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一. 词性转换。(共10分,每小题1分) 1.fair(反义词) 2.develop (名词) 3.independence(形容词) 4.borrow(反义词) 5.die(名词) 6.hurt(过去式) 7.we(反身代词) 8.knife(复数) 9.lend(过去式) 10.hand out (同义短语)

二.翻译短语。(共10分,每小题1分) 1.习惯于…… 2.推迟 3.一……就…… 4.和睦相处 5.依靠,信赖 6.get off 7.look through 8.get into 9.try out 10.take after 三.单项选择(每小题1分,共30分) 1. ---___________________? ---He’s a headache. A. What’s the matter B. What’s the wrong C. What’s trouble D. What’s the matter with he 2. Jenny used to talk ________. A. too many B. too much C. much too D. many too

3. ________the doctor, the boy was saved. A. Thanks B. Thanks to C. Thank for D. Because

4. I saw the man get ________the bus just now. A. out B. out of C. off D. into

5. His foot was hurt and he had to give up ___soccer. 6. A. play B. to play C. playing D. played 6. Don’t worry. We are _____control of everything. A. in B. in the C. under D. under the 7. Here’s so much rubbish. Could you please ____? A. give ou it B. give it out C. take out it D. take it out

8.---Could you please fold the clothes, Mary? ---__________. A. Yes, I could B. No, I couldn’t C. Yes, sure D. No, I won’t

9. ---Could you please _________your bike here? A. don’t stop B. not to stop C. not stop D. not stopping

10. ---Could I _________your bicycle? ---Sure, and you can _________for a week. A. borrow, borrow B. borrow, keep C. lend, lend D. lend, borrow

11. _________of the two boys is from America. They’re from Canada.

A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. All

12. Mary will make a plan as soon as she ____________her homework.

A. finishes B. finish C. will finish D. finished

13. The teacher always tells us _________time _________computer games.

A. don’t waste, to play B. don’t waste, playing C. not to waste, to play D. not to waster, playing 14. ---Do you mind _________your room? ---No, I’ll do that after finishing _______this article. A. clean, write B. clean, writing C. cleaning, write D. cleaning, writing 15. The harder you study, _______grades you’ll get. A. good B. better C. best D. the better

16. They plan to ________a food bank to help homeless people. A. set off B. set out C. set in D. set up 17. You can _____some signs to tell people about it. A. put on B. put up C. put off D. put away 18. Jack _his father. They are both tall and outgoing. A. looks like B. likes C. is like D. takes after

19. The problem was too difficult for me to ______. A. work out B. work it out C. work out it D. work on 20. I don’t know ________.

A. who is the man B. who did come yesterday C. who are you going with D. who the man is 21. Everyone wants to do ______he is interested in. A. that B. what C. all what D. how 22. The ________man lives ________. A. alone, alone B. along, lonely C. lonely, lonely D. lonely, alone

23. I’ve several pen pals. One is from Canada, ________is from America.

A. another B. an other C. other D. the other

24. She made a decision _________for a volunteer after-school program.

A. trying out B. handing out C. to try out D. to hand out

25.His father doesn’t allow him swimming alone. A.goes

B.to go



26. give him a watch?

A.What about C.Why don’t mother. A.in order to C.so

B.Let’s 1.His parents are very busy. They have little time to c with their children.

2.You shouldn’t c my homework. You should do it alone. 3.He is ready to help others, and he always o money to the people in the poor villages.

4.If you borrow books from the library, you should r them on time.

5.He runs the fastest, and nobody else can c with him. 一 词性转换(10分)

lend(反义词)_________ 2. sweep(过去式)__________ D.Why don’t you

27.You could save some money you can buy a gift for your


D.so that


28. he is very poor, he feels very happy. A.Although;but C.Because;so D.Because;/

29.The old man looks very unhappy, because he lives ,and he

feels very . A.alone;alone B.lonely;lonely C.alone;lonely D.lonely;alone

30.Is there in this story?A.wonderful


B.something wonderful C.wonderful anything D.anything wonderful

四. 用所给动词的适当形式填空(每题1分,共10分) 1. The boy needs _____(sweep) the floor after school.

2. My mother wants me ____(take) out the rubbish when I go to school.

3. Could you please ____(fold) your clothes after dinner, Mary? 4. When he finished _____(read) the book, his eyes were already full of tears.

5.The boy ________ (throw) an apple to his friend just now. 6. Can you write as ___________ (care) as he? 7.He looks _______ (tire). He needs to have a good rest. 8. I’m going ______ (work) on my English study. 9 Could you please clean ______ (you) room? 10. I often ______ (make) the bed for my parents. 五.句子改写(每小题2分,共10分)

1. We finished the work on time because you gave us the advice.(同义句)

________ _________your advice, we finished the work on time. 2.Why don’t you ask your teacher for help?(改为同义句) ask your teacher for help?

3.I think he should tell the news to his father.(改为否定句) I tell the news to his father. 4.These fans arrived very early. They could see their favorite stars.(合并成一个句子)

These fans arrived very early they could see their favorite stars.

5. Could you please sweep the floor? (否定句) Could you please the floor? 六.根据句意及首字母提示完成单词(5分)

knife (复数)__________ 4. decision(动词)__________ 5.kind(名词)_________6.importance(形容词)__________ 7.die(名词)______ 8.break (形容词)________

9.difficult (名词)__________ 10.fair(反义词)_________ 二,翻译词组(10分)


1.be used to 2. 胃疼 3.make a diffence 4.使振奋起来 5.be in control of 6. 想出、提出 7.right away 8. 一……就 9.give up 10.捐赠 三、词汇:(15分)

( 1 ):根据句意及首字母提示补全单词. (5分)

1.He have some ___ ___ working out the math problem. (困难)

2.After six months , I could take my _____ _ dog home.(培训)

3.Jack, could you please ____ __ me your bike? (借) 4.She fell down and ___ ___ her right leg. (受伤) 5. His groundmother’s ___ ___ made him feel sad . (死) (2):用括号中单词的适当形式填空(10分) 1. Dogs have four _____________ ( foot ).

2. He can’t come to your birthday party because of his _____________ ( ill ).

3. It’s important for us _____________ ( keep ) in good health. 4. He is getting better after taking some _____________ ( medicine ).

5.To __________(we) surprise, he passed the exam.

6. My friend John is used to_____________ ( listen ) to pop music. 7 ._________(thank ) to Mr Wang and the passengers , the doctors saved the man in time .

8 .Did Mary cut ________(she) ? Yes , she did .

9So he used his knife _______(cut) off half his right arm . 10. Doctors often tell us___________(drink) more water every day. 四、单项选择填空(20分):

( )1. What’s _____ with you? A. the wrong A. an advice

B. trouble

C. matter

D. the matter

( )2. Would you please give me _____?

B. some advices C. some advice D. any advice

B. important anything D. anything important

( )3. Is there _____ in today’s paper? A. important something C. something important A. take after B. hang out C. give away D. put off ( ) 18. Now I spend time _____ what I love to do. A. to do B. doing C. do D. did ( )19Everyone was ________ when they heard the ________ news

A. exciting ; exciting

B. excited; exciting

C. exciting ; excited D. excited ; excited ( )20..He looks sad. Let’s cheer him ____ .

( )4. He has _____ friends here. He like to stay at home

alone(独自). A. a few

B. a little

C. few

D. little

( )5. If you have a toothache, you should _____. A. see a dentist B. go to school C. drink a lot of water D. lie

down and rest

( )6. I can’t go with you because I have _____ homework to do. A. too many B. too much

C. much too

D. many too

( )7.--- “ I’m sorry to tell you I have got a toothache.” ---“ _____.”

A. Thank you very much B. What’s wrong with you C. It doesn’t matter

D. That’s too bad

( )8. It’s easy for you _____. A. to work out the problem B. working out the problem C. work out the problem

D. worked out the problem

( )9. If you have a _____, you should go to see a dentist.

A. headache

B. stomachache C. toothache D. sore throat

( )10. Students shouldn’t go to school _______ breakfast. It’s bad for their health. A. with

B. without

C. for

D. by

( )11. Andrea Bocelli never __________ which makes him a successful singer. A. takes away B. gives away C. gets up D.

gives up

( )12. — Why did you get up late this morning? — _________I stayed up late last night. A. Because

B. So

C. Because of D. But

( )13. — What did you see?

—I saw many boys________ games near the river. A. played

B. playing

C. plays

D. to play

( ) 14.Tony could help ______ the city parks.

A. clean B. clean up C. clean out D. cleans up.

( )15. I _____ like to help kids with their schoolwork. A. could B. would C. should D. will ( )16. we need to ____ up with a plan on Clean-up Day. A. come B. go C. work D. study ( )17. I _______ some clothes to charity because they are too small for me.

A. up B. in C. out D. at 五按要求改写句子(每空1分,共10分) 1. What’s the matter with Jim?(给出同义句) What’s _________ __________ Jim?

2. You should have a good rest.(就划线部分提问) __________ __________ I do ? 3. She has a sore throat.(变为一般问句)

__________ she __________ a sore throat?

4.The boy could help to clean up the city parks. (变为一般问句) __________ the boy __________ to clean up the city parks? 5.Why don’you talk to your parents? (同义句) _________ __________ talk to your parents ? 完成句子(共5分) 1.我们需要想出一个好计划.

We need ______ _______ ________ ________ a plan. 2.你可以在食品库分发食物.

You could ______ _______ food at a food bank. 3.我愿意让生病的孩子快乐起来.

I’d like to ________ ________ sick kids.


I ________ ________ some clothes to the little girl because they are too small for me.


You should learn to ______ _______ by yourself.

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