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( )1、_______sleeps during the day but at night he gets up and eats food.

A、A panda ( )12、—Thank you very much. —__________.

A、No, thanks B、You’re welcome C、Don’t thank me D、All right



B、Me too.

C、Sure, I will. D、You too!

( )13、—I’ll go for a school trip. —I hope you have a good trip.

B、A dog C、A koala D、A giraffe

( )2、—When you’re hungry, where can you get something to eat?


A、In a pool

B、In a restaurant

C、In a garden D、In a library

)3、When I grow up, I want________ a football player. A、be

B、to be



)4、It’s________ in Australia when it’s winter in China.





)5、Look! Emma is_______ her bedroom. Her room is always_________.

A、clean, clean

B、clean, cleaning

C、cleaning, clean D、cleaning, cleaning

)6、—Where are you going, James?

—I want to do some shopping. I’m going to the________.





)7、—_________? —It’s next to the library.

A、Is there a bank here?

B、Is this the bank?

C、Excuse me, where’s the bank, please? D、Does your father work in a bank?

)8、________works late, and is very busy when people go out to dinners. A、A waiter B、A bank clerk C、A reporter

D、A nurse

)9、What’s Jim doing over there? He’s_______ his friends.


B、talking with C、talks

D、talk )10、Toronto is a city in________.

A、the USA B、Canada C、Australia D、France )11、There’s________ interesting pay phone next to_______ post office.

A、a, the

B、an, a

C、a, /

D、an, the

( )14、—_________?

—He’s fat and medium height.

A、What does he do

B、How old is he C、What does he look like D、What is he doing ( )15、Can the Canadians__________ French? Yes, they can. A、talk




( )16. —What’s on the floor?

— A. That’s my key. B. There’s a book. C. It’s red. ( )17. I have two pens here. is blue, is black. A. One, the one B. One, other C. One, the other ( )18. The park is 200 meters here. A. far B. (away) from C. far away ( )19. Why not home and watch TV? A. to go

B. go

C. going

( )20. —What’s the matter?

—There is with my bike. A. wrong something

B. something wrong C. anything wrong

( )21. —Can I borrow your English book, please?

—Sure. Please soon. A. give back B. give back it

C. give it back

( )22. — music lessons do you have every week?


A. How much B. How C. How many

( )23. He’s his purse, but he can’t it.

A. look, find

B. looking for, find C. finding, look for


( ((((((((

( )24. What do you think our lab?

A. with

B. of C. to ( )25. turn right!

A. Not B. Don’t C. Isn’t ( )26. Someone you at the school gate. A. is waiting to B. waits to

C. is waiting for

( )27. —I’m really sorry, I’m late.

— A. Don’t say so. B. You’re welcome. C. It doesn’t matter. ( )28. There are many young children in the park. A. playing B. are playing C. play ( )29. I hear you play the piano .

A. wonderful

B. beautiful

C. beautifully

( )30. —?

—I can’t find my bag. A. What’s matter

B. What’s the wrong C. What’s the matter


The sun is shining and it’ many people don’t want to go out after 不得不) her father at the airport. Her father doesn’t feel well, he wants to see a in the city hospital.

Now she’s in the street. There no trees and she feels very But she’s too and can’t walk fast(快). Suddenly she finds(发现) a walking behind her. She gets angry and her face turns red. “Why are you walking me, boy?” She asks strictly. “It’s cooler”. The boy answers. ( )1、A、But

B、Because C、So


( )2、A、breakfast B、dinner C、supper D、lunch ( )3、A、watch B、meet



( )4、A、nurse B、waiter


D、doctor ( )5、A、walking B、walks C、walk

D、to walk

( )6、A、be




( )7、A、cold



D、hot ( )8、A、happy B、fat C、short

D、tall ( )9、A、boy


C、woman D、dog

( )10、A、on

B、in front of


D、across from


( ) 1.How old is John? A Yes, please. ( ) 2.Where is the school? B Yes, I’m sorry. ( ) 3.What is the last day of the week? C He is from America. ( ) 4. What does your father do? D He is a policeman. ( ) 5. What do you want to be? E It’s on Park street . ( ) 6. Is your mother a teacher? F Saturday. ( ) 7. How’s it going? G Not bad. ( ) 8. Where is Mr. brown from? H Yes, she is. ( ) 9.Can I help you? I A doctor.

( ) 10. Are you late for school today? J He is ten years old.



In the morning, Mr. Martin comes into his garden. He sees too much snow in the garden. Mr Martin wants to take his car out, so he asks a cleaner to clean the road(路) from his garage(车库) to the gate. He says to the cleaner, “Don’t put any snow on the flowers or on the wall. And don’t put any into the street, or the policeman will come.”Then he goes out.

When he comes back, the road is clean. There is no snow on the flowers, on the wall or in the street. But when he opens the garage to get his car out, he sees: it is full of snow, the snow from the road, and his car is under the snow! ( )1、What is the weather like?___________

A、It’s very hot.

B、It’s raining. C、It’s cold D、It’s windy.

( )2、Who cleans the snow on the road? ___________

A、Mr Martin. B、A policeman.C、Mrs Martin. D、A cleaner.

( )3、Why can’t the cleaner put any snow into the street? ___________


A、Because there’s too much snow, too. B、Because the policeman will come. C、Because there are flowers in the street.

D、Because there’s a car in the street.

( )4、Where is the snow after the cleaner cleans the road? ___________

A、On the flowers. B、In the garage. C、In the street. D、We don’t know. ( )5、What does Mr Martin think of the cleaner? ___________

A、He is smart.

B、He does a right thing. C、He does a wrong thing.

D、He helps Mr Martin.


One day Mrs Jones goes shopping alone(独自地). When Mr Jones comes home in the evening, she begins to tell him about a beautiful dress. “I see it in a shop this morning,” she says, “and…” “And you want to buy it,” says Mr Jones, “how much is it?” “Fifteen pounds.” Every evening, when Mr Jones comes back from work, his wife goes on talking only about the dress. And at last, after a week, he says, “Oh, buy the dress! Here’s the money!” She is very happy. But the next evening, when Mr Jones comes home and asks, “Have you got the famous(著名的) dress?” She says, “No.”Why not?” he says. “Well, it is still in the window of the shop after a week. I think nobody else wants this dress. So I think it is not a good one!” ( )6、Mrs Jones goes shopping_________ one day.

A、with Mr Jones B、with her friend C、by herself

D、with the other woman ( )7、Mrs Jones tells Mr Jones about the dress every day because________.

A、it is really beautiful

B、she wants the shop C、she wants Mr Jones to buy it for her D、she likes it very much

( )8、Mrs Jones is very happy after________.

A、Mr Jones agree(同意) to buy it for her B、Mr Jones gives her the money for the pants C、she gets the beautiful dress

D、she sees the dress is still in the shop window

( )9、Mr Jones thinks it’s the famous dress because________.

A、it is a beautiful dress B、it is in the shop window for a week C、his wife has it

D、his wife talks about it again and again

( )10、From the story we can know__________.

A、Mrs Jones is a housewife, she doesn’t have much money B、Mr Jones doesn’t like his wife

C、Mr Jones comes home for lunch every day D、Mrs Jones doesn’t like the things if others like them (C)

Tom lived in a town near New York. His father had a shop there and his mother was a doctor. He was seven years old this year and began to go to school this September. It was a little far(远的) from their shop and his father drove a car to take him to school five days a week. So he was never(从不) late for class and his teachers likes him very much.

It was Monday that day. Miss Green was teaching them to count(数数) from one to ten in the morning. Tom was studying hard. Soon he could count them. Green was happy and asked, “How many people are there in your family, Tom?”

Tom stood up and said, “Two, Miss.” “Who are they?”

“My father and my mother.”

“Oh,” Miss Green was surprised. She then said, “There’re three people in your family.”

“But now I’m not at home. I’m at school, you know!” ( )11、Where did Tom’s father work? ______________ A、In a factory. B、In a school. C、In a shop. D、In a hospital.

( )12、Tom was now a student of_______.

A、Grade One B、Grade Two C、Grade Three D、Grade Four ( )13、Tom was never late for school because________.

A、all his teachers liked him

B、he went to school in a car


C、his house was next to the school D、he just began to school a month ago

( )14、Miss Green taught her children to count from one to ten_______.

A、every day

B、one Monday morning C、in Tom’s house

D、five days a week ( )15、Which is the best title(题目) for this story? ____________

A、Two or Three?

B、From One to Ten

C、Tom and his family

D、Miss Green and Her Students


1、Jim__________(居住) with his uncle in Canada.

2、Some are playing_________(沙滩) volleyball, some are singing. 3、Pandas are kind of shy, so please be__________(安静). 4、The supermarket is on the____________(五) Avenue. 5、Autumn is coming, the__________(叶子) turn yellow. 6、Look! He’s__________(游泳) at the pool.

7、On a __________(多云的) afternoon in summer, I like to go to the beach. 8、How’s the movie? ___________(相当) good. 9、Sandra likes___________(看) books.

10、There’re many animals in the___________(动物园). 六.句型转换(共15分,每小题1分) 1.There is an old post office here.(改为否定句) an old post office here.

(对画线部分提问) ______ _____ the big supermarket?

3.Can you tell me the way to the park?(改为同义句) _______ is the ______ to the park? 对划线部分提问) _______ ______ _____ he like?

5.Why don’t you go to see the tigers in the zoo?(改为同义句) Why to see the tigers in the zoo?

6.Pandas are from China. (同义句转换) Pandas _______ ________ China.

7.He likes dolphins very much. (变一般疑问句) ________ he ________ dolphins very much? 七.Writing.(本题共15分)

注意:“++”表示非常喜欢,“+”表示喜欢,“- -”表示一点都不喜欢,“-”表示不喜欢。

要求:⒈ 请根据表格内容介绍你的笔友,以“My Pen pal”为题用英语写一篇小短文。

⒉ 短文必须包括表格提示的所有内容。

⒊ 要做到文理通顺,标点符号正确,不得少于10句话。




1---5 C B B B C 6---10 D C A B B 11---15、D B A C D

16~20 A C B B B 21~25 C C B B B 26~30 C C A C C


1-5 C D B D A 6-10 C D B A C

三. 问答配对(10分)

1、J 2、E 3、F 4、D 5、I 6、H 7、G 8、C 9、A 10、B


(A)1-5 C D B B C (B)6-10 C C A D A (C)11-15 C A B B A


1、 2、 3、 4、 5、6、7、 8、 9、10、六.句型转换(15分)

1.isn’t 2.Where is 3.Which way 4.What animals does 5.not go 6.come from

7.Does like


My Pen pal

I have a pen pal. His name is Tom White. He is from New York. He is twelve years old. He likes English very much, but he doesn’t like math. He likes ice cream very much, but he doesn’t like hamburgers. His favorite color is red, but he doesn’t like yellow.


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