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( )1. My brother wants ____ orange, not ____ orange juice.

A. an; / B. an; an C. a; / D. a; a

( )2. —Is this your book, Alice?

—Yes, it is ____ book.

A. his B. her C. hers D. my

( )3. —Do you have a small mouth?

—No, I don’t. I have a wide ____.

A. it B. one C. them D. ones

( )4. —How old is Tom?

—He is ____.

A. fourteen years B. fourteen year old C. fourteen old D. fourteen

( )5. The girl ____ red is my sister.

A. on B. in C. of D. over

( )6. —____, Tom. Is this your pen?

—No, it isn’t. I think it’s ____.

A. Excuse me; Jack B. Sorry; Jack’s

C. Excuse me; Jack’s D. Sorry; Jack

( )7. —____ does your father work?

—He works in a hospital.

A. What B. How C. Who D. Where

( )8. What ____ you like ____ breakfast?

A. do; to B. would; to C. would; for D. do; doing

( )9. Please ____ the tree. Can you ____ any apples on it?

A. look; see B. look at; see C. see; look D. see; look at

( )10. I want two ____.

A. bottle of milk B. bottles of milk C. bottles of milks D. bottle of milks

( )11. —____ are the pants?

—They are 180 yuan.

A. How many B. Whose C. Where D. How much

( )12. —____

—It’s ten o’clock.

A. What’s that in Beijing? B. What’s the time in Beijing?

C. What’s it in Beijing? D. Where is Beijing?

( )13. Would you like to try _______ another pair?

A. on B. for C. in D. with

( )14. ---_____________? -- I am just looking, thanks.

A. What can I do for you B. Could you do me a favor

C. May I take your order D. What would you like

( )15. Please tell me ________ it.

A. on B. about C. in D. with

( )16.Let’s ________ swimming tomorrow.

A. go B. going C. to go D. goes

( )17.Don’t ________ in the sun.

A. look B. look at C. read D. reading

( )18. Sixty minutes is _______ hour.

A. an B. a C. / D. the

( )19.How about shopping with me?

A. go B. going C. do D.does

( ) 20. What does your sister look like? She is tall and thin ______ big eyes.

A. with B. have C. or D. in


My uncle is a farmer. He has ninety trees on his farm. My uncle and my aunt pick all the apples in autumn, they ask my parents and me to go to them every year. It’s Sunday. My parents don’t go to and I don’t go to school. So we’ll go to the We get up early in the mother is in her clothes. My father gets many kinds of food for my uncle’s in a shop. She likes them very much. I think my uncle and aunt will us many apples after that. I like to work on the farm.

( )21. A. apple B. orange C. banana D. family

( )22. A. can’t B. don’t C. aren’t D. doesn’t

( )23. A. on B. so C. but D. and

( )24. A. look B. carry C. help D. take

( )25. A. work B. shop C. school D. home

( )26. A. office B. hospital C. home D. farm

( )27. A. evening B. afternoon C. morning D. Sunday

( )28. A. old B. new C. nice D. good

( )29. A. son B. daughter C. father D. parents

( )30. A. take B. bring C. get D. give



Jeff likes fish very much. He buys some fish and takes it home. When his wife sees the fish, she says to herself,“Good! Now I ask my friends to have lunch, and we can have the fish.”They like eating fish very much. When Jeff comes home in the evening, he can’t find the fish and his wife says,“Oh, your cat eats it.”And she gives Jeff some bread for supper. Jeff is not very happy. He takes the cat and his wife to the shop nearby(附近). Then he says to his wife,“My cat is one kilo and the fish is one kilo, too. The fish is here. But where is my cat?”

( )31. What does Jeff like very much?

A. Dogs. B. Cats. C. Fish. D. Apples.

( )32. Who cooks the fish?

A. Jeff. B. Jeff’s wife. C. Their friends. D. No one.

( )33. Jeff’s wife tells Jeff ____.

A. she eats the fish B. the cat eats the fish

C. her friends eat the fish D. the man in the shop eats the fish

( )34. What does Jeff have for supper?

A. Some bread. B. Some chicken and the fish.

C. The fish. D. He doesn’t eat anything.

( )35. Who eats the fish?

A. Only Jeff’s wife. C. Jeff and his wife.

B. The cat.

D. Jeff’s wife and her friends.


My name is Wu Dong. I’m a worker in a big shop. I don’t work in the morning. I only work at night. Every morning I come home at about half past six. I have breakfast at seven. After breakfast I go to bed. I get up at about half past two. I have lunch at a quarter to three and have supper at twenty to eight. Then I go to work at a quarter past eight. I start to work at nine. I look after the shop every night. I like my work very much. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。

( )36. Wu Dong works in the morning.

( )37. Wu Dong goes to bed at 6:30 in the morning. ( )38. Wu Dong works at 12 o’clock at night.

( )39. Wu Dong goes to work at 8:15 in the evening.

( )40. Wu Dong doesn’t like his work because he looks after the shop every night.


根据名片内容,选择正确答案。 ( )41. Wang Tao works in ____.

A. SDTV Station B. Pudong No.1 Restaurant C. Renmin Hospital D. Shuntong Taxi Company

( )42. We can call Xu Guoqing at ____.

A. 0531-76453210 B. 0755- 6357617 C. 13872205368 D. 15823017699

( )43. If your friend is ill (生病的), he can call ____.

A. Wang Tao B. Xu Guoqing C. Xia Zhanhui D. Liu Yong

( )44. You can’t get in touch with (与??联系) ____ by Email.

A. Wang Tao B. Xu Guoqing C. Xia Zhanhui D. Liu Yong

( )45. Liu Yong lives in ____. He is a ____.

A. Ji’nan; worker B. Shanghai; manager C. Shenzhen; doctor D. Tianjin; driver

四.(A)根据句子意思,用单词的适当形式填空(8分)。 46. How much __________(be) these apples?. 47.__________ (who) bicycle is this? 48. Thank you for____________(help) us. 49. It’s very kind (for) you (help)me. 50. His friends have two ____________(tomato) 51. Your classroom is big but __________(we) is small. 52. It’s time ___________(go )to bed now. 53. She would like ________( do ) the washing this afternoon. (B) 根据句意及汉语提示, 在空白处填入适当的单词。 (7分) 54. Liu Mei often ____ ____(照看) her grandparents at home. 55. ____ ____(随便吃) to some fruit, girls. 56. —What would you like to drink? —I’d like ____ ____ ____ ____(三玻璃杯水). 57. —你愿意和我共进午餐吗? —是的, 我很乐意。 —Would you like ____ ____ lunch ____ me? —Yes, I’d love to. 58. —你认为这条裤子怎么样? —太长了。 — do you ____ the pants? —They’re too long. 59. 这是我的小妹妹, 她在七年级二班。 This is my little sister. She is in ____ ____, . 60. —What time do you get up in the morning? —I get up at (六点十五分). 五.短文填空(15分) Hello! I am Cindy, I am from England. I’m an girl. I like very much. I play basketball friends every day. This is my , Rose. She likes playing volleyball. She volleyball with her classmates in the school. Rose and I eat much healthy every day. We like eggs and apples for . I like hamburgers for Rose doesn’t like them. She bread and carrots for lunch. dinner, we like chicken and rice every day. 六.书面表达(10分) 下面图表里是Lucy和Michael两个人的资料, 请根据图表所列的信息, 写一篇小短文, 介绍两人的情况。要求60—70词。开头已给出。

Lucy is an English girl. She likes pink very much.


(B) 根据句意及汉语提示, 在空白处填入适当的单词。 (7分) 54. 56.





1—5 ADBDB 6---10 CACBB 11—15 DBAAB 16—20 ACABB


21—25 AABCA 26—30 DCABD


31—35 CBBAD 36—40 FFTTF 41—45 ADCBD


(B) 根据句意及汉语提示, 在空白处填入适当的单词。 (7分)





Lucy is an English girl. She likes pink very much. Jiaozi is her favorite food. Her favorite animals are pandas. In the morning, she gets up at 7: 30 and in the evening she often goes to bed at 10: 30. Michael is from Canada. His favorite color is blue. He says hamburgers are his favorite food. He likes lions very much. He often gets up at 7: 40 in the morning and goes to bed at 9: 50 in the evening. Lily and Jack are both in Class One. They are good friends

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