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When high school started, Sally and I became best friends. We shared many interests and quickly became very close.When high school ended, we both cried because we would enter different in autumn. (一) Our first term of college life was , so we often sent 亲爱的同学: long e-mails and encouraged each other. We missed each other 欢迎参加考试!请你认真审题,积极思考,细心答题,发挥最佳水平。so much! In the second term, I found some new friends and I felt 答题时,请注意以下几点: very with them. These were friends with whom I 1.全卷共有六大题,61小题。全卷满分95分。考试时间90分钟。 could be myself and pour out my feelings. I was eager* to share 2.答案必须写在答题纸相应的位置,写在试题卷和草稿纸上均无效。 my new friends with Sally. 3.答题前,认真阅读答题纸上的注意事项,按规定答题。带*的词在 When Sally __14__visited me at my school,we were 后面的小词典里查阅。 excited.She brought a toy bear to me __15___a present and told 祝你成功! me about her college life. something unexpected happened when I introduced her to my new 一.语言知识运用(本题有10小题,每题1分,共10分) friends.Her eyes grew dark and I could see the 请从A,B,C,D四个选项中选出一个可以填入空白处的最sadness in them.My new friends tried to share their 佳选项。 friendship, but Sally seemed unwilling to accept it.I 1.---Who’s that boy? didn't understand people I loved most ---Liang Bo.He is ____________very popular in Voice of couldn't love each other. China. Sally left. I knew she was not happy. I thought long about A.the B.an C.a D.\ what had happened. I asked her many questions but she didn’t 2.---When did the earthquake of Ya’an happen? answer me. I that she was jealous*. She saw me with ----It happened ___________April 20,2013. my new friends and was afraid that we no longer shared the A.at B.in C.on D.to same experiences. She saw that I could still enjoy myself 3.---What do you think of this ______________? her and wished she could be a part of it. ----I love it.I learned a lot about Steve Jobs after reading it. I wrote Sally a letter to she's always my best friend. A.orange B.schoolbag C.movie D.book I told her everyone had friends from home and friends from 4.---Did you visit the 23rd National Book Expo in April? school, and all the friends were indeed life's greatest ----Yes,it was really _____________.We saw many famous .Sally wrote me back soon. She was in agreement and felt people,like Mo Yan,Ni Ping and Yu Dan. sorry about she had done. A.excited B.exciting C.bored D.boring I think Sally and I an important lesson from it. 5.---What are you looking for? Nothing can influence our and change the experiences ---I am looking for the pen _________I bought yesterday. we've shared.We are now walking on two different paths* of A.who B.where C.whose D.that

life. While new friends are special and exciting, old friends are 6.---Listen!Is Mr White giving a report in the hall?

there, waiting to share their heart, no matter* how far ----No,it __________be him.He has gone to Japan.

A.can’t B.may not C.mustn’t D.needn’t away they are from each other. 7.---Zhou Libo can always ___________some special ways to 11.A. camps B. colleges C. classes D. clubs make his talk shows more popular in China. 12.A. hard B. peaceful C. modern D. normal ---Yeah.He is very smart and creative. 13.A. anxious B. strange C. nervous D. comfortable A.be afraid of B.take pride in C.come up with D.take care 14.A. quickly B. finally C. luckily D. easily of 15.A. for B. like C. as D. by 8.---What did you do last Sunday? 16.A. Because B. However C. Therefore D. Though ---I __________to see the movie Tai Jiong with my friend.It

17.A. how B. whether C. that D. why was really funny.

A.go B.had gone C.went D.have 18.A. hoped B. wondered C. understood D. dreamed gone 19.A. without B. from C. for D. across 9.---Who helped Cindy with her math? 20.A. suppose B. explain C. guess D. predict ---___________,she taught herself. 21.A. achievement B. problem C. gift D. sign A.Anybody B.Nobody C.Somebody 22.A. that B. what C. how D. when D.Everybody 23. A. lend B. learn C. borrow D. plan 10.--Hi,Tom.Do you know ____________on micro messages? 24. A. looks B. interests C. friendship D. hobbies ---We can chat with our friends by using texts,voice messages 25.A. always B. never C. sometimes D. already or pictures. 三.阅读理解(本题有15小题,每小题2分,共30分) A.what we can do B.why can we chat

阅读下面的短文,从每小题所给的A.B.C.D四个选项中选C.when we can do D.how can we chat

二. 完形填空(本题有15小题,每小题1分,共15分) 出最佳答案。

A 阅读下面短文,掌握大意,然后从A.B.C.D四个选项中 2014年温州市初中毕业生学业考试英语学科笔试模拟试题


Nowadays,smog is one of the most serious environmental problems concerned by human society.Poor air has done harm to people’s health.Children and the elderly are easier to have health problems with air pollution.

An expert told Beijing News that PM2.5 pollution is the main problem.And the two major factors that cause PM2.5 are motor vehicle*and the burning of coal.It’s reported that the pollution that one car produces every year is six times as heavy ae the weight of the car itself.And about 10,000 new cars are sold every day in China.Can you imagine how terrible it is!

Something must be done to reduce air pollution.People should try to use clean fuel*and plant more trees.Cars with large emissions*shouldn’t be allowed and factories should be closely watched."We hope more people will join us in making a difference.With all our efforts,the blue sky will certainly return for good,"said Shi Yucong,a middle school student.

26.Who are easier to have health problems with air pollution? A.Men and woman. B.Children and the elderly. C.Students. D.Adults.

27.How many ways are mentioned in the passage to reduce air pollution?

A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4

28.We probably read this section from a(n)_________________. A.advertisement B.story book C.science magazine D.travel guidebook B

After death, John went to see God. God looked at him, feeling very unhappy, “You’ve lived in this world for 60 years. Why haven’t you gotten any result at all?” God asked.

John argued, “My God, I couldn’t become a successful person just because you didn’t give me any chance. If you let that magic apple hit on my head, the man who found the law of gravity* should be me.”

God said, “OK, we might as well try again.”

God rocked his hands and the time turned back to a few hundred years ago.

God shook the apple tree for the first time, when a red apple fell and happened to drop on John’s head. John picked up the apple, wiped it and ate it up as soon as possible.

God allowed another bigger apple drop on John’s head and John ate it up once again.

God shook the apple tree for the third time, when a much bigger apple fell on John’s head. John got mad, picked up the apple, threw it out heavily. Then he shouted angrily: “The apple annoyed my sweet dream! What a bad luck!”

The apple flew out and happened to fall on Newton’s head. Newton awoke and picked up the apple. After a long time of thinking, he discovered the law of gravity at last. The time returned once again now.

God said to John, “John, do you understand it now?”

John asked, “My God, please give me another chance…I will …”

God shook his head and said, “No. The chance that the apple drops on the head of everyone is the same, but each person’s ability to catch the chance is different.” 29. When did John die?

A. At the age of 50. B. At the age of 60. C. At the age of 70. D. At the age of 80. 30. How many times was John hit by apples?

A. Once. B. Twice. C. Three times. D. Four times.


31. What did John do after he was hit by the apple for the second time?

A. He ate the apple at once. B. He got angry and shouted. C. He threw the apple out. D. He thought something over. 32. Which is the best title of the passage?

A. God’s Words B. Annoying Apples C. John’s Life D. Lost Chances


Have you heard of Chen Binqiang in Zhejiang Province? Over the past six years, he has taken care of his mother who got Alzheimer’s* disease.

Chen’s mother, 64-year-old Chen Yueguang, has been ill since 2007. The illness became very serious quickly and she has lost the ability to speak and has become incontinent*. None of Chen’s other family members, however, could take care of their sick mother. Chen’s father died in a traffic accident when he was eight, his two sisters married far away and his wife has a 92-year-old grandmother to look after.

Chen taught Chinese in Central School of Lengshui town, which is about 30 kilometers away from his home in Pan’an. So he spent five days at school and only went home on weekends. When he said he would take his mother to work, even n’t think it is a good idea for him to take care of his mother in school. She worries he would lost his job because of this.

But Chen has made the decision. Soon he was putting a safety hat onto his mother’s head and helping her sit on his electric bike’s back seat. He thinks that his mother used to take him around and now he should take her.

These days, things got a little easier for him. With the help of Pan’an government, Chen got a new job in Pan’an Middle School in October 2012. The new school is only five minutes’ ride from his home, which means he can take care of his mother more conveniently.

Chen feels happiest when his mother is looking at him. She must have forgotten who he is, and she even can’t call his name. But she surely knows that Chen is kind to her. He feels that is enough.

On February 19th, 2013, Chen got the prize for Touching China, held by China Central Television to honor those whose performances have moved the people.

33. What does Chen Binqiang do? He is ___________,

A. a farmer B. a driver C. a postman D. a teacher 34. The word “doubtful” in Paragraph 3 means ________. A. 疑惑 B. 明白 C. 预料 D. 支持 35. How did Chen take her mother to his school? A. In his car. B. In a taxi. C. By electric bike. D.On foot. 36. The passage mainly tells us _______.

A. people will live a very hard life if our parents become seriously ill

B. it should be allowed to take care of our mothers at work places

C. a man who shows loving care for his mother and his great spirit

D. Touching China honors people whose performances move us


You are surfing the Internet now,aren’t you?Everybody knows the Internet we’re surfing is called World Wide Web--that is www. But do you know who invented the internet?Most people think it may be Bill Gates.No,it’s not the chairman of Microsoft Company.At the end of 1990,the World Wide Web was born.For this event we have one man to thank,Tim Berners Lee,the father of the Web.

Berners Lee was born on June 8,1955 in London,England.His parents,both computer designers,encouraged him to think and work creatively as he grew up.He was an excellent student and naturally took an interest in computers and science.

After graduating from Oxford University,Tim went to work at a science research center in Switzerland.There he developed some of the different systems that would later become the Web.The first was HTML,the computer language used to make web pages.The second was an address system that let computers anywhere find each other and send and receive information.In 1990,while still at the science center in Switzerland,he put them together to make the first Internet browser*.It could run on any computer and allowed people to create website to share their information with the rest of the world.

Tim knew that the more people used the Web,the more useful it would be.He wasn’t interest in money but knowledge,so he gave out his invention for free to anyone who was interested.Many were interested and the growth of the Internet began.

Today Tim works as a professor at the MIT in America,researching new and interesting ways to use the Web.He has received many awards from governments and organizations for his efforts.He is still not very interested in money.That is why he is so admired by his students and workmates.It may also be one of the reasons that few people outside the world of technology know his name.

37.Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?

A.The address system was used to make web pages. B.The World Wide Web was created in Switzerland. C.The first web browser was very expensive to buy. D.Many people could use the Internet before 1990.

38.What can we learn about Berners Lee from the passage? A.He was encouraged to be creative. B.He didn’t do well at school.

C.He is a very poor businessman. D.He is well known all over the world. 39.Where does Berners Lee live today?

A.England B. Switzerland C.America D.Canada 40.What is the passage mainly about? A.The events that took place in 1990. B.The history of the Internet.

C.The invention of the Internet browser. D.The man who created WWW.



41. Tom is my good friend and he often helps me ______ my English.

42. Look! The old man ______ a big box. Let’s give him a hand. 43. Let’s go to the _________ today. I want to watch a movie about sharks.

44.She could _______ move because she got badly injured in the earthquake.

45. The weather today is much ________ than that of yesterday. B. 阅读下面短文,然后根据括号内所给汉语意思写出单词的正确形式(每空一词)。

Great pressure, polluted environment and bad habits make us feel sick. And a new kind of bird flu--H7N9 puts 46_________(我们) into a more serious situation. More and more people begin to think it’s really important to (保持)healthy. There are four ways we can 48 (跟随).

First, it is very important to start good habits in your daily life, such as living without wine or smoke,49________(睡觉) on time and doing more exercise in your (自由的)time. Second, try to eat the 正确的) food in a balanced way. You should give up eating junk food if some weight 题)bothers you. Third, relax 53 (你自己). Do not care too much about the little things and laugh at a certain time. (第四),travel a lot in your holiday. You can go to some beautiful places with clean air and lovely plants. In this way, you can make the life better and 55_____________(更健康). 五、任务型阅读(本题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分) 每一幅新闻图片的背后都蕴藏着一个故事。配对新闻内容及图片,请把A、B、C、D、E字母填入相对应的题项空格中。

56 57 58

59 60

A. China's Li Na hits a shot during her first round match against Christina McHale of the US at the Sydney International tennis tournament Jan 7, 2013.

B. A teacher leads a class of students doing their exercises between classes in a classroom instead of outdoors, at a primary school in the city of Jinan on Jan 14.

C. An artist performs Beijing Opera to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival in Cairo, capital of Egypt, Jan 28, 2013.

D. A child gets a haircut at a barber shop in Huaibei, Anhui province, March 13, 2013. Many Chinese who follow tradition choose to have their hair cut on Feb 2 on the lunar calendar.

E. Students carry trees to be planted in a school in Zhumadian City, Henan Province, March 11, 2013.



61.2013年世界读书日(World Reading Day)主题是:“阅读,让我们的世界更丰富。”莫言认为:“任何一个梦想,都可能因为读书而产生!”。为了号召更多青少年多读书、读好书,21世纪英语报在征集“读书倡议书”, 请根据以下表


2. 词数100左右,开头已给出,不计入词数; 3. 文中不能出现真实的学校、班级和姓名。

参考词汇:much homework, after-class lessons, choose, knowledge, happy Dear teenagers,

As we know,books are our best friends.However,________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yours,sincerely David.



1--5_________________ 6--10____________________ 11--15_______________ 16-20____________________ 21-25_______________ 26-30____________________ 31-35________________ 36-40_____________________ 41.____________42_____________43___________________ 44______________45_______________46________________ 47______________48_______________49________________ 50_____________51_________________52_______________ 53_____________54_________________55_______________ 56--60__________________________________



1--5CCDBD 6-10ACCBA 11--15BADBC 16-20BDCAB 21--25CBBCA

26-30BDCBC 31-35ADDAC 36-40CBACD 41.with 42.is carrying 43.nodding

44.hardly 45.warmer 46.us 47.keep\stay\be 48.follow

49.sleeping 50.free

51.right\correct 52.problems 53.yourself 54.Fourth 55.healthier 56-60CDBEA

61.One possible version:

Dear teenagers,

it’s a common phenomenon that many students have no free time to read books.On the one hand,they have much homework every day.On the other hand,they have to join all kinds of after-class lessons on weekends.For many students,they also don’t know how to choose good books.As we know,it influences our interest in reading.

As a matter of fact,reading books does gives us a lot.First of all,we can get plenty of knowledge from books.It’s surely helpful for our study.Secondly,a saying goes,"Books are our good friends."So reading books makes us happy.Last but not the least,we can learn more about the world by reading books,which can help us have a brighter future.

If we want to get more benefits from books,we supposed to read more books and read good books.As for students,choosing proper books is very important.What’s more,it’s a good idea to write some articles after reading books.We’re sure to understand the ideas more deeply.And why not discuss about the books with our friends or classmates?You can’t imagine how helpful it is. So let’s read books together!We are looking forward to a big change tomorrow.


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