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冀教版初中七上期中复习Unit 2 Colours and Clothes知识点归纳

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冀教版英语七年级上Unit 2 Colours and Clothes知识点归纳


wear with 搭配着穿 light blue 浅蓝色 be sure 确信

look at 看 come out 出来,出现 in the sky 在天空中 just right 刚刚好,正合适 catch a cold 感冒 be ready for 为...做准备

go back 回去 put on 穿上 go well with 和...很相配/协调 take ...out of 把....拿出来 say goodbye to sb. 向某人说再见 let’s=let us

write a report 写报告 give a report 作报告 look pretty/beautiful/nice看起来漂亮 around the world = all over the world 全世界 traditional clothes 传统服饰 in black and white school uniform 穿着黑白相间的校服 go shopping 去购物

a pair of… 一双… on Sunday 在星期日 buy sth. for sb. 为某人买某物


1. want sth. “想要某物”

eg:I want a new pencil box. 我想要一个新的铅笔盒。

want to do sth. = would like to do sth. 想要作某事

Do you want to paint with me?

2. How/What about +名词/doing sth. “... 怎么样?”

How about a cup of coffee? 来杯咖啡怎么样?

What about playing basketball? 去打篮球怎么样?

3. mix 颜色A and 颜色B to make 颜色C 把A色和B色混合制成C色。

I can mix blue and yellow to make green.

4. It’s too + 形容词 + for sb. 对某人来说太怎么怎么样了

It’s too small/big for me. 对我来说它太小/大了。

The coat is too big for me. 对我来说这件大衣太大了。

5. be ready for sth. 为某事做好准备

We are ready for school.我们准备好上学了。

be ready to do sth. 准备好做某事

They are ready to do their homework. 他们准备好做家庭作业。

6. Don’t forget sth. 不要忘记某物

Don’t forget your umbrella. 不要忘了你的雨伞。

Don’t forget to do sth. 不要忘记做某事

Don’t forget to close the door. 不要忘了关门。

7. Look +形容词 看起来......


These women look so pretty in black and white.

那些穿黑白相间衣服的女士看起来是如此的漂亮。 This kind of T-shirt looks nice and sells well.


8. Put on 穿(强调动作) wear/in 穿着(强调状态) He is putting on his school uniform. 他正在穿校服。 He is wearing his school uniform. 他正穿着他的校服. He is in black and white. 他穿着黑白相间的衣服.

9. Let’s do sth. 让我们做某事吧。


1. Talking About Colour


1)—What colour is/are …?


—It’s/They’re …


2) Do you like…? 你喜欢……吗?

Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

3)Is green your favourite colour? 绿色是你最喜欢的颜色吗? Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.

4) --What colour do you like? 你喜欢什么颜色?

--I like... 我喜欢...

5)—What’s your favourite colour? 你最喜欢的颜色是什么? —My favourite colour is … 我最喜欢的颜色是……

2. Talking About Ownership


1)—Whose…is this? 这是谁的……?

—It’s… 它是……的(用人称代词或名词所有格回答)。

2)—Whose…are these/those?



3)—Is this your…?


—Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.



4)—Are they your…?


—Yes, they are./No, they aren’t.



1.How many colours do you see? 你能看见多少种颜色?

how many+可数名词复数, 含有how many的特殊疑问句,要用数词来回答。如: —How many markers do you have? 你有多少枝水彩笔?

—I have ten. 我有十枝。/----Just one. 只有一个。

2. My skirt is very old. Can I get a new one? 我的裙子很旧了,我能买一条新的吗?


Eg: I have a nice sweater. Do you want one? 我有一件漂亮的毛衣。你想要一件吗?

3. What’s your favourite colour? 你最喜欢的颜色是什么?

What’s your favourite…?是询问“你最喜欢的??是什么?”的交际用语,其答语是:My favourite ....is…如:

---What are your favourite clothes? 你最喜欢的衣服是什么?

---My favourite clothes are blouse and skirts. 我最喜欢的衣服是衬衫和连衣裙。

—What’s your favourite sport? 你最喜欢的运动是什么?

—My favourite sport is Ping-pong. 我最喜欢的运动是乒乓球。

(同义句)English is my favourite.=I like English best.

4. Whose coat is this? 这是谁的外套?

Whose gloves are these? 这是谁的手套?

Whose “谁的”,用来询问物品的主人,即物品的所有者是谁,也就是说whose对物主代词(my,your,his,her,its,their)和名词所有格(如:Bob’s, Jenny’s, Danny’s)进行提问,其后必须接名词。即:

Whose +名词单数 + is this? ----It’s +物主代词/名词所有格+名词单数

Whose +名词复数 + are these? ---They are +物主代词/名词所有格+名词复数

Eg: Whose scarf is this? --- It’s my scarf.

Whose shorts are these? 这是谁的短裤?

---Maybe they are Danny’s shorts.





形容词性物主代词:词性相当于形容词,放在名词之前作定语。 实战演练:

1. Name is Tom. am 12 years old.

2. Mary is a girl. likes to wear dresses. This is favourite dress. 3. The kids want to go shopping. want to buy new clothes. clothes are too old.

4. hat. It looks good on .(you) 5. -----Who teaches Chinese?

----Mrs. White. She lives in China. Chinese is very good. 6. May I have (you) pen?

7. Please give (you) English book to her. 8. The students are cleaning (they) classroom now. 9. Could you help ( I ) with ( I ) English?

10. Mr. Wang is very friendly, and (we) like (he) very much.


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