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一.单项选择题.(本题共30分,每小题1分) ( ) 1. I'll ________ later today.

A. ring her up B. ring up her

( ) 2. My parents are always strict ______ me.

C. call her to D. call up her

( ) 14. You'd better stay at home. The wind is blowing _______ at the moment.

A. heavy B. hard

C. strong

D. strongly

D. each of ( ) 15. There are many shops on ________ side of the street.

A. both B. every C. each ( ) 16. —John isn?t happy today. Let?s go and _________. —Good idea. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

A. with

B. in

C. on

D. at

) 3. You don't know the way. Why ______ the policeman for help?

A. don't ask B. no ask

C. not ask D. not to ask

) 4. I have two brothers. One is a worker, ________ is a driver.

A. another B. the others C. other

D. the other

) 5.There are _______ books in our library.

A. five hundreds B. hundred of C. hundreds of D.five hundred of

) 6. The old man lives ______ but he doesn?t feel ______.

A. lonely; alone B. alone; alone C. alone; lonely D.lonely;lonely

) 7. There's too much noise here. Let's go_________.

A. somewhere quiet B. quiet somewhere C. anywhere quiet

D. quiet anywhere

) 8. We'll go on a field trip if it _______ this weekend.

A. won't rain B. isn't raining C. doesn't rain D.will rain

) 9.—We missed a chance to win a goal. —____________!

A. Well done B. Good luck C. What a pity D. How lucky

) 10. This film is as ________ as that one.

A. interested B. more interesting C. interesting D.more interested

) 11. What ________ girl she is!

A. a beautiful B. beautiful C. beautifully D.the beautifully

) 12. The Greens will have _______ holiday in China.

A. two weeks B. two week C. two-week D. a two-week

) 13. —I don't know much about computer.

—I don't know, ________. Let's go and ask for help. A. also B. either C. too

D. as well

A. cheer up him B. cheer him up C. to cheer up D. cheer up ( ) 17. On my way _______ home, I lost a ticket ______ Titanic.

A. to; to B. to; of

C. /; of

D. /; to

( ) 18. —Mom, my classmates invited me ___ a field trip. May I go with them? —OK. A. go on B. to go on C. go in D. to go in ( ) 19. Please be quick, or we will have no time ________ have lunch. A. to B. in C. on D. / ( ) 20. It is not right _______ in public places.

A. smokes

B. smoking

C. smoked

D. to smoke

( )21. Yesterday the teacher told us that the earth ________around the sun.

A moved B. moves C. was moving D. had moved ( )22. It is important for us ________English well.

A. to learn B. learning C. learns D. learned ( )23. Alice ________ to see his aunt if she _______free tomorrow.

A. will come; will be B . come ; is C. will come ;is D. comes ;will be ( )24. I couldn't find my dictionary _________.

A. somewhere B. anywhere

C. nowhere

D. everywhere

( )25. _______a sport game on the playground next week? --Yes, there will

A. Will there be B. Will there have C. Will there D.Will be there

( )26. I didn?t want to talk about that________ the phone.

A. on B. in C. at D. by ( )27. He doesn?t have any money,________.

A. too B. also C. either D. to


( )28. Could you please _______me some ________?

A. giving; advices B. give; advices C. give; advice D. to give; advice ( )29. He asked me if I________ mad _______him.

A. am; at B. was; at C. was; to D. am ; to ( )30. Don?t leave your books on the table. Please________.

A. take away it B. take them away C. take away them D. take it away 二.完形填空(本题共20分,每小题1分)


Once there was a father and a son. They were ill-tempered(坏脾气的) and never gave way (让步) to

One day the ask some friends to dinner in his house. He ③ __ his son to buy some meat in town. When the son walked to the town gate, a man was coming from the outside. The gate wasn?t in and out at the same time. But neither of them (他们都不) give way to the other. They stood face to face inside the gate hour after hour. But the father was worried. “What I do? My son hasn?t come yet. I can?t wait any more.” He and went to town his son.

“You may first take the for my friends .Let me 代替)of you.” He said to his son when he knew what had happened.

( )1. A. others B. another C. other D. one ( )2. A. decided B. decides C. decide D. decision ( )3. A. made B. told C. let D. tells ( )4. A .small B. big C high D .tall ( )5. A.. would B. should C. must D. could ( )6. A .do B. will C. should D. did ( )7. A. wrong B. accident C. thing D. matter ( )8. A .to look for B. looked for C. to find D. found

( )9 .A. meat B. dinner C. bread D. money ( )10 .A. stood B. stands C. stand D. standing (B)用方框中的词的适当形式填空。(一空一词)

Most people buy lots of presents just before Christmas. But some people think we buy too much. They start a special day Buy Nothing Day. They don?t want anyone to go on that day. Buy Nothing Day is on November 29. It is Thanksgiving. Often, before Christmas we see many ads. in and on TV us to“buy, buy, buy!”The idea for Buy Nothing Day in Vancouver, Canada. Now people all over the world Buy Nothing Day. In California, the U.S., and children get to read stories, sing songs and draw pictures. The children talk about they can?t get many toys.

1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. _______ 6. _______ 7. _______ 8. _______ 9. _______ 10. _______

(10分) A: Hi, Zhou Jun, where did you go last week? A: Where is Hangzhou?

B: It?s in Zhejiang Province, the south of China.

B: It?s famous for Leifeng Pagoda, Bainiangzi and especially West Lake. A: Do many people go there to enjoy their holidays every year? 2

A: How long did you stay there? A: Did you take a lot of photos?

A: What an exciting trip! I?ll go there one day.

1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ 四、阅读理解(30分)


When Mr. David retired(退休), he bought a small house in a village near the sea. He liked it and hoped to live a quiet life in it. But to his surprise, many visitors came to see his house in summer holidays, for it was the most interesting building in the village. From morning to night, there were visitors outside the house. They kept looking into the rooms through the windows and many of them even went into the house. He decided to drive the visitors away. So he put a notice on the window. The notice said,“If you want to satisfy your curiosity(好奇心),come in and look around. Price: twenty dollars.”Mr. David was sure that the visitors would stop coming, but he was wrong. More and more visitors came and Mr. David had to spend every day showing them around his house. “I came here to retire, not to work as a guide(导游)”, he said angrily. In the end, he sold the house and moved away. ( )1. Mr. David?s house was that many visitors came to see it.

A. so small

B. so quiet C. so interesting D. such interesting

( A. to drive the visitors away B. to satisfy the visitors curiosity C. to let visitors come in and look around D. to get some money out of the visitors ( )3. The notice made the visitors A. more interested in his house B. lost interest in his house

C. angry at the unfair priceD. feel happy about the price ( )4. After Mr. David put up the notice .

A. the visitors didn?t come any more

B. fewer and fewer visitors came to see his house C. more and more visitors came for a visit D. no visitor would pay the money for a visit

( )5. At last he had to sell his house and move away because A. he did not like it at all B. he could not work as a guide

C. he made enough money and wanted to buy a new expensive house D. he could not live a quiet life in it


One day a poor man was cutting a big piece of wood (木头) near a river. Suddenly his old axe (斧子) fell into the water. He felt very sad because he lost his only axe. Then all at once a beautiful fairy (仙女) came out and asked the man what the was matter.

“I have lost my axe.” he said, “It fell into the water when I was cutting the wood.”

The fairy showed him a gold axe and asked, “Is that yours?” “No.” said the man.

The fairy then showed him a silver (银) axe and asked again, “Is this yours?” “No.” again answered the man. Then she showed him the old axe. “Yes, that is mine.” called out the happy man.

“I know it well enough.” said the fairy, “I only wanted to see if you would tell me the truth, and now I?ll give you the gold axe and the silver axe besides (包括) your own one.”


( )6. The man was poor, he had nothing but an old axe.

( )7. The old axe fell into the river when the man was cutting the wood. ( )8. The fairy asked the man if he lost a gold axe, then the man said “No”. ( )9. When he saw his own axe, the man was very happy.


( )10. At last, the man had two axes.


Today is Jane?s birthday. It is seven o?clock. Everything was ready. On the table, there are many different kinds of food. And in the middle of the table, there is a very big cake. Jane is looking at it, and feels excited. “Why didn?t they come by then? I told them to come at seven.” Jane said to her mother worriedly. One, two, three ... Twenty-five minutes passed. But no one came. Jane ran to the door and opened it. No one was there. When it was half past seven, the doorbell rang. Jane opened the door quickly. “Happy birthday to you!” they said. And they gave some flowers to Jane. After that, they ate the big cake, apples, oranges, pears, beef and so on. They sang and danced happily. At ten they went home. They all felt tired but happy.

Read the passage and answer the following questions.(阅读短文,回答问题。)

11.Were Jane?s friends all at Jane?s home at seven?

12. What?s in the middle of the table?

13.When did Jane?s friends come?

14.What did they give to Jane?

15. Did they have a good time?

五、按要求改写句子。(10分) (对画线部分提问) 2. Diana is twenty. And Daphne is twenty.(改为同义句) Diana is old Daphne. 3.The girls get to school by subway. (同义句) The girls _________ the _________ to school.

4.Can he go to the baseball game?(否定回答) _________, he ___________.

对划线部分提问) Uncle Wang always get to his factory? 六.用所给词的适当形式完成下列句子。(5分) 1. Thank you for __________ (invite) me.

2. I?m planning __________ (spend) time in the beautiful countryside. 3. We?re __________ (leave) for Beijing for vacation next week. 4. I have to go 七.Writing.(本题共15分)

请你为自己设计一个旅行计划,要包括下列问题: 1. 想去哪?为什么? 2. 想在那儿待几天? 3. 怎么去?

4. 打算什么时候开始旅行? 5. 在这次旅行期间,打算做些什么? 要求:意思连贯、通顺,60词左右。

提示词语:countryside, air, food and vegetables, environment, fresh, quiet, poor, give, the school things ...




1~5AACDC 6~10CACCC 11~15 ADBDC 16~20BDCAD

21-25 B A C B A 26-30 A C C D B


(A)1-5 A A B B A 6-10 C D A A C

(B)1. called 2. shopping 3. after 4. newspapers 5. telling

6. started 7. celebrate 8. parents 9. together 10.why



(A) 1. C 由“for it was the most interesting building in the village.”可知

2. A 由“He decided to drive the visitors away.”可知

3. A 4. C 5. D

(B) 6. T 由第一段第三句可知

7. T 由第二段可知

8. T 由全文可知

9. T 由“?Yes, that is mine.? called out the happy man.”可知

10. F 他最后有三把斧子,不是二把

(C)11. No, they weren?t. 12. The birthday cake.

13. At half past seven. 14. Some flowers. 15. Yes, they did.


1.What's wrong 2.as as 3.take subway

4.No ,can't 5.How does

六.1.inviting 2.to spend 3.leaving 4.camping 5.more



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