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2013七年级上Unit4 单元测试

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Unit 4





16.bring(反义词)________.17需要_______.18.地板________.19.alarm clock_______

二.词汇考查: 20.video tape._________


①Where’s the _________________(baseball)? It’s in the backpack.

②Are her _______(key) on the table ? ③Can you bring some _______(book) to school ?

④They are in ____ (I) backpack. ⑤That isn’t her ______________.(note book)

⑥Those are my __________ (picture).


①The book is _________ my ____________(在我的书包里).

②Our English teacher________ ________ that room.(在那个房间里)

③Your notebooks _________ ____________the desk.(在书桌下面)

④Are they_________ her _________?(在她床上吗)

⑤Her keys _______ ________ the dresser.(在梳妆台上)。


( )1.I can see____baseball._____ baseball is under the chair.

A.a\ A B.a\ The. C.the\ a

( )2.Your father needs it .Please___it to your father. A.take B.bring C.need

( )3.Can you ___these things to school? I need them. A.take B.bring C.need

( )4.--___are my keys? –They are on the sofa. A.What B.Who C.Where

( )5.—Where are my pencils ?--___.

A.I don’t know. B.It’s on the desk. C.No,they’re not.


1.book,the,my, is, on, dresser.(连词成句)________________________________________

2.My backpack is 对划线部分提问)________ ________ backpack ?

3.His notebook is in the drawer.(改为一般疑问句) _____ his __________ in the drawer ?

4.Where is her plant ?(改为复数) Where _________ her _________? 5.her,the,picture,are,desk,on.(连词成句____________________________________.

五.看图补全对话 )

A: Where __________ the balls ? (注behind在…后面)

B: Are __________ under the chair ?

A: _________,they aren’t. They’re ________ the _________.

B: Where _________ the bag ?

A: Is __________ behind the chair ?

B: ______, it is.

A: _______ the chair ? Do you _______ ?

B: It’s behind the desk.



( )1.Where’s Tom ? Do you know ? A. He’s in the classroom with Bill.

( )2.What’s on the table ? B. There’s some money in it.

( )3.Where are Tom and Jim ? C. They are at home today.

( )4.What’s your friend’s name ? D. Let’s go to school .

E.Let me see.I think there is a ping-pong.

七.完型填空: F. Her name is Ann Read.

This is my bedroom.I can pictures on the wall. The light(灯) is the desk. The football is the chair. is the bed? It’s near(在…附近) the desk.

My father and bedroom is near my room.他们的) 门) is in the wall,I like my room and they like ( )1.A.a B.an C.one D.four. ( )6.A. A. B.Some. C.some D.an

( )2.A.under.B.on C.in D.behind ( )7.A.am B.is C.are D.be

( )3.A.on B.to C.under. D.for. ( )8.A.in B.on C.behind D.under

( )4.A.Who. B.What. C.Which D.Where ( )9.A.to B.too C.two D.also

( )5.A.sister B.brother C.mother’s D.mother ( )10.A.their B.they C.them D.their room.


This is Joan and Kate’s bedroom. The blue bed is Kate’s and the green one is Joan’s. They aren’t twins(双胞胎). Kate is thirteen.Joan is fifteen.Joan’s sweater is on the bed,and Kate’s is on the chair.A football is under the table. It’s Jim’s. Jim is Joan and Kate’s friend. They are all English.They are in the same school.注:sweater毛衣

( )1. Joan and Kate are______.

A.twin sisters B.sister C.in the same class. D.thirteen

( )2. Joan and Kate_____. A.live in the same room.

B.aren’t in the same bedroom. C.have the same bed. D.have a football.

( )3.The sweater on the chair is__.

A.green. B.Joan’s C.yellow and green D.Kate’


( )

C.in the sisters’ bedroom D.on the chair.

( )5.They are all____.

A.Japanese B.in the same grade C.in yellow swesters. D.middle school students 九.写作:以my bedroom为题写一篇40—50字的小段文.(帽子在椅子上,棒球在床底下,书在书包里……)



二.①baseball ②keys ③books ④my ⑤notebook ⑥pictures

①in—my ②is in ③are under ④on bed ⑤are in


四.1.The book is on my dresser. 2.Where’s your

3.Is—notebook 4.are—plants. 5.The pictures are on her desk.

五.are ;they;No;under;desk;is;it;Yes;Where’s;know.


七.1-5DBCDC 6—10BCABD

八. 略


4.Jim’s football is__ A.under the table in his bedroom. B.an English one.

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