three D. two

( )13.A. understood B. shouted C. told D. said

( )14.A.could B. might C. needed D. had to

( )15A. not B. no C. some D. any



Scientists have always wanted to know more about the other world in space. They have looked at it though telescopes(望远镜) and in this way they found out a lot. They know many facts about the moon. For example, they know how big it is and how far away it is. But they want to know more about it . The only way to find out more is to send men to the moon. Then they will know all about it.

The moon is about 184,000 kilometers away from the earth. An ordinary plane can not fly to the moon because there is no air above 240 kilometers in space. But there is something that can fly even when there is no air. This is a rocket(火箭) I’m sure that you will ask, “How does rocket fly?” If you want to know, get a balloon(气球) and blow it up, until it is quite big. Don’t tie up , let it go . The balloon will fly into the air very quickly. The air inside the balloon tries to get out . It rushes out through the neck of the balloon and this pushed the balloon into the air. It does not need wings (翅膀) .

This is how a rocket works. It is made of metal. The metal must not be heavy but it must be very strong. There is gas the rocket which is heated. When it rushes out of the end of the rocket, the rocket is pushed up into the air.

Rockets can fly out into space. Rockets with men inside them have already reached the moon. Several rockets without men inside them have been sent to the other world much farther away. One day rockets may be able to go anywhere in space.

( ) 1. Scientists have found out a lot about the other world in space _________ .

A. with their own eyes B. by plane C. through telescope D. by sending men to the moon

( ) 2. If scientists want to know more about the moon, the only way is __________.

A. to send a plane B. to send a rocket

C. to send a rocket with men D. to study it

( ) 3. ___________ can fly to the moon where there is no air.

A. An ordinary plane B. something

C. The balloon D. A rocket

( ) 4. The balloon can fly into the air very quickly because __________.

A. it has wings like a plane

B. the neck of the balloon isn’t tied up

C. the air inside the balloon rushed out and push the balloon up

D. it is made of rubber

( ) 5. The rocket is made of ___________ .

A. heavy but strong metal B. light and strong metal

C. light but strong rubber D. heavy but strong rubber



Mrs Brown had a small garden behind her house, and in the spring she planted some vegetables in it. She looked after them very carefully, and when the summer came, they looked very nice.

One evening Mrs Brown looked at her vegetables and said, “ Tomorrow I am going to pick you.”

But early in the next morning, her son ran shouted, “ Mother! Mother! Come quickly!

Our neighbour’s ducks are in the garden and they are eating our vegetables!

Mrs Brown ran out when she heard it, but it was too late. All the vegetables were finished! Mrs Brown cried, and her neighbour was very sorry, but that was the end of the vegetables. One day before Christmas, the neighbour brought Mrs Brown a nice and fat duck, and the duck’s back was a piece of paper with the words: “Enjoy your vegetables!”

( ) 1. The vegetables in Mrs Browns garden grew __________.

A. carefully B. bad C. fast D. fine

( ) 2. The next morning the neighbour’s duck ________ .

A. was finished B. came to pick the vegetables

C. came and ate up the vegetables D. went into the garden

( ) 3. The neighbour felt very ______ for that.

A. happy B. sorry C. glad D. exciting

( ) 4. What’s on the duck’s back?

A. A note B. A paper C. Some money D. Some vegetables

( ) 5. Why did Mrs Brown’s neighbour say “Enjoy your vegetables”? Because ________.

A. her neighbour tried to laugh at Mrs Brown

B. her neighbour wanted to let Mrs Brown have a look at her duck

C. this was a kind of humour repay to Mrs Brown

D. It means her neighbour didn’t like the duck.


Have you ever been ill ? When there is illness, there can be no happiness. When you are ill, you are unhappy , for your body becomes hot , and there are pains all over your body. You don’t want to work. You stay in bed and are very sad. What causes us to be ill?

Germs (细菌, 病菌 ) are everywhere. They are very small and you can’t see them with your eyes but you can see them with a microscope (显微镜 ) . They are like the seeds of plants, but they are much smaller. They are very, very small and there could be hundreds of them on a very small thing.

Germs are always found in dirty water. When we look at dirty water under the microscope, we shall see them in it. Your father and mother will not let you drink dirty water, for it will make you ill.


Germs aren’t found only in water. They are found in air and dust, too. If you cut your finger, and if some of the dust from the floor goes into the cut , some of the germs would go into your finger. Your finger would become big and red, and you should have much pain(痛)in it . Sometimes the germs would go all over your body. ( ) 1. What does the first part of what you’ve just read tell us?

A. Illness brings you happiness.

B. Illness makes you unhappy and sad.

C. If you lie on a bed, you must be ill.

D. If you don’t want to work , you must be ill .

( ) 2. Which of the following is true?

A. If things are very, very small, they are germs.

B. If things are very small and they can’t be seen with your eyes , they must be germs.

C. Germs are small enough to see with your eyes.

D. Very small living things that may bring illness are called germs.

( ) 3. A microscope _______________.

A. can make very small things look much bigger.

B. Can make very big things looks much smaller.

C. Is called a pair of glasses.

D. Can not help you if you can’t see things clearly.

( ) 4. Your parents won’t let you drink dirty water because _______________.

A. they are afraid it will bring illness to you .

B. water can’t be drunk.

C. You are ill and unhappy.

D. Water will make you ill

( ) 5. Which of the following is not true?

A. Germs can be found both in water and air.

B. Germs can go into your finger if your finger is cut.

C. If your finger isn’t cut, there aren’t germs on it.

D. Germs are everywhere.

四. 单词拼写. (注意用正确形式 10分)

1. Why is it necessary to ________ (节约)water ?

2. It’s ________ (浪费的)to throw away paper, glass and metal .

3. Paper and printing have been used for _______ (很久,多年)

4. People live _______ (在楼上)can’t make much noise.

5. The tail gas of cars does ________ (伤害)to our health seriously.

6. It’s better to ______ (分类)the waste before throwing it away.

7. I’d like to take some _______ (照片)of old buildings.

8. There is no shouting and no _______ (跑步)in the Science Museum in London.

9. Information can be ________ (保存)on CD-ROMs or machines such as MP3 players.

10.You can _______ (比较) your speed with animals in the Human and Nature room.



Read the conversation about booking a cinema ticket. Then write a Customer(顾客) Ticket Booking Room Form(表格).

Clerk: Hello, West Road Cinema, Can I help you?

Caller: Yes, I’d like to book some tickets, please.

Clerk: Right, For which film?

Caller: Cape Fear, please.

Clerk: And??which performance?

Caller: Er, Saturday at nine.

Clerk: I’m sorry, but that performance is full. We still have some seats for six o’clock, though.

Clerk: Oh, Ok, Er, two seats then, please.

Clerk: Right. That’s fifteen pounds. How would you like to pay?

Caller: By credit card.(信用卡). The number is 654 238 5010. It’s a VISA card.


请根据下面表格的提示,写一篇Saving the earth 的短文。


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