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第一部分 英语知识运用(70分)

. 单项选择。(15分)

)1. —Michael has a temperature, so he isn’t able to come.

—____ A. I’m sorry to hear that. B. I’m disappointed. C. Good luck. D. Take it easy. )2. —Why do you ____ very happy this afternoon? —Because we are going to spend the evening at Lily’s house. A. taste B. sound C. look D. smell )3. Do you have difficulty ____ English? A. to learn B. of learning C. learning D. learn )4. New York is one of ____ in the world. A. the large cities B. the large city C. the largest cities D. the largest city )5. —What ____ news! —Yes, all of the children were ____. A. excited; exciting B. exciting; excited C. excited; excited D. exciting; exciting )6. Helen is 15 years old, and Joan is 15, too. So Helen is ____ Joan. A. as big as B. as older as C. as old as D. so old as )7. How will you feel when ____? A. you happen bad something B. you will happen something bad C. bad something will to you D. something bad happens to you )8. Tom didn’t go hiking with his classmates ____ his illness. A. because B. because of C. as D. since )9. Mr. Li makes me ____, because it is bad for my health. A. don’t smoke B. not smoke C. not smoking D. not to smoke )10. When the teacher asks him, he always ____. A. keep silent B. keep silently C. keeps silent D. keeps silenty )11. If you are ____ trouble, please call me ____ 72335611. A. in; in B. at; at C. at; in D. in; at )12. He feels lonely because he has no close friends ____. A. to talk B. to talk with C. talking D. talking with

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( )13. The man refused to say sorry to me, ____ it was his mistakes.

A. because B. when C. after D. even though ( )14. —I’m always afraid of giving a speech in front of the class. —____ You can do it well. A. I’m sorry to hear that. C. You are too nervous.

Could you make a ____ for me?

—OK. Let me see. A. advice B. sense C. suggestion D. decision B. Take it easy. D. Good luck. ( )15. —Mom, I’ll go to my friend’s party, but I don’t know what to wear.

Ⅱ. 情景交际。(15分)


Father: Mike, yesterday you told me that you will have a Chinese test today. Why are

you still in bed? You should get up and get for school. If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late.

Mike: I don’t

Father: Oh, dear! What’s the matter?

Mike: I don’t know. I have a stomachache.

Father: Really? If you are the doctor.

Mike: Can I have some breakfast?

Father: No, you eat anything until you see the doctor.

Mike: Dad, I will get up now.

16. ____ 17. ____ 18. ____ 19. ____ 20. ____


B: I’m going to a movie with Maria.

A: B: Oh? Why?

A: She’s sick.

B: Oh, I’第 2 页 共 8 页 created by Xiang Jiang

A: A headache.

B: Did she go to see a doctor?

A: Yes, she did. The doctor told her to have a good rest. B: I’ll ring up her later. A: I hope so.

Ⅲ. 完形填空。(10分)

Everyone needs friends. We all like to close to someone. It is nice to have a friend to talk, laugh and do things with. sometimes we need to be alone. We don’t always want people . But we would feel lonely if we never had a friend.

No two people are Friends sometimes don’t get on well. That doesn’t mean they no longer like each other. Most of the time they will make peace with each other,and become again.

Sometimes friends move away. Then we feel very . We miss them very much, but we can them and write to them. It could be possible that we could even see them again. And we can also new friends.

There’s more good news for people who have friends. They live longer than people who don’t have. Why? It could be that they are . Being happy helps you stay well and it could be good just knowing that someone cares about you. ( )26. A. look ( )27. A. Hardly ( )28. A. alone ( )29. A. friendly ( )30. A. that ( )31. A. enemies ( )32. A. angry ( )33. A. call ( )34. A. look for ( )35. A. happier

B. watch B. Nearly B. away B. kind B. whether B. strangers B. sad B. ask B. find B. stronger

C. feel C. Suddenly C. all over C. just the same C. how C. students C. happy C. tell C. make C. kinder (A)

One day, a boy had a fight with one of his classmates. He didn’t wait until school was over, and hurried home to his grandfather. He told him his story angrily.

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D. see D. Certainly D. around D. quite different D. why D. friends D. alone D. talk with D. know D. richer

Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(30分)

“He is really bad,” the boy said, “and I hate him.”

The grandfather said, “Let me tell you a story. When I was a boy, too, sometimes I hated others for what they did…”

As the boy listened carefully, the grandfather went on, “There are always two tigers inside my heart. One is good and kind. He gets on well with everything around him. But the other is bad and unfriendly. Even the smallest thing will make him angry. He fights with everyone all the time, and for no reason. He can’t think carefully because he always hates others. It is difficult to live with these two tigers inside my heart. They both try to control me.”

The boy looked into his grandfather’s eyes and asked, “Which tiger always controls you, Grandfather?”

The old man said slowly and seriously, “The one that I feed. I always feed the good and kind tiger, so I never hate others and seldom get angry now.”


( )36. The boy went to his grandfather ____.

A. before he went to school B. when he went to school

C. after school was over D. after he had a fight

( )37. The good tiger ____ everything around him.

A. doesn’t like B. gets along well with

C. isn’t interested in D. wants to eat

( )38. The bad tiger fights with everyone all the time ____.

A. because others wants to kill him B. because he wants to eat others

C. for no reason D. because others aren’t friendly to him

( )39. The good tiger can control the grandfather because ____.

A. the good tiger is much stronger

B. the good tiger can get along well with others

C. the grandfather treats the tiger very well

D. the grandfather hates the bad tiger

( )40. The writer wants to tell us ____ in the passage.

A. how to feed tigers well B. how to control our feelings

C. how to get along with others D. how to fight with others


Anger is a kind of feeling. Many things can make you angry. When your teacher gives you too much homework, when your team loses an important game, when a

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friend borrows your favorite thing and then breaks it, you may get really angry.

Usually, your body will tell you when you are angry. For example, you breathe faster, your face turns red, and you may want to break something or hit(打) someone, but sometimes, you hide(隐藏) your anger. For example, you may hide it in your heart. The problem is that if you do this, you may get a headache or your stomach may hurt.

In fact, it’s not good to hide your anger, and it’s normal for you to get angry sometimes. But anger must be let out in the right way, without hurting others or yourself.

When you get angry, you can talk about it with other people. It’s helpful to talk about your anger with an adult, such as parents, a teacher, etc. When you talk about anger, those bad feelings can start to go away. Here are some other things you can do when you start to feel angry: talk to a good friend; count from 1 to 100; give someone a hug(拥抱); go for a bike ride; think about good things, etc.

Remember that how you act when you are angry can make everything better or worse. Don’t let your anger 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。

( )41. You may not get angry when ____.

A. there is too much homework on this weekend B. your favorite basketball team wins the game C. a friend breaks your favorite thing D. your parents don’t let you watch TV A. Taking a faster breath C. Getting a stomachache

angry except(除了) ____.

A. go for a bike ride B. think about good things C. talk to a good friend D. say bad things to the people around you A. 控制 A. anger B. 连接 B. excitement C. 帮助 C. happiness


第 5 页 共 8 页 created by Xiang Jiang D. 失去 D. sadness B. Getting a headache D. Wanting to protect someone ( )42. ____ shows that you’re not angry. ( )43. According to the passage, you can do everything when you get ( )44. The underlined word “control” in the last paragraph means ____ in Chinese. ( )45. This passage is mainly about ____.

Dear editor,

My English teacher is very strict with us. Several days ago, when we were in class, Tom asked me a question. But my English teacher thought we were speaking in class. She asked us to stand at the back of the classroom for a few minutes. This made me unfair. After that, I feel nervous in her class, so I don’t like her class. However, I really want to learn English well. What should I do?



Dear Mike,

I am sorry you are having difficulty with your English class. Every teacher wants his or her students to study hard. So I think you should have a talk with your English teacher and tell her what you were doing with Tom that day. If she knows your worries, maybe she will help you with your English. And she will be pleased to hear you want to learn English well. Of course, you should know that what your teacher did was good for you. When you are not trying as hard as you can, she has to stop it and try to help you. Wish you have a better life!




( )46. What’s wrong with Mike?

A. He doesn’t like learning English. B. He meets trouble with his English teacher. C. He doesn’t know how to get on well with his English teacher. D. He doesn’t like English any longer. A. he doesn’t like his English teacher B. he can’t speak in class C. his English teacher punished(惩罚) him D. his English is poor

while because _____.

A. she didn’t like him B. she didn’t think Mike was learning English hard at that time C. Mike was bad at English D. Mike was making much noise ( )47. Mike feels nervous in English classes because ____. ( )48. In the editor’s opinion, the English teacher asked Mike to stand for a

( )49. The teacher will _____ if Mike has a talk with her.

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A. be even angrier C. be pleased B. ask him to stand for some time once again D. say sorry to him ( )50. Which of the following sentences is TRUE according to(根据) the passage? A. Mike dislikes English classes, but he wants to learn English well. B. Mike wants the editor to tell his English teacher the truth. C. The editor gave Mike some advice, but it didn’t work. D. The teacher hates Mike much more than before.

第二部分 写作(50分)

Ⅰ. 词汇部分。(15分)


Peking Opera.

the English exam, she was sad.

53. Success(成功) gives us a s__________ of happiness.

54. In old days, the b__________ always made the workers work too long.

55. The coat was very expensive but I bought it a__________.


56. Don’t be(worry) about Zhang Ming fang, She can look after herself.

57. The movie is so (interest) and I’m interested in it.

58.The children’s (smile) faces made me happy.

59. Wen ming , you don’t need(cry )about your English exam.

60. Thank you for (tell) me the truth, Lisha.


61. We are working hard to (为……准备) the English exam.

62. Why are you (对……兴奋) the news?

63. Haiqin is always (严格要求) herself in study.

64. Leshi, why don’t you (向……学习) your classmate, Haiqin?

65. (起先),Maria lived in a small house.


66. Xuefang is 13 years old, Jiaoyan is 12 years old.(合并为一句)

Xuefang is Jiaoyan

67.It seems that Kangkang likes me.(简单句)

like me. (对画线部分提问)

you feel today?

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69. I didn’t pass the English exam.(同义句)

I the English exam.

70. That is exciting.(改为感叹句)

that is !

Ⅲ.改错题。画线处均是错误的,请把正确的写在横线上(10分) Jane’s parents to he couldn’t Ⅳ.书面表达。(15分)


关键词:be nervous, try to do, had better do , be brave , be proud of , talk with , help you relax , learn……from the Interest.


Dear Li Ming.

I’m very glad to read your letter, I hear that……__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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听 力 材 料

Unit 5 单元检测

Ⅰ. 听句子,选择正确图片。每个句子读一遍。

1. We felt excited to hear the news. 2. Mike, you seem to be as tall as Tom. 3. The movie is so moving. It makes many people laugh. 4. Jane is getting ready for the exams. 5. Some girls are singing happily.

Ⅱ. 听句子及问题,选择正确答案。每个句子及问题读一遍。

6. Hi, Maria! Your new coat looks very nice.

Q: What will Maria answer?

7. Wait here until the red lights change, Tom!

Q: Where is Tom?

8. It’s seven o’clock in the evening now. We’ll go to see the movie in five minutes.

Q: When will they go to see the movie?

9. Mr. Black prefers movies to Beijing Opera.

Q: Which does Mr. Black like better, movies or Beijing Opera?

10. Little Tom is crying in the room because he misses his mother a lot.

Q: Why is little Tom crying in the room?

Ⅲ. 听对话,选择正确答案。每段对话读两遍。

11. M: Look, Xiao Li is very happy. W: Yes, he will have a ticket to The Sound of Music. 12. W: Hello, Tom! What’s wrong with you? You look very bad today. M: It’s not me. My brother got hurt in a traffic accident. 13. W: What is Lucy worried about? M: She is worried about becoming fatter and fatter. 14. M: What will you do when unhappy things happen to you, Mary? W: I’ll listen to soft music. 15. M: Linda, how are you feeling today? W: I’m feeling even worse.

M: You’d better take the medicine as the doctor told you.

W: But I hate it and I can’t take it.

Ⅳ. 听短文,选择正确答案。短文读两遍。

When Julia moved to a different place, she left her dog to a friend. She was going to return

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for her pet the next week. Before she could go back for her dog, it ran away. Julia felt sad.

Julia put an ad in the newspaper. It said that she would give a present to anyone who found her dog. She sold her bike to get the money for the present. No one found it.

Two months later, Julia was playing in her garden when she heard a bark. It was her dog. It walked all the way to Julia’s new home.


Unit 5 单元检测

第一部分 听力

Ⅰ. 1-5 B B A A B

Ⅱ. 6-10 B A C B C

Ⅲ. 11-15 B B C A A

Ⅳ. 16-20 B B A A C

第二部分 英语知识运用

Ⅰ. 1. A

2. C 考查交际用语,根据语境应回答“听到这个消息很遗憾”。故只能选A。 连系动词后面用形容词作表语。根据题意,“今天下午你为什么看起来很高兴


3. C 4. C 5. B have difficulty doing sth.做某事有困难。 one of+形容词最高级+名词复数,意为“最……之一”。故选C。 考查形容词用法。exciting指某事物“令人兴奋,激动”;excited表示某人对某 事物“感到兴奋,激动”。故选B。 考查as+形容词原级+as意为“与……一样……”。此处指年龄一样大,用old而 不用big。肯定句型中用as ... as而不能用so ... as。故选C。 考查了三个语言点:形容词(bad)修饰不定代词(something)应倒置,可排除A、C;


动词,其含义是指“某事发生”,某人发生某事是sth. happen to sb.结构,因此


8. B A、C、D都可用来引导原因状语从句,后面跟句子;because of后跟表原因的名 词性短语。故选B。 考查短语make sb. not do sth. 让某人不要干某事。make作使役动词,其后跟不 带to的不定式。故选B。 6. C 7. D 9. B 10. C “he”是第三人称单数,A、B可排除;keep为连系动词,后需跟形容词作表语。 11. D 考查介词的固定搭配。in trouble遇到麻烦,call at拨打……电话。故选D。

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12. B 考查动词不定式作后置定语。talk with与……交谈。故选B。 13. D 引导让步状语从句,故选D。 14. B take it easy放松些,别紧张。符合本题语境。故选B。 15. D 考查名词词义辨析。advice,不可数名词,空格前有a故可排除;sense感觉,

suggestion建议,这两个词不与make搭配;decision决定,make a decision for sb.


Ⅱ. (A) 16. ready 17. feel 18. ill/sick 19. see 20. had better not/shouldn’t/mustn’t

(B) 21-25 A E D F B

Ⅲ. 26. C 根据题意,“感到和某人亲近,自然是人之常情”,其他三项都是“看”的意思,

不合句意。 27. D 有时候我们需要独自一人,是必然的。hardly几乎不;nearly 几乎; suddenly突然;certainly 必然,当然,确实。故选D。 28. D 这是对上面一句做解释,around 意为“周围”。 29. C 我们知道,世界上没有两个完全相同的人,且下文讲有时朋友之间不能很好相处 是人的性格不同造成的。 30. A 考查语法。这是一个复合句,从句作mean的宾语,此处缺少连接词,that连接


31. D 朋友之间发生争吵以后,还会重归于好,又成为朋友。 32. B 朋友搬走之后,我们会觉得伤感。 33. A 与写信联系对应,这里应为打电话。故选A。 34. C 出于感情的交流,人们会结识新的朋友,make friends。 35. A 有朋友的人更愉快,这也是他们长寿的原因。

Ⅳ. (A)

36. D 由第一段的第二句可知,这个男孩打过架后就回去找他爷爷了,并没有等到放学。 37. B 由第三段的第四个句子可知好老虎与周围的人相处很好。 38. C 由第四段的倒数第四个句子可知,这个“坏老虎”毫无任何理由地与其他人打架。 39. C 由最后一段可知,爷爷总是“善待培养这个好老虎”,他们才会“友好相处”,让


40. B


(B) 41. B 由第一段所列举的事例结合实际情况可知你最喜爱的篮球队赢了这场比赛的时


42. D 根据第二段可知,生气通常表现为呼吸加快,脸红,想毁坏东西甚至想打人,有

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时可能会头痛或胃痛。故选D。 43. D 根据第四段可知,当你生气时,可以做一些事情来缓解情绪。如与好朋友交谈、 数数、拥抱某人、骑自行车等,而不能向周围的人发泄。故选D。 44. A 由最后一句话可知不能让气愤的情绪控制你。故选A。 45. A 因为短文主要论述了生气的原因、表现及解决的办法。故选A。 (C) 46. C 在第一封信中,Mike讲述了自己受到了英语老师的误解,从而讨厌上英语课,


47. C Mike上英语课感到紧张,是因为他被罚在后面站了几分钟。故选C。 48. B 综合两封信的内容可知老师认为迈克不努力学英语。 49. C 由第二封信的倒数第三个句子可知要是迈克和她的老师谈一谈,老师会高兴的。 50. A B选项,Mike给编辑写信主要是向他求教怎样与英语老师相处的问题,而不是



第三部分 写作

Ⅰ. (A)51. fantastic

52. soft 53. sense 54. bosses 55. anyway (B)56. cheer us up

57. a history of over 500 years

58. It doesn’t matter

59. in good spirits

60. give him a surprise

Ⅱ. 61. a fear

Ⅲ. 参考范文:

Last Sunday evening, my father, mother and I went to see Beijing Opera. I was looking forward to seeing it, because I heard that it was our national opera with a history of 200 years. It expresses Chinese culture. It’s full of famous stories, beautiful facial paintings, wonderful gestures and fighting. On the night before we started, I felt so excited that I couldn’t sleep well. When we got to the theater, I found there were so many people. They looked very excited, too. Then I had a nice evening there. After seeing it, I think it is really wonderful.

62. to get 63. no longer 64. With; help 65. harder than

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