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2013七年级上Unit8 Unit8测试

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新目标七年级Unit 8单元测试


( ) 1. Do you have _______ Art Festival every year?

A. a B. an C. the

( ) 2. Sally is a schoolgirl. She is _______ years old.

A. thirteen B. thirteenth C. thirty

( ) 3. _______ comes before(在……前) December, but after October.

A. November B. September C. January

( ) 4. Our school has a sports meeting(运动会) _______ October 15th.

A. at B. on C. in

( ) 5. There are ______ months in a year. The ______ month is December.

A. twelve; twelve B. twelfth; twelfth C. twelve; twelfth

( ) 6. My shoes are in my room, but ______ under the desk.

A. Mike is B. Mike’s are C. Mike’s is

( ) 7. Mrs Green is _______ aunt.

A. Jim’s and Kate B. Jim’s and Kate’s C. Jim and Kate’s

( ) 8. —_______ is your mother?

—She’s thirty-five.

A. How old B. How C. What

( ) 9. —_______ do you go to school every day?

—At 7:30.

A. How B. What C. When

( )10. —Happy birthday to you!


A. Thank you. B. The same to you. C. Happy birthday!


Today is November 8th. It’s Gina’s . She is Jim, Kate and Bill friends. They to buy some presents(礼物) schoo1. There are . They take a big birthday cake, two , a pencil case and notebooks. They see a nice doll(洋娃娃), but the too high(高的).

( )11. A. age B. birth C. birthday

( )12. A. thirteenth B. thirteen C. the thirteenth

( )13. A. our B. his C. her

( )14. A. want B. play C. help

( )15. A. to B. from C. for

( )16. A. much B. no C. lots of

( )17. A. store B. family C. school

( )18. A. pencil B. pencils C. doll

( )19. A. a B. two C. the

( )20. A. date B. sale C. price




( ) 21. have the same (相同的) birthday.

A. Jim and Nancy B. Nancy and Gina C. Gina and Grace

( ) 22. Jim and Grace A. are 16 years old B. have the same first name C. have the same family name

( ) 23. From the four ID cards, we know .

A. Jim is t

he oldest (最大的).

B. Nancy is the youngest (最小的).

C. Jim and Gina are of the same age.

根据上面的内容, 判断正(T)误(F)。

( ) 24. Tina’s birthday is November 14.

( ) 25. “Place” means (意思是) “地点” in Chinese.

( ) 26. Jane can go to Tina’s party and the speech contest.



27. What does Jack’s school have on October 1st ?

28. When is Jack’s mother’s birthday ?

29. Does Jack have a soccer game on October 21st?

30. Where does Jack want to go on October 30th ?



31. Birthday means(指的是) the d________ of one’s birth.

32. —How o__________ is your sister?

—She is five.

33. We have a Music __________(节日) at our school.

34. We have a school ___________(郊游) every year.

35. August is the e_________ month of the year.

B) 用所给单词的适当形式填空。(5分)

36. His brother is ten __________(year) old.

37. September is the __________(nine) month of the year.

38. I’m the first to come, and you are the __________(two).

39. Those two girls are _________(Chinese).

40. When is your _________(cousin) birthday?

五、根据语境及标点提示,填入恰当的句子补全对话。 A: Hello!My name is Leila.

B: Hi!I’m Tina. Nice to meet you.

A: Nice to meet you, too. 41____________?

B: I’m thirteen. What about you?

A: I’m twelve. 42____________________?

B: It’s March 5th. And you?

A: 43________________________.

B: Oh, today(今天) is June 7th. Your birthday is tomorrow(明天). 44_______________?

A: Yes, I want to have a birthday party. 45________________________?

B: Yes, I can. Thank you.

六、句型转换,每空一词。 对画线部分提问)

______ ______ your birthday?

47. I’对画线部分提问)

______ ______ are you?

48. We have a School Day each year. (改为一般疑问句)

______ you ______ a School Day each year?

49. How old are you? (改为同义句)

What’s ______ ______?

50. Julia’s birthday is August 15th. (改为同义句)

The _________ of Julia’s ________ is August 15th.


51. 学校旅游是在什么时候?

When is the _______ _______?

52. 五月的第二个星期天是母亲节。

The ________ Sunday in ________ is Mother’s Day.

53. 吉姆在家举行生日聚会吗?

_________ Jim _________ his birthday party at home?

54. 我们学校每年都举行篮球比赛。

We have basketball games at our school ________ ________.

55. 你们什么时候举行英语演讲比赛?

When do you have the _______ _______ contest?



My brother


一、 1-5 BAABC 6-10 BCACA

二、11-15 CBCAC 16-20 CABBC

三、A) 21-23 BCC B) 24-26 FTT

C) 27. His school has a music festival.

28. His mother’s birthday is October 5th.

29. Yes, he does.

30. He wants to go to the clothes store.

四、A) 31. date 32. old 33. Festival 34. trip 35. eighth

B) 36. years 37. ninth 38. second 39. Chinese 40. cousin’s

五、41. How old are you, Tina 42. When is your birthday

43. My birthday is June 8th 44. Do you want to have a party

45. Can you come to my party

六、46. When is 47. How old 48. Do; have 49. your age 50. date; birth

七、51. school trip 52. second; May 53. Does; have 54. each year 55. English speech

八、One possible version:

Hello! This is my brother. His name is Robert. He is eighteen year old. His birthday is April 15th. He is a clerk in a store. He likes basketball and music. He thinks they are fun and relaxing. For foods, he likes hamburgers, chicken and fruits. He thinks they are healthy. He has three good friends—Helen, Kate and Mona.

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