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2013年最新版八年级上Unit 3 课文讲解

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2013年最新版八年级上Unit 3 课文讲解 Unit3 computers

1) order 订货 (n) make an order

The factory has received an order for 2,000 machine tools.


order 订购 (v)

They have ordered 1,000 oil pumps from our factory.


2)compare 比较,对比

If you compare both our cars, you will find them very much alike. 如果你把我俩的轿车比较一下,就会发现他们很相似。

a)表示把….与比较, 通常用Compare …with…

If you compare his work with/ and /to hers, you find hers is much better. 要是把他两的工作比较一下,就会发现他的要好得多。

b) 表示把….比作…. (比喻) ,通常用Compare …to…

Shakespeare compared the world to a stage. 莎士比亚把世界比作舞台 c)表示比得上,通常用Compare with或Compare to

My English can not compare with/to his. 我的英语水平不能与他相比。

3)monitor 显示器

The monitor is 22 inches 这台显示器是22英寸的


We all made Linda monitor of our class. 我们都选琳达做我们班的班长。


For a good stereo effect, the speakers should not be too wide apart. 为了达到理想的立体声效果, 扬声器之间的距离不能太远.


A crowd gathered around the speaker. (Speak 说话, speech, 演讲) 一群人围着这为演说家

5)main unit 主机

Connect the mouse and keyboard to the main unit first.


6) keyboard 键盘

Keyboard of this brand are very expensive.


7) mouse鼠标

Use the mouse to drag the icon to a new position



Use the keyboard to type in the channel number用键盘键入频道号


He suffered serious brain damage in a car accident.他出了车祸,脑部受了重伤 Brain还有脑力智力的意思

She has a very quick brain and learns fast.

他头脑灵活, 学得很快

10) control操纵,控制

This button controls the temperature in the room



Our family controls the company.这个公司由一个家族掌管

The enemy managed to take control of the city


Lose control of 失去对…控制 He lost control of the car and it crashed

under control 得到控制 It took several hours to bring the fire under control out of control 失去控制 The car ran out of control and crashed

in control of 掌管 The police are again in control of the area

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