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第一部分 听力(共25分)


第二部分 笔试部分(共125分)


( )1.Do you remember the popular singer __________ long straight hair?

A. has B. is C. looks like D. with

( )2.We are having a math lesson now, you must stop _________ music.

A. listen B. to listen C. listening to D. for listening

( )3.Nobody ___________ his name, he is a new singer.

A. have B. knows C. know D. is

( )4. -- Can you tell me ______ last week? -- Sure. I stayed at home.

A. what did you do B. What did you do C. what you did D. what you do

( )5.There ______________ in the large bowls.

A. are some rices B. is some rice C. has some eggs D. have some noodles

( )6.--________? -- I’d like a large hamburger, please.

A .What do you do B .What can I do for you

C. Would you like some porridge D. What would you like?

( )7.I arrive _______Beijing at 8 in the morning. A. to B. at C. in D. about

( )8. -- ___________ there any students in the classroom?

-- No, there aren’t. But there _____________ some half an hour ago.

A. Are, were B. Were, are C. Are, are D. Were, were

( )9.-- What about _____ shopping this Sunday? -- Fantastic! I’d like ______ with you.

A. going , to go B. to go , going C. going , going D. to go , to go

( )10.-- _________ was the weather there __________? -- It was hot and humid.

A. How , \ B. What , \ C. How , like D. What , likes

( )11.Can you spend more time __________ English? If so, you can have fun __________.

A. read , learning B. read , learn C. reading , learning D. to read , learned

( )12. She’d _____________ some beef noodles for lunch.

A. likes B. like C. have D. has

( )13.He ________ his grandmother now. He also _________ her last month.

A. visits , visited B. is visiting , visited C. visiting , visits D. visited , visited

( )14. Linda with her mother __________ shopping now.

A: is go B: are going C: is going D: are go

( )15.I watched Wang Wang ___________ with a friendly white cat ten minutes ago.

A. played B. to play C. plays D.play


I’m Tom. I’m a student in a middle school. I’m glad to meet you here. First let me say and I.

worker. My mother is a teacher English. My sister is eighteen and my brother is sixteen. I’m fourteen. We are in the same middle school. We all study hard.

My home is at West Hill. There is a big river near our . Behind it there is a hill. There’s one big small trees are apple trees, there aren’t any pears or apples on them.my house.

two are black and white. We like them very much

( ) 16. A. anything B. something C. thing D. everyone

( ) 17. A. school B. house C. classroom D. family

( ) 18. A. big B. small C. young D. old

( ) 19. A. of B. in C. for D. on

( ) 20. A. two B. four C. three D. five

( ) 21. A. bedroom B. house C. room D. school

( ) 22. A. trees B. rivers C. houses D. schools

( )23. A. but B. and C. so D. or

( )24. A. He’s B. Here’s C. It’s D. There’s

( ) 25. A. other B. any C. the other D. some



Some family names come from colors in English. We know some family names like Green, White, Black, Blue and Brown. Mr. Wu has three foreign friends. They are Mr. Green, Mr. White and Mr. Brown. They all work in Beijing now.

Mr. Green’s name is Jeff Green. He is an English teacher at No. 4 Middle School. His wife is Helen Green. They are English. they have two children. Jim is their son and Kate is their daughter. Li Lei and Lin Tao are Jim’s classmates. They are in Class3, Grade1. their English teacher is Miss Gao. Jim has a bird and its name is Polly.

Mr. White is an American. His wife is Joan. They have three children——two daughters and a son. Jane White is fifteen. Emma White is twelve. They are middle school students. Their brother Bob is only nine. He is a student, too. Look, Jane is in a red sweater. Emma is in an orange hat and Bob is in a black coat.

Mr. Brown is an American, too. Jack Brown is his only child. He is twelve years old. Emma White is his classmate. Mr. Wu is their English teacher. They are in Class2, Grade1. They have many Chinese friends.

( A. five B. four C. three D. two

( )27. is Mr. Green’s name.

A. Jeff Green B. Helen Green C. Jim Green D. Kate Green


A. class two, grade one B. class three, grade one

C. Class Two, Grade One D. Class Three, Grade One

( )29. Mr. White has three children. Their names are A. Jim, Kate and Mary B. Jane, Emma and Bob

C. Helen, Jane and Emma D. Jane, Kate and Jack

( )30.

A. Miss. Gao B. Mr. Wu C. Mr. Green D. Mr. White


Michael is a super pop singer. He is very busy every week. This is his schedule (日程表) for

A. America B. England C. China D. Japan

( )32. He’s going to be in England on ________.

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday D. Thursday

( )33. He’s going to be with _____ on Wednesday.

A. his mother B. his father C. his daughter D. his girlfriend

( )34. The words “sick people” mean _________ here.

A.医生 B. 护士 C.病人 D. 游客

( )35. Michael’s schedule is very _________.

A. new B. full C. easy D. dangerous


( A. to Big Pizza B. call 62550011 C. call 88819056 D. go to 102 Ting Street ( )37. What can’t you have in Big Pizza ?

A.French fries B. Milk C. Juice D. Soup

( )38. What can you have at 11:30 p.m.?

A. French fries B. Mutton C. Pizza D. Fruit

( )39.Where Can you eat ice cream ?

A. In KFC. B. In Big Pizza. C. Italy. D. A&B

( )40.If you want to drink coke, you can go to the__________.

A.KFC B. Big Pizza C. supermarket D. Italy


Many years ago there was an old woman. She had no children because she did not like children at all. But she loved cats. She had mother cats and baby cats. She had black cats and white cats. The children in the neighborhood came to her house to play with the cats. More and more cats came to the old woman’s house. There were too many cats. The old woman couldn’t 主意). “The children love my cats,” she thought (想). So she gave each child a cat. Then she was very happy. And the children were very happy, too. And the cats were pleased, too, because they each had a room.

( )41. The old woman didn’t like.

A. old cats B. baby cats C. old people D. children

( )42. Why did the children come to the woman’s house?

A. To look at her house B. To help the old woman

C. To play with the cats D. To buy young cats

( )43. The word “feed” in the passage meansA. give food to B. look after C. live with D. play games

( .

A. the children liked the cats B. she couldn’t feed so many cats

C. more cats came to her house D. children came to her house very day

( )45. Finally (最后A. began to love children B. sold (卖掉) all her cats to children

C. bought enough food for the children’s cats D. could get enough (足够的) food for the cats in her house


(At Green Street Police Station) A=policeman B= woman

A: Excuse me. 46 __________?

B: Yes, it’s about my daughter. She goes to school in the morning and comes back home at five

o’clock in the afternoon every day. But now it’s six o’clock. She doesn’t come back now. A: Your daughter?47 ___________?

B: Her name is Nancy, Nancy Brown.

A: 48 ____________?

B: She is eight years old.

A: 49 _____________?

B: She is a little bit thin and medium build. She has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She is

wearing a green coat, blue pants and black shoes today.

A: 50 ___________?

B: No, she isn’t at school. I call her teacher, Miss Green. She says Nancy leaves school at 4:55. A: OK, Mrs. Brown. We will try (尽力) to look for her. We will call you if we find her.


51. Yesterday I just stayed at home and didn’t do anything. (改为同义句)

Yesterday I just stayed at home and ____________ ____________.

52. He is visiting his grandmother now. (用last month改写)

He _____ _______ his grandmother last month.

53. They enjoyed themselves in the park the day before yesterday. (改为同义句)

They __________ a __________ ___________ in the park the day before yesterday. 54 Do you want to go to the mountains? (同义句)

____________ you ___________ to go the mountains?

55. Lucy played tennis last weekend. (改为否定句)

Lucy __________ __________ tennis last weekend.

B: I’m 56_______________ a book?

A: What’s your 57__________________ subject?

B: English.

A: Can you 58_______________ English?

B: Yes, I can. I 59_________________ to talk to my pen pal. She is good at English.

A: Where does your pen pal 60_____________________?

B: She is from England.


61. Look! There is a lot of people on the hill._______

62.Let’s went fishing after school this afternoon. ________

63.Remember do your homework on time. _________

64.Thanks for joinning our music club. __________

65.Do they running on the playground now? __________

66.I know he is arrives tomorrow. ____________

67.Do you want to be for the school play?_________

68.She is surprising at the bad news. __________

69.What does he look like before? He was fat. _______

70.How do you think of the game shows? _______


Sam 昨天八点钟起床,然后去公园,他在公园玩得很开心,中午和父母在麦当劳(McDonald’s)吃午饭。下午Sam和他的同学在学校打篮球,从下午四点一直打到下午六点。晚饭后,Sam和父亲一起散步,一起听音乐。这天Sam过得多开心!




一、1-5 DCBCB 6-10 DCAAA 11-15 CBBCD 二、AEBDF 三、21.did nothing

22.visited 23.had, great time 24.Would, like 25.didn’t play四、

26.reading 27.favorite 28.speak 29.want 30.from

五、31-35 BDDAC 36-40 BAABC 六、41-45 CADBB 46-50 ABDCB 51-55 BACDA 56-60 DCABD 七、略

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