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2013七年级上Unit3 单元测试

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Ⅰ.找出每组词中不同类的一个 ( )1.A.pen B.pencil ( )2.A.key B.book ( )3.A.the B.of ( )4.A.this B.that ( )5.A.your B.her



C.ruler C.notebook C.a

C.please C.his D.ring

D.dictionary D.an D.it D.I

6.b ________ 7.r ________ 8.pe ________ 9.e ________ 10.ba ________


11.用英语________ 12.卷笔刀________ 13.电子游戏________

14.一套、一副________ 15.失物招领________


Finland Angola Italy Canada Holland England France Japan Germany Brazil 16.________ 17.________ 18.________ 19.________ 20.________ 21.________ 22.________ 23.________ 24.________ 25.________


( )26.Tom is his ________ name.

A.last B.first C.family D.Chinese

( )27.Is this your backpack? ________. A.Yes, it’s B.Yes, it is C.No, it not D.No, its not

( )28.How do you spell pen? ________. A.This is a pen B.It’s a pen C.P— E— N D.Yes. P— E— N

( )29.Is that your watch? ________.

A.Yes, I am B.No, I’m not C.Yes, that is D.No, it isn’t

( )30.Please call me ________ 9543526.

A.in B.of C.at D.on

( )31.This is ________ eraser and that’s ________ gold ring.

A.a, a B.an, an C.a, an D.an, a

( )32.What’s this ________ Chinese? It is“Dian shi”.

A.in B.of C.at D.for

( )33.________ Gina, this is ________ book.

A.I’m, my B.I’m, an C.She’s, his D.He’s, her

( )34.This is ________ apple. It’s ________ red apple.

A.a, a B.a, an C.an, a D.an, an

( )35.Sorry, this is not ________ ruler.

A.my a B.a my C.an D.my

( )36.Kate is ________ English. She is ________ English student.

A.an, an B.×, × C.an, × D.×, an

( )37.________ you Miss Read? Yes. My name ________ Sue Read.

A.Are, am B.Are, is C.Is, are D.Is, is

( )38.Tom and I ________ good friends. He ________ twelve.

A.are, is B.am, is C.is, are D.are, are

( )39.Your watch is very nice. ________.

A.No, it isn’t B.Yes C.Thank you D.Sorry

( )40.________ , I’m late. That’s all right.

A.Sorry B.Excuse me C.I sorry D.I’m wrong


how, am, are, his, your, her, my, is, an, what

41.She is a student and ________ name is Maria.

42.Wang Hong,this is ________ bag. Here you are.

43.Where is ________ eraser? I can’t find it.

44.Peter is English. Mr Zhang is ________ Chinese teacher.

45.Excuse me! ________ this your gold ring?

46.________ you Lucy? Yes,I am.

47.This is ________ old watch.

48.I ________ a Chinese boy.

49.________ is that in English? It’s a watch.

50.________ do you spell computer? C—O—M—P—U—T—E—R.



56.This is an ID card. (就画线部分提问)

57.That is a notebook. (改为一般疑问句)

58.Is this his backpack? (做出肯定的简略回答)

59.It is Lucy’s dictionary. (改为否定句)

60.Is that her nice watch? (变为肯定的陈述句)


61.Think, I, pencil, it, his, is, (.)

62.know, you, do, how, him, (?)

63.boy, friend, the, your, is, (?)

64.not, it, this, gold, ring, my, (.)

65.in, the, that, your, and, lost, found, case, key, is, (?)


B: My name is Liu Ying. A: 68 ?

B: Fine. 69 . And you?

A: 70 , too. 71 , what’s this in English? B: 72 .

A: Can you spell it, please?

B: 73 . P— E— N— C— I— L, pencil. A: Thank you. 74 ? B: I’m thirteen. A: Goodbye! B:


A: Excuse 76 , what’s 77 , please? B: My name is Ann Read. And 78 ? B: How do you do?

A: 80 in the bag? Is it a pear? B: No, It’s 81 orange.

A: What 82 that in English? B: It’s a bus, a 83 bus.

A: 84 . Can you 85 “bus”? B: Yes, I can. b-u-s, bus. ( )76.A.my B.me C.I ( )77.A.that B.it C.this ( )78.A.are you B.your C.name ( )79.A.How B.How do C.How are ( )80.A.What B.Is C.What’s ( )81.A.× B.a C.an ( )82.A.is B.are C.am D.be ( )83.A.chinese B.Chinese C.China ( )84.A.Sorry B.Excuse me C.Good ( )85.A.say B.look C.meet


A)阅读下面对话,判断正(T)误(F) A: Hello!

B: Hello! What’s your name?

D.you D.your name D.your name D.How old D.How D.the D.English D.No D.spell

A: My name is Wang Lin. What about you?

B: My name is Wei Hua. How are you?

A: I’m fine, thank you. And you?

B: I’m fine, too. What grade are you in, Wang Lin?

A: I’m in Grade One. Are you in Grade One,too?

B: No, I’m in Grade Two. How old are you?

A: I’m eleven. What about you?

B: I’m one year older than you.

A: Oh! What is in your hand?

B: It is an orange.

A: Can you spell it?

B: Yes, O—R—A—N—G—E, orange.

( )86.Wang Lin is in Grade Two. ( )87.Wei Hua is in Grade one.

( )88.Wang Lin is eleven. ( )89.Wei Hua is twelve. ( )90.There is an orange in Wang Lin’s hand.


Peter and I are good friends. Peter is an American boy. I am a Japanese girl. He is thirteen. I am twelve. We are in the same class,Class Two.

Peter has a nice clock. He likes it very much. He puts it on his desk. Every morning it wakes him up(叫醒他). I have a new watch. It looks beautiful. I wear(戴)it everyday. It tells me the time. It helps(帮助)me a lot in my daily life. I can not live without it.

( )91.Peter and I are ________.

A.friends B.teachers C.sisters D.brothers

( )92.Peter is ________.

A.an English boy B.a Japanese girl

C.an American boy D.an English girl

( )93.I have ________.

A.a beautiful clock B.an old watch

C.a new watch D.a nice clock

( )94.Peter ________.

A.wears his clock everyday B.puts his clock on his desk

C.wears his new watch every day D.likes his new watch very much ( )95.Peter and I are ________.

A.in different classes B.in the same row

C.in Class Two D.in America





Ⅰ.1.D 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.D

Ⅱ.6.basketball 7.ruler 8.pencil 9.eraser 10.backpack 11.in English

12.pencil sharpener 13.computer game 14.a set of 15.1ost and found Ⅲ.16.Angola 17.Brazil 18.Canada 19.England 20.Finland

21.France 22.Germany 23.Holland 24.Italy 25.Japan


27.B(一般疑问句Is this…? 的简略回答)


29.D(Is that…? 的简略回答)



32.A(in Chinese用汉语说)




36.D(English既可作名词又可作形容词,前者不需冠词;后者an English student表示“一位英国的学生”)


38.A(Tom and I是复数概念,He是第三人称单数)



Ⅴ.41.her 42.your 43.my 44.his 45.Is 46.Are 47.an 48.am

49.What 50.How



53.A(This’ s改为This is)

54.C(it’s改为it is)


Ⅶ.56.What’s this?

57.Is that a notebook?

58.Yes,it is.

59.It isn’t Lucy’s dictionary.

60.This is her nice watch.

Ⅷ.61.I think it is his pencil.

62.How do you know him?

63.Is the boy your friend?

64.This is not my gold ring.

65.Is that your key in the lost and found case?

Ⅸ.66.B 67.D 68.A 69.F 70.G 71.I 72.J 73.E 74.C



77.D(因为后面的答语为My name is Ann Read. 所以问句用What’s your name? )


79.B(第一次见面问好常用How do you do? 其回答还是How do you do? )

80.C(此句问“包里是什么? ”即“What’s in the bag”,is不能掉。)





85.D(这句话的句意为“你能拼写它吗? ”,“拼写”用“spell”。) Ⅺ.86.F 87.F 88.T 89.T 90.F 91.A 92.C 93.C


Ⅻ.Found:A set of keys. Please call John at 3539495.

Lost:My new watch. My name is Steve. Please call 6034685.


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