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1. 本试卷分试题卷和答题卷两部分。满分120分,考试时间100分钟。

2. 答题时,必须在答题卷密封区内写明校区、考场、座位号、姓名、班级等内容。答题必须书写在各规定区域之内,超出答题区域的答案将被视为无效。 九年级英语试卷

试 题 卷

Ⅰ.听力部分 (25分)



1. Who is NOT mentioned in the picture?

A. The man’s parents B. The man’s grandma C. The man’s grandpa

2. Where do you think the dialogue may happen?

A. In the police station

B. In the museum.

C. In the cinema.

3. What are they going to do ?

A. play basketball.

B. go shopping

C. stay at home

4. How much will the woman pay?

A. 30 cents. B. 60 cents. C. thirteen cents.

5. What’s the weather like today ?

A. Rainy B. Sunny C. Cloudy


听下面一段对话,回答第6至第8三个小题。 现在,你有15秒钟的时间阅读这三个小题。

6. Whose birthday is it tomorrow ?

A. Jean’s B. Tom’s C. the boys’

7. What is Jean going to do tomorrow?

A. bake a birthday cake.

B. go to the doctor.

C. open a savings account.

8. What is the relationship between Jean and Tom?

A. wife and husband.

B. mom and son

C. friends


9. Where is the man speaker from?

A. China. B. England. C. America.

10.What does the man speaker think of the woman speaker’s English?

A. Poor. B. Good. C. she should improve her English.

11. What’s the most probable relationship(关系)between the two speakers?

A. Two friends. B. Father and daughter. C. Brother and sister.

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