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一、quickly early late well good

4.She can play the piano 二、do (one’s ) homework

1. Rick often does ______(he) homework at 6:00. 2. He does his homework on weekends.

He homework on weekends. (否定句) he homework on weekends. (一般疑问句)三、be good for be good at be good with 1.—They are __________ the old people.

A. good at B. good for C. good on D. good with 2.He isn't good at __________(speak) Chinese. 3.Eating vegetables is good ________ us. 四、 in at on for 1.He goes to school eight o’clock the morning.

3.Students don’t go to Sundays. 4.He often plays chess 4:00 p.m.

May 17th.

6.My sister plays the guitar

7.He was born(出生) a cold morning. 五、job , work

1. ---Does your mother have a ________?--Yes, she _______in the hospital. A. work; works B. job; job C. job; works D. work; job 2. His father__________ (work) 8 hours every day. 六、 much many lots of some 1. I have _________homework to do . A. much B many C lot of D. a 2.There _______ (be) lots of water in the cup. 七、

1.It takes _______ (he) 5 hours ___________(do)his homework. 2.—How does he go to Hong Kong? —________.

A. Take the plane B. Take plane C. By the plane D. By the air 3. —_____ do you live from school? —8 miles.

A. How long B. How far C. How much D. Where 4. I usually go to school ________.

A. ride the bike B. on bike C. on the bike D. by my bike home?

A. How long; to get B. How soon; to get C. How often; get D. How long; get 4.I walk to school every day.____? 八、1. He wants __________(join) the swimming club. 2. They have much time ________(do) their homework. 3. Either Gina or I _________(be) good at English. 4. Lucy likes _________(play) sports. 5. He is _______(like) his father.

6.His mother wants his son _________(get) dressed.

Unit 3复习测试卷

I. 根据音标和所给句子写出正确的单词 1. An hour is sixty _____________ ['m?n?ts]. 2. I usually ___________ ['ra?d ] a bike to school. II. 翻译词组

1. 乘坐火车 _____________ 2. 乘公共汽车_____________ 3. 乘地铁__________4. 骑自行车______________ 5. 在周末 ____________ 6. 多远____________ III. 单选

1. ------___________ does Mary go to work ?------She rides her bike. A. Where B. How C. When D. Who 2. She usually ________ a taxi to her company. A. by B. on C. in D. takes

3. ------_________does it take to get to the school? ------About 10 minutes. A. How far B. How much C. How many D. How long 4. It takes me half an hour_____my homework every day. A. do B. doing C . does D. to do 5. _________is it from his home to school?

A. How often B. How much C. How far

A. What about you do B. What do you C. How about you D. What about your 8. He has to take a boat A. get B.to get C. got D. gets

10.一How many Chinese players (运动员) are there in the 2012 London Olympics (奥运会) ? 一About .

A.three hundred B.three hundreds C.three hundred of D.three hundreds of 12. Nancy loves stories for children.

A. write B. writes C. to write D. wrote 14. Mr Han has a son and he is happy.

A. 3 year old B. 3-year-old C. 3-years-old D. 3 years old 16.It usually takes about ten minutes ____to school. A. by bike B. on a bike C.to ride D. ride 第2课时

I. 根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词

1. My uncle has a car, he usually d______ to work. 2. What time do you go to school b________ bus? 3. I walk to school e__________ day.

4. There are nine ___________ (百)students in our school. 5. My home is about 15 k______________ from the school. 6. It usually takes us two hours _____________ (do) our homework.

II. 用适当的特殊疑问词填空。

1. -----__________ does Tom go to bed ?-----At half past eight . 2. ----- ________ can you do ? ----- I can dance .

3. -----_________ do you go to the bookstore ?-----By bus.

4. -----_________ is it from your home to school?----- It’s about 2 kilometers.

5. ------_________ does it take to get to school?----It takes about 15minutes . III. 句型转换.

1. Jane walks to school.(变为一般疑问句) ________ Jane ________ to school?


__________ __________ you __________ to school? 划线部分提问)

___________ do you ___________ to school? 3. My sister often goes to work by bus. (改为同义句)

My sister often _________ the bus_________ ________. __________ __________ __________ it __________ to get to school? __________ ________ __________ __________ from your home to school? 6. Tina always rides to school. (改为同义句)

Tina always goes to school ______ ___________. 7. I _________ (take/ride)a bike to my friend’s home. 8. John ___________(take) a subway to school every day.

第3课时I. 翻译词组

1. 认为 _______________________ 2. 过河上学______________________ 3. 在……和……之间 ____________________4. 滑铁索_______________________ 5. 一个11岁的男孩 _____________________________

6. 实现 ____________________ 7. 和我的同学们一起玩耍___________________ 8. 害怕____________________________

II. 单选

1. My home is about ten miles _________school. A. at B. of C. with D. from

2. Her mother goes to work ________ bus every morning . A . at B by C . on D. in 3. They cross the river _______ . A. by a ropeway B. in a ropeway C. on a ropeway D. at a ropeway 4. He walks___ the subway station and takes the subway. A. on B. for C. to D. in

5. ------______ do you think of your school life ? ------ It’s very exciting .

A. When B. How C. Why D. What III. 完成句子.

1. -----你怎样去上学? -----我骑自行车去。

------_________ do you get to school?------ I _________ my ___________. 2. 要花费多长时间?

________ _________ does it take ? 3. 他们的梦想会实现吗?

________ their dream _________ _________ ?


I. 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. What time _______your grandpa _______ (go) to bed ? 2. Can they ____________ (come) here ?

3. The bus station _____________ (be) interesting . 4. I want __________ (talk) to my best friend .

5. Thank you for ________ (take) me there in your car. II. 根据汉语提示完成单词

1. He often ___________ (穿过) the river to go to school . 2. My home is _________ (远的) away from our school. 3. There is a ___________ (桥) over the river. 4. They walk to the bus ____________ (车站). 5. I’m _____________ (害怕)of fire. III. 单选

1. Could you tell me ___________ he get to school ?? A . how B. why C. when D. whether 2. -----_________ is it from your home to school? ----- It’s about twenty minutes’ walk.

A. How long B. How far C. What D. How 3. My father _________ a walk every day.

A. take B. takes C. taking D. took. 4. My sister often takes the train ________school . A. to B on C. at D of

5. ------How do you come here? You look tired . ------ _______ . A. On bike B. By bike C. By a bike D. By a train IV. 句型转换

1. Ann does her homework at home .(改为否定句) Ann _________ _________ her homework at home. 对划线部分提问)

_________ __________ she _________ to work ? 3. They ride their bikes to work. (改为同义句) They go to work ________ ____________ . 4. I get to school by bike. (改为同义句)

I_________ _______ ___________ to school. 5. I get to school by bus. (改为同义句)

I _________ _______ ___________ to school. 6. I take the subway to school. (改为同义句) I get to school _______ ___________. 7. I get to school by car. (改为同义句)

I _________ _______ ___________ to school. 8. My sister usually gets to school on foot.(同意句) My sister usually _____________ _______ school. 9. He usually walks to school.

= He usually ___________to school________ ______. V. 汉译英

1. 我骑自行车到校。

I _________ ________ ________ ________ school. =I ________ ________ school ________ _________. 2. 我坐汽车到校。

I _________ ________ ________ ________ school. =I ________ ________ school ________ _________. 3. 他步行到校。

He _____________ ____________school.

=He___________ ________ school_________ ________.

The words in Unit 3 火车_____________ 公交车 ____________ 地铁____________ 乘地铁____________ 骑 ____________ 旅行____________ 自行车____________ 骑自行车____________ 六十____________ 七十____________ 八十____________ 九十____________ 百 ____________ 分钟____________ 远;远的____________ 公里____________

新的;刚出现的____________ 每一;每个____________


(表示方式)乘(交通工具)____________ 骑自行车____________

开车 ____________

















离开____________ 梦想;睡梦 v.做梦____________ 真的;符合事实的____________ 实现;成为现实____________

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