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一. 听力部分(25分)

I.听句子, 选择正确答语。(5分)

( )1. A. No, I don?t. B. Sorry, I'd love to. C. Sure, I'd love to.

( )2. A. Twice a month. B. Three times. C. About two weeks.

( )3. A. I went to school. B. I go to the park. C. I?m going to visit


( )4. A. Two spoons. B. Two. C. One cup.

( )5. A. Because they?re exciting.

B. Because I can?t stand them.

C. Because they are very boring.


( )6. A.Jack. B.Nick. C.Mike.

( )7. A. About twenty-five minutes. B. About twenty minutes. C.About fifteen


( ) 8. A. A basketball player. B. A famous runner. C. A soccer ball


( ) 9. A. In a restaurant. B. At school. C. In a shop.

( )10. A. They are going to make a milk shake.

B. They are going to make fruit salad.




11. ______ 12. ______ 13. ______ 14. ______ 15.




( )16. What does the man do?

A. A writer. B. A worker. C. A player.

( )17. How soon will the book be finished?

A. More than 7 days. B. In 7 days. C. In a year. 听第二段对话,作答第18~20小题。

( )18. Why does Tom want to borrow a book about culture?

A. Because he is not interested in culture.

B. Because he borrows it for his teacher.

C. Because he will give a talk about culture.

( )19. How many books can Tom borrow at a time?

A. Two B. Three C. seven

( )20. Does the library open on weekends?

A. No, it doesn?t. B. On Sunday. C. Yes, it does.


( )21.When will the Winter Camp start?

A. On January 11th. B. On January 20th. C. On January12th.

( )22.Who can take part in the Winter Camp?

A. Children from 6-13. B. Children from 7-14. C. Children from 8-16.

( ) 23.How much should each child pay if he wants to take part in one activity?

A.150 yuan. B.300 yuan. C.200 yuan.

( )24.Which of the activities can you do there?

A. Playing chess. B. Playing basketball. C. Playing tennis.

( )25.What is the telephone number?

A.82766580 B.82776380 C.82754580


VI. 根据提示填入一个适当的单词,使句意完整。(5分)

26. I hardly __________ eat junk food, I think it?s bad for my health.

27. Mum, it?s time for the talk show. Please help me __________ on the TV.

28. In the future, everything will be __________. We won?t need any money.

29. All the students are studying __________ an exam to get good grades.

30. I?m not sure what I should take to the party. Could you give me some __________?


31. What is he going __________ (be) when he grows up?

32. Lucy, can you go to the library with__________ (we) tonight?

33. I like some __________ (tomato) in my sandwich. They are delicious.

34. Steamboat Willie was the __________(one) cartoon with sound and music.

35. Tom sang __________ (well) than Lucy in the singing competition yesterday. VIII. 选择填空。(15分)

( )36.My sister wants to be _____ actress in the future.

A. a B. the C. an D.

( )37. A good friend should care _____ you all the time.

A. in B. about C. at D.


( )38.Did you do _____ in the countryside with your family?

A. something interesting B. interesting something

C. anything interesting D. interesting anything.

( )39. ---_____ do most students use the internet?

---Three times a week.

A. How soon B. How many C. How long D.

How often

( )40.Which is _____ movie theater, Wanda Cinema, Changjiang Cinema or Xintiandi Cinema?

A. the most expensive B. expensive

C. more expensive D. much more expensive

( )41.There _____ more cars in two years in Changchun .The city will be more crowded.

A. will have B. is going to have C. will be D.

are going to have

( )42. Nanhu Park is a good place _____ for us in winter holiday. It is very cheap.

A. to go skating B. going skating C. went skating D.

go skating

( )43. ---_____ do you _____ talk shows?

---I can?t stand them.

A. How, think of B. How , like C. What, like

D. What, think

( )44. _____ he is very tired, _____ he still help his mom do the housework.

A. Although, but B. ∕, but C. Although , ∕ D.

Although, however

( )45.Not everyone knows _____. Just make sure you try your best.

A. what do they want to be B. what will they be

C. what is they to be D. what they want to be

( )46. There is an interesting talk show on TV now. Please _____.

A. turn it on B. turn on it C. turn it off D. turn off it

( )47.---Hi, Lucy , I need _____ to make a banana milk shake.

---OK, here you are.

A. two cup of yogurt B. two cups of yogurt

C. two cups of yogurts D.two cup of yogurts.

( )48. ---Can you come to my house for dinner this weekend, Mary?

----_____. I have too much homework to do .

A. Sure, I?d love to. B. No, I don?t. C. Sorry, I can?t D. Yes, I?d love.

( )49. If I go to the movies , I_____ my homework.

A. don?t finish B. am not finish C. won?t finish D.

wasn?t finish

( )50. How are you going to become a basketball player, Paul ?

I am going to practice _____ every day.

A. play basketball B.to play basketball C. played basketball

D.playing basketball



A:Do you like eating sandwiches, Tom?

B: Yes, I do. A: What do you like in them?

B: A: What about tomatoes?

B: No, I don?t like them.

A: B: No, but I usually put some butter on one piece of bread.

A: B: Yes, I can. I make a sandwich every morning.

A: B: First, put some butter on one piece of bread. Then, put the lettuce and a fried egg on it. Next, put another piece of bread on the top.

A: It?s so easy. Thank you very much.


A: Hey, Paul. You look so happy. What did you do in class today?

B: We had a discussion about future , and I was the first one to give a report(发言). ? B: I want to be a reporter.

are you going to do that?

B: I?m going to write articles and send them to magazines and newspapers.

A: Well, I?m not sure. Maybe I want to be a singer. By the way, next Sunday is my birthday. Can you come to my birthday party?


A: It will start at around 6:00pm next Sunday.

B: Where can we meet?

A: We can meet in Changchun Hotel next to our school.

B: Great. I really expect next Sunday!

A: I?m sure if you go, you will have a good time then.


A: See you.



A teacher was asking a student some questions , but the student ___61___ answer any of them . The teacher decided to give him some ___62___ questions so that he could get ___63___ of them right .

“Who was Beethoven (贝多芬) ?” the teacher asked . The student __64___ for some time and said , “ A king . ” “ ___65___ . He was a musician , ” the teacher said . She was getting a little ___66___ now , ___67___ she was trying not to show it .

“Who was the first president of the USA ?” asked she . The student thought for a long time , but he didn?t say ___68___ . The teacher was very angry(生气的) and ___69___ , “ George Washington(乔治·华盛顿) ! ” The student got up and walked to the door .

“ Come Back !” the teacher said , “ I ___70___ you to go .”

“ Oh , I?m sorry ,” the student said , “ I thought you called the next student .” ( )61. A. could B. had to C. couldn?t D. must

( )62. A. easy B. nice C. different D. difficult

( )63. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few

( )64. A. listened B. thought C. guessed D. talked

( )65. A. Yes B. Maybe C. All right D. No ( )66. A. angry B. happy C. interested D. nothing

( )67. A. so B. but C. or D. and ( )68. A. anything B. everything C. something D. nothing

( )69. A. spoke B. told C. shouted(大喊) D. talked

( )70. A. didn?t tell B. didn?t let C. let D. told XII. 阅读理解。(30分)


It was a beautiful spring morning. There were no clouds in the sky, and the sun is warm but not hot. Mr. Black saw an old man at the bus stop with a big, strong, black umbrella in his hand.

Mr. Black said to him , “Do you think we are going to have rain today?” “No,” said the old man, “I don?t think so.”

“Then are you carrying the umbrella because the sun is too hot? ”

“No, the sun is not very hot in spring.” Mr. Black looked at the big umbrella again, and then the man said “I am an old man, and my legs are not very strong. I must have a walking-stick(拐杖). But people will say, ?Look! That man is so old!? I don?t like that, so I carry an umbrella every day.”


( )71. When did the story happen?

A. In the morning. B. In the night. C. In the evening. D. In the afternoon.

( )72. What was the weather like that day?

A. It was raining. B. It was too warm. C. It was hot. D. It was cloudy.

( )73. Where did Mr. Black see the old man?

A. At the bus stop. B. At the airport. C. In the park. D. In the cinema.

( )74. Why did the old man take an umbrella with him? .

A. Because it was going to rain. B. Because the sun was too hot.

C. Because it was his walking-stick. D. Because the umbrella was beautiful.

( )75. What can we know from the passage ?

A. There was a lot of cloud in the sky that day.

B. The old man was too old to go home himself.

C. The umbrella was not strong enough for him to use.

D. The old man didn?t want other people to say he was old.


Everyone worries. But how do you deal with your worries? Whether (无论)your worries are big or small, you can take these three steps to deal with(处理) your worries:

1. Try to find out what you’re worried about

Sometimes, you will know what you?re worried about. Other times, you might not. Try to find it out first; if you can?t, you can ask for help.

2. Think of ways to make it better

There is always something you can do to help you feel less worried. Sitting there worrying is no fun and it won?t solve(解决) your problem.

Grades at school are often a top worry for kids. If you?re worried about grades, ask yourself these questions:

☆ Why are grades important? What do grades mean to me?

☆ How do I get ready for class? Do I go over my notes even when there isn?t a test? ☆ Do I have a good place to do my homework?

☆ Have I tried different ways of studying?

If your worry is about a fight you had with a friend, you might write down all the things you could do-write a note to him or her, invite(邀请)him or her to a basketball game, say sorry to him or her etc. Once you have a list of things you could do, you can choose the one that gets your friend back.

3. Ask for help

When you?re worried, it can help to find someone to talk to. You can ask your parents, friends, or teachers for help.


( )76. How many steps (步骤)of dealing with your worries are mentioned in the


A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Seven.

( )77. When you don?t know what you?re worried about, ________.

A. you should try to find it out B. you can?t ask for help

C. you don?t need to think of ways D. you can sit there worrying

( )78. If you?re worried about grades, you can ask yourself these questions except


A. Why are grades important? B. Why don?t my friends like me?

C. How do I get ready for class? D. What do grades mean to me?

( )79. According to the passage, what will you do if you have a fight with your friend?

A. Make a new friend. B. Don?t talk to him or her any more.

C. Have another fight with him or her. D. Invite him or her to a basketball game.

( )80. The passage mainly tells us ________.

A.who is often worried B. when people are worried

C.how to deal with our worries D. what kind of worries people have


April Fools’ Day is on April 1st. People can play jokes on others on this special day. If you succeed, you usually laugh and say, “April Fool!” The person who has been fooled by you laughs, too. And he will never be angry with you.

Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday of May. It?s a day to thank mothers. On that day mothers usually receive flowers and cards from their children. Fathers and children do the housework so that mothers can have a good rest.

Easter Day falls on the first Sunday after the full moon which is on or after March 21st. It?s also called Easter Sunday. It?s said that on that day Jesus Christ (耶稣) comes back to life. Many people go to church and children often get presents such as toys.

Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday in November in the USA. It?s a day when people give thanks for the good things in life. Usually families all get together and have a big dinner.

Christmas Day comes on December 25th. It?s the most important festival in a year. The beautiful things can be seen everywhere. People exchange gifts, send Christmas cards and visit friends.


( )81.When you play jokes on April Fools? Day, people won?t be angry with you.

( )82. Mother?s Day is a day to give thanks for the food and the good things in life.

( )83. On Easter Day, many people go to church and children often get presents.

( )84. Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are both in December in the USA.

( )85. You can see that five months are mentioned (提及) in the passage.



( )86. Mr. Chen is a kind man. He always helps other people.

( )87. Mike likes music very much. Sometimes he goes to the concert.

( )88. Father?s Day is coming. Linda wants to invite her father to dinner.

( )89. Tom is a sports fan. He often watches ball games with his classmates.

( )90. Judy is a student at a foreign language university. She wants a summer job.

(E )

Jane Goodall was born in London. When she was one

year old, her mother took her to the zoo to see chimps(猩

猩). Jane began to love the chimps.

When she was seven years old, she read a book about a

doctor who could talk to animals. Then she wanted to be

able to talk to animals, too. Her favorite animal was


When she was twenty-six years old, she went to Africa with all her money. She began to study chimps there instead of going to university. In Gombe National Park of

Africa, she watched them carefully day after day.

At first, the chimps were afraid of her, so she had to watch them far away. After three or four months, the animals accepted(接受) her. And then, she went to live in the forests. At last they became her friends. She found the chimps acted so much like people. They could think and make plans. They used tools. They could show their feelings when they were happy, sad or mad. She learned their language.

Jane Goodall studied chimps for more than forty years. She is a very famous scientist in the world.


91. Where was Jane Goodall born?

92. What was Jane Goodall?s favorite animal?


93. When did Jane Goodall go to Africa?


94. Did the chimps have feelings?


95. How long did Jane Goodall study chimps?



(A)第九中学的新图书馆要举办开馆仪式,校长邀请家长参加。仪式在1月8日,星期三上午九点开始,仪式后可以欣赏学校音乐会,午餐在学校礼堂进行。参加仪式的每位家长要带一本书作为新馆的礼物。请帮助学校拟定一份给家长的邀请函,并提醒家长到12月20日星期五之前回复。每空一词。(5分) Dear Parents,

I would like to invite you to the 96__________ of our new library at No. 9 High School. It will be on the 97__________ of Wednesday, January 8th at 9:00. After this, you can 98__________ our school concert. Then lunch will be in the school hall at 12:00. I would also like to invite 99__________ parent to bring one book as a gift for the new library. Please reply in writing to this invitation 100__________ Friday, December 20th.

Larry Smith Headmaster

(B) 每个人都有梦想,你的梦想是什么? 是想从事某种工作还是想周游世界看看外面的天地?请以I have a dream 为题,根据提示,写一篇80---100词的短文。(10分)

提示:1. 你的梦想是什么?

2. 你有可能在什么时间,在哪里实现你的梦想?

3. 为了实现你的梦想,你现在要做好哪些准备?

4. 要求书写工整,段落清晰,可读性强,文中不得出现真实姓名或


I have a dream



I. 听句子,选择适当答语。(5分)

1. Simon, can you come to my party?

2. How often does he go to the zoo?

3. What are you going to do for vacation?

4. How many watermelons do you need?

5. Why do you like action movies best?


6. A: Mike is tall.

B: Yes, but Jack is taller than Mike.

Q: Who's taller?

7. A: Tim, how do you usually go to work?

B: By bus. It takes me about 25 minutes.

Q: How long does it take Tim to work?

8.A: What will you do after college, John?

B: I?ll be a soccer player.

Q: What will John do after college?

9. A: Can I help you?

B: Yes, I?d like a pair of sports shoes for my son.

Q: Where are they?

10. A: Cindy, can you teach me to make fruit salad?

B: OK, let?s make it now.

Q: What are they going to do?


11. Mickey Mouse is very popular in the world.

12. In the future, people will have their own robots at home.

13. I went to Hawaii on my vacation.

14. If you go to the party, you should cut your hair and look smart.

15. My sister likes snow, she often makes a snowman in winter with her friends. IV.听较长对话,选择正确答案。(5分)


W:Very busy these days?

M:Yes.I?m busy writing another book.

W:What?s the book on?

M:It?s on the environment.

W:Great.How soon will you finish it?

M:I think I?ll finish it in 7 days.


M: Excuse me, Ms. Black. Are there any books about culture?

W: Yes. Here are some.

M: Thanks.

W: Do you like books about culture, Tom?

M: Yes. And my teacher asked me to give a talk about culture.

W: Oh, I see.

M: How many books can I borrow at a time?

W: Three.

M: I?ll give them back next Saturday.

W:Oh, our library doesn?t open on weekends. You may keep it for two weeks. M: Thanks.


The winter camp will start on January 12th. All children from 7 to 14 can take part in the Winter Camp, each child can take part in one of the activities and needs to pay 150 yuan. You will play basketball, football, ping-pong ball with kids. You will sing, dance, play computer games with some American children. It?s a good chance to practice your spoken English. If you want to spend an educational and interesting winter holiday, please join us for learning with fun. Come now! You can call us. Our telephone number is 82766580. And our address is No.17 Jiefang Road.


1-5 CACBA 6-10 AACCB

11-15 EACFD 6-20 ABCBA

21-25 CBABA

26-30 ever, turn, free, for, advice

31. to be 32. us 33. tomatoes 34. first 35. better 36-40 CBCDA 41-45 CABCD 46-50 ABCCD

51~55 C E A D F

56. grow up / are older

57. How

58. What/ How about you /What do you want to be

59. When will it start/ When is it

60. See you.

61—65 CADBD 66—70 ABACA

71-75 ABACD 76-80 BABDC

81-85 T FTFT 86-90 ABEDC

91. In London./ She was born in London.

92. Chimps./ Her favorite animal is chimps./ Chimps are her favorite animals.

93. When she was twenty-six years old.

94.Yes, they did.

95.(For) more than forty years.

96-100 opening, morning, enjoy, each, by/before,

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