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英 语 试 题

(满分120分 命题人 詹桂英)



A. B. C. D. E.

1.________ 2._______ 3.________ 4.________ 5._________


6. A. Yes, I can play the piano. B. I can play the drums.

C. No, I can’t. But I can play the violin

7. A. It’s nine. B. I’m nine years old. C. It’s on September 20th.

8. A. She is playing soccer. B. She wants to read a book. C. She’s reading a newspaper.

9. A. Very well. B. About 10 kilometers. C. 20 Yuan.

10. A. Get up early on weekends. B. Be quiet in class. C. Keep a pet.



11. How does the boy go to school?

A. Take the bus. B. On foot. C. Ride a bike.


12. Who takes the train to school ?

A. Bob. B. John. C. Paul.


13. How long does it take the girl to go to school by bike?

A. 40 minutes. B. 60 minutes. C. 30 minutes.


14. How does Nina get to the bus stop?

A. On foot. B. By subway. C. By bus.

15. How far is it from school to Nina’s home?

A. 10 kilometers. B. 80 kilometers. C. 8 kilometers.




21.Bill likes playing _____ basketball, but he doesn’t like playing _____ piano .

A. the ; the B. / ; the C. the ; / D. / ; /

22. We have English lessons _____ Monday ____Friday .

A. on ; to B. at ; on C. from ; on D. from ; to

23. ---What are you doing , Tom ?


A. I do my homework B .I’m taking photos C. He is watching TV D. He watches TV

24. Thanks for _____CCTV’s Around The World show.

A. joining B. join C. joins D. to join

25. ----Do you want to be a teacher?

----Why not ,that’s a nice______.

A. work B. job C. works D. jobs

26. We want him ______ us basketball.

A. teaches B. teach C. to teach D. teaching

27. Where ______ Tom _______

A. do ; come from B. is ; come from C. does ; from D. is ; from

28. Here is a photo _______ my friend’s.

A. on B. of C. in D. for

29. Jason can ______ English well and he always _______ “ hello” to us.

A. say ; says B. speak ; speaks C. speak ; says D. tell ; speaks 30 I think volleyball is ________ boring .

A. kind of B. all kinds of C. a kind of D. kinds of

31. -----________? ----Because they’re very interesting .

A. Why do you like animals B. What animals do you like

C. Where are they D. Who do you like

32. Larry is very _______. He usually sleeps and relaxes 20 hours every day .

A. quiet B. clever C.shy D. lazy

33. After doing his homework , Jim wants to ________ by listening to music.

A. talk B. relax C. study D. work

34. The students often _______ games after school. They _______ tennis now .

A. play ; play B. play ; are playing C. plays ; are playing D. are playing ;play

35. ----Why don’t we go to the movies this evening?


A. Have a good time B. Good night C. That sounds great D. You’re welcome


I’m Li Ping. I’m a middle school student. We have a lot of to school before 7 o’clock. We can’t arrive for school. We have eight every day . We can’t run the hallways. We can’t listen to music in the classrooms, but we can listen to it . And we can’t eat in the classrooms, we can eat in the dining hall .We needn’t hats in school . And we must wear uniforms Monday, we needn’t wear uniforms from Tuesday to Friday.


36. A. rule B. law C. rules D. laws 37. A. on B. at C. in D. to

38. A. get B. arrive C. reach D. arrive at 39. A. early B. later C. latest D. late 40 A. class B. classes C. lesson D. lessons 41. A. in B. for C. after D. at 42. A. inside B. in C. outside D. out 43. A. dress B. have C. wear D. put on 44. A. at B. for C. to D. on 45. A. so B. but C. when D. as 七、阅读理解。(30分)

46. In the two rules , you can’t _________

A. eat or drink B. listen to music C. see friends D. come into the room 47. When does Emily have to go to bed ?

A. After 10:00 pm. B. Before 6:30 pm. C. Before 10:00 pm. D. Before 9:00 pm. 48. Rule One may be for a ________.

A. computer room B. classroom C. bedroom D. dining room 49. The underlined word “finish” means__________ in Chinese.

A. 阅读 B. 拿走 C. 开始 D. 完成 50. Which of the following is NOT true?(下列那一项不正确。) A. You have to be quiet when you have a computer class. B. Emily’s parents clean her bedroom.

C. Students can’t go into the room if there is no teacher. D.Rule Two is a family rule.


Do you like animals ? So come to Xingxing Zoo to see the Australian koalas and lions from South Africa .The American tigers are waiting for you . Do you want to see penguins(企鹅)? They are kind of interesting . We also have very cute pandas, but they are a little shy, so please be very quiet. You can play with the dolphins(海豚). They are smart and cute. Do you like the giraffes ? They are fun . And there are many other animals, too. It’s really exciting !

Tickets(票): Grown-ups(成人):2 Yuan Students of 6~12: 1 Yuan

Time : Monday --Friday : 9:00am ---4:00pm Saturday---Sunday : 8:00am---5:00pm


Don’t give food to the animals. 51. Where are the tigers from ?

A. Australia B. America C. England D. China 52_________ are a little shy .

A. Tigers B. Pandas C. Dolphins D. Giraffes 53. The dolphins are __________.

A. cute and funny B. lazy and cute C. smart and cute D. shy and clever 54. Today is Monday. It’s 8:00 am now . Can we see the animals now ?

A. Yes , we do B. No , we don’t. C. Yes , we can . D. No , we can’t.

55. If Tom is 12 years old , he goes to the zoo with his parents . How much do they need to buy the tickets ?

A. 2 Yuan B. 3 Yuan C. 4 Yuan D. 5 Yuan


Bruce has a big family . There are five people in his family .His father, Mr Smith, his mother, Mrs Smith, his brother ,Henry, his sister, Susan and he . Mr Smith can play basketball and baseball, but he can’t play the piano . Mrs Smith can sing and dance , but she can’t play soccer . Bruce can draw and play the drums, but he can’t play volleyball. Henry can play the guitar and sing , but he can’t play chess . Susan can play the violin and dance ,but she can’t swim. 根据短文内容,完成表格。

八、根据情景从右边方框中选择恰当的句子完成对话。(5分) A:Hi , Eric ! Where are you now ? B: 61.________

A: What are you doing there ? B. 62._________

A: Do you want to go swimming with me ? B: OK . When shall (将要) we go ?

A: 63_________

B: Sorry , I can’t , because I have to clean my room then . A: 64_________ B: That’s OK. A: 65__________

B: Let’s meet in front of the post office.(在邮电局前) A: OK. See you then. B: See you.




1.Let’s play soccer_________. (在外面)

2.The tiger is scary and ________(懒散的)

3.It’s a ________(四分之一) past six.

4.The dog walks on two _______.(腿)

5.What club do you want to ________?(加入)



We must_____ ______ ______ old people.


Frank _______ _______ breakfast.


Don’t _______ ________ ________ school.


Every year people _______ ________ too many trees.


Lily usually _______ _______ _______ to school.


11.My parents are watching TV now. (改为一般疑问句)

_______ your parents _______TV now?


_______ does he like _______?

13.Rose isn’t doing her homework now. (用every morning 改写)

Rose ______ ______ her homework every morning.

14.It takes me 10 minutes to get to school. (改为否定句)

It ______ _______ you 10 minutes to get to school.

15.Lily always takes a subway to work. (改为同义句)

Lily always goes to work ______ ______.






1—5 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 6---10 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 11—15___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 16_________ 17_________ 18__________ 19___________ 20___________


21—25___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 26—30 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 31—35 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 36—40 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 41—45 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

46—50 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 51—55 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___






61—65 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___










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