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I. 单项选择

1. –When ___ he born? –In 1995 A. is B. was C. has D. does

2. Yao Ming was born ___ September 12, 1980. A. on B. in C. at D. to

3. Bill Gates is an ___ person. A. famous B. talented C. outstanding D. kind

4. She started ice skating ___ she was four。 A. after B. when C. how D. where

5. She ___ a skating champion when she was twelve. A. becomes B. become C. becoming D. became

6. ___ the strong wind, we had to stay at home. A. In B. For C. With D. Because of

7. --___ you born? –In a town near Qingdao. A. When were B. Where did C. Where were D. Where was

8. When ___ you ___ to Shanghai? A. do, come B. did, come C. did, came D. were, come

9. She ___ the national table tennis team in 1988. A. joins B. joined C. took part in D. took part

10. Every year, a lot of babies ___ born. A. is B. are C. was D. were

11. He is always ___ late. A. works B. working C. work D. worked

12. She spends two hours ___ the violin every day. A. play B. plays C. played D. playing

13. --___is Li Yundi? –A famous Chinese pianist. A. How B. What C. Which D. Who

14. He ___ morning exercises yesterday. A. wasn’t do B. didn’t C. didn’t do D. doesn’t do

15. The little boy is ___ young ___ do the work. I think Linda can help him. A. not; but B. very; to C. so; to D. too; to

16. There are ten ___ in the CD. A. piece of music B. musics C. pieces of music D. pieces of musics

17. He is a kind man ___ Lei Feng. A. call B. called C. name D. with the name

18. She is ___ old that he can’t walk so long. A. too B. so C. very D. such

19. When did he start ___? A. play piano B. playing piano C. playing the piano D. play the piano

20. He ___ for 69 years. A. hiccupped B. hiccupped C. hiccupping D. hiccuping

21. There’s ___ ―o‖ in the word ―record‖. A. a B. an C. the D. /

22. Liu Guozheng keeps the world record ___ lifting. A. about B. of C. for D. at

23. Hangzhou is famous ___ West Lake. A. for B. on C. to D. at

24. He ___ a speaking competition this summer holiday. A. takes part in B. joined C. took part in D. joins

25. He spends his free time ___ TV series. A. in B. on C. at D. with

26. When class is over, the students stop ____. A. had a rest B. having a rest C. have a rest D. to have a rest

27. Mr Smith ___ the League(共青团)two years ago. A. took part in B. join in C. joined D. joins in

28. The twins ___ stars. A. are both B. both are C. are all D. all are

29. It’s a ___ ride. A. 5-hundred-mile bus B. 5 hundred miles’ bus C. 5 hundred mile’s bus D. 5-hundred-mile’s bus

30. She became the number one ___ player in ITTF. A. womans’ single B. women’s single’s C. women’s singles D. woman’s single’s II. 阅读理解 A

Tom was from Canada and he had come to New York for a holiday. One day he was nor feeling well, so he asked a man of his hotel to find a doctor. The man said, ―Thomas Brown is a good doctor.‖ Tom said, ―Thank you very much. Is he expensive?‖ ―Well, ‖ the man answered, ―he always asks his patients (病人)for two dollars if they are first visit. One dollar if they are later visit.‖ Tom decided to save one dollar, so when he went to see the doctor, he said, ―I’ve come again, doctor.‖ For a few minutes. The doctor looked at his face carefully without saying anything. Then he said, ―Everything is going as it should do. Oh, I gave you medicine last time, didn’t I? Just go on with it.‖

31. Tom came to New York___. A. to see a good doctor B. for a holiday C. to feel ill D. to find a doctor

32. Doctor Thomas Brown asked for ___ for the first time. A. one dollar B. two dollars C. nothing D. three dollars

33. The doctor looked at Tom’s face carefully because ___. A. he knew Tom B. he had seen Tom before

C. there was something wrong with Tom’s face D. he wanted to know if Tom had been here before

34. Tom said, ―I’ve come again, doctor.‖ Because he ___. A. wanted to be friendly to the doctor B. wanted to make the doctor happy C. wanted to make the doctor angry D. tried to make the doctor believe that he had been to him before

35. The doctor knew that___. A. Tom didn’t want any medicine B. he hadn’t seen Tom before

C. he had given Tom some medicine before D. Tom wasn’t feeling ill


We each have a memory(记忆力).That’s why we can still remember things after a long time. Some people have very good memories and they can easily learn many things by heart, but some people can only remember things when they say or do them again and again. Many of the great men of the world have got surprising memories. A good memory is a great help in learning languages. Everybody learns his mother language when he is a

small child. He learns the sounds, remembers them and then he learns to speak. Some children are living with their parents in foreign countries. The can learn two languages as easily as one because they hear, remember and speak two languages every day. In school it is not so easy to learn a foreign language because the pupils have so little time for it, and they are busy with other subjects, too.

But your memory will become better and better when you do more and more exercises.

36. Some people can easily learn many things by heart because ___. A. they always sleep well B. they often eat good food

C. they read a lot of books D. they have very good memories

37. Everybody learns his mother language ___.

A. at the age of six B. when he is a small child C. after he goes to school D. when he can and write

38. Before a child can speak, he must ___. A. read and write B. make sentences C. hear and remember the sounds D. think hard

39. In school the pupils can’t learn a foreign language easily because ___. A. they have no good memories

B. they have no good teachers C. they don’t like it D. they are busy with other subjects

40. Your memory will become better and better ___. A. if you have a lot of good food

B. if you do more and more exercises C. if you do morning exercises every day D. if you get up early

III. 改写句子

41. She is so short that she can’t reach the apple.(同义句) She is ___ short ___ reach the apple.

提问) ___ ___ did he sneeze?

43. He read a book yesterday. (一般疑问句) ___ he ____ a book yesterday?

44. He went to school at the age of seven. (同义句) He went to school ___ he ___ seven years old.

45. He didn’t play soccer any longer when he was 40. (同义句) He ___ ___ soccer at the age of 40.

提问) ___ and ___ ___ you born?

47. She didn’t come to school because her mother was ill. (同义句) She didn’t come to school ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.

48. Tom ran for his school team. (同义句) Tom was an ____ ____ his school team.

IV. 单词拼写

49. Yang Liwei is a n_____ hero in China. 50. The scientist is still a_____ after the Lushan earthquake.

51. She broke the world r_____ for the 200-meter race. 52. Tom is going to u______ after he finishes his high school.

53. The Chinese soccer team t______ Asia last year.

54. Arthur is a loving grandfather. He spends all his free time with his g_____, a lovely boy.

55. Li Yundi, a well-known Chinese p______, always loved music.

56. Deng Yaping went to Tsinghua University and m_____ in English and management in 1997.

57. Thomas Edison was famous for his great a__________.

58. He was u________ boy because he started writing music at a very early age.

V. 动词填空

59. She stopped ________(sneeze) after she saw a doctor.

60. When did she ______(become) a teacher?

61. Tiger Woods started golfing when he _____(be) ten months old.

62. You are too young ______(go) to school.

63. She started ______(hiccup) in 1990.

64. Jordan ____(be) born in 1975.

65. Ah, you are always the first one _______(come) here.

66. He wants _____(become) a film star when he grows up.

67. She _____(can) count from 1 to 100 when she was four years old.

68. She learned _____(ride)a bike from her father many years ago.

VI. 翻译句子

69. 他四岁时开始学手风琴。He began ____ ____the ____ at the age of four.

70. 他也是在该项比赛的70年历史中第一个获此奖项的中国钢琴家。He was also the first Chinese pianist in the ___ ___ of the ____ to win this prize.

71. 这本小说太难,我看不懂。The novel is too _____ _____ me to understand.

72. 他在30岁的时候变得很杰出和有名气。He _____ _____ and famous when he was thirty.

VII. 书面表达



I. 1—5 bacbd 6—10 dcbbb 11—15 bddcd 16—20 cbbcc 21—25 bcacb 26—30 dcaac

II. 31—35 BBDDB 36—40 DBCDB

III. 41. too, to 42. How long 43. Did read 44. When was 45. stopped playing 46. When where were 47. because of her mother’s illness 48. athlete on

IV. 49. national 50. alive 51. record 52. university 53. toured 54. grandson 55. pianist 56. majored 57. achievement 58. unusual

V. 59. sneezing 60. become 61. was 62. to go 63. hiccupping/to hiccup 64. was 65. to come 66. to become 67. could 68. to ride

VI. 69. to learn; accordion 70. 70-year history; competition 71. difficult/hard for 72. became outstanding

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