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晨练 play sports 第三课时 选择题 进行体育活动 have English class 上英语课 do morning exercises 吃早饭 eat dinner 吃晚饭 eat breakfast


1.根据汉语提示,写出下列单词 晨练_______________________吃早饭__________________ 上英 语课_________________ 进行体育活动__________________ 吃 晚饭___________________


1._________do you get up ? At 6:00

A when B What C When

2.I ususlly go to school______7:05.

A to B for C at 1.( )When do you do morning ____ ? A. exercise B. exercises C. exercising 2.( )I usually do homework _____ 6:00. A. on B. in C. at 3.( )____ do you play sports ? A. What B. Who C. When 4.( )I____ watch TV on Sunday. A. am B. do C. usually 5.( )I go to work at 6:00____ the morning . A. on B. in C. at



1.I often _____________.

Sometimes I _____________.

2.I often _____________ on Saturdays.

Sometimes I _____________.

3.I often _____________ and

_____________ on the weekend.

第五课时 一、抄写下列句子并翻译 1. What do you do on your weekend? 2. I usually clean my room. 3. Let’s go hiking together next Sunday. 二、选择 1、What do you do ___the weekend? A on B to C in 2.------______do you eat dinner?-----At 7:00. A Why B Which C When 3.Usually I go shopping.__________I go hiking.. A usually B often C Sometimes 4.I like music.I often _______on the weekend. A play football B play sports C play the piano

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