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2013七年级上Unit4 Unit4测试

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一、 单项选择

( ) 1. —Where’s the bag? —I _____ know.

A. aren’t B. don’t C. isn’t

( ) 2. I _______ see(看见) your English book. It’s on the bed.

A. is B. am C. can

( ) 3. —Where are your pens?

—______ are in my pencil case.

A. I B. You C. They

( ) 4. This is a picture ______ my room.

A. on B. in C. of

( ) 5. Can you take these CDs _______ your sister?

A. to B. at C. on

( ) 6. —Where is my backpack?

—It’s _____ the table, _____ the floor.

A. on; under B. on; on C. under; on

( ) 7. The oranges are ______ the tree and the bird(鸟) is ______ the tree.

A. on; in B. in; on C. in; in

( ) 8. —Are your pencils on the desk?

—No, ______.

A. they are B. they aren’t C. it isn’t

( ) 9. —______ my baseball?

—Under the chair.

A. Who’s B. How’s C. Where’s

( )10. —_____

—They are in the dresser.

A. Where are these? B. Where are the books? C. Where’s the book?


alarm clock is on the desk. My baseball is that on the sofa? It’ is my bed? It’s near(在……附近) the desk. What are those? They are plants. I like(喜欢) my room.

( )11. A. An B. A C. The

( )12. A. in B. to C. under

( )13. A. Where’s B. What’s C. What are

( )14. A. What B. Where C. How

( )15. A. some B. any C. a


This is Jim’s room. It’s a nice room. There are some pictures on the wall(墙). There is a desk and a chair in his room. There is a sofa and a bookcase, too. The desk is between(在……之间) the bed and the bookcase. His schoolbag and pencil case are on the desk. There are some pen-cils, a pen and a ruler in the pencil case. Jim’s sofa is near the desk. His baseball is under the bed.

( )16. There is ______ in his room.

A. a desk and a chair

B. a desk and some chairs

C. a chair and some desks

( )17. The desk is between the ______ and the ______.

A. sofa; bookcase B. bed; bookcase C. bed; sofa

( )18. Jim’s pencil case is _______.

A. on the desk B. next to the desk C. under the bed

( )19. Jim’s bed is near the _______.

A. sofa B. plants C. desk

( )20. Jim’s ______ is under the bed.

A. pen B. baseball C. ruler


(T=Tommy, M=Mother)

T: Where are my books, Mom?

M: 21_________ on the sofa.

T: Where are my pencil case 22_________ baseball?

M: 23_________ your backpack.

T: OK. And 24_________ my computer game?

M: It’s under your bed.

T: Great!Where are my keys?

M: Look!They are 25________ the dresser.


A) 根据句意及首字母提示填入正确的单词。

26. Please t______ the keys to your brother.

27. My notebook is u______ the bed.

28. The m______ book is on the dresser.

29. My hat is on the f______, under the table.

30. My v______ tape is on the sofa.

B) 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

31. —Where ________(be) the backpacks?

—They are on the sofa.

32. Look! Your ________(tape) are on the bed.

33. There are some _________(chair) in the room.

34. Please take these _________(thing) to your brother.

35. Can you _________(bring) your new(新的) photos here this afternoon?

C) 根据图示填入恰当内容完成句子,每空一词。 36. There is a hat ______ the ______.

37. My sister’s schoolbag is _____ the _____. 38. Your English books are ______ the ______.

39. Bob’s soccer(足球) is _____ the _____. 40. My new pen is _____ the _____.


41. My backpack is under the bed.(对画线部分提问)

______ ______ your backpack?

42. Are her pens on the dresser? (作否定回答)

No, ______ ______.

43. They are on the sofa.(改为单数句子)

______ ______ on the sofa.

44. Can you take the oranges to your brother? (改为祈使句)

______ ______ the oranges to your brother.

45. You can see some pictures in my bed-room. (对画线部分提问)

______ ______ you see in my bedroom?


46. 我的书桌在哪里?

______ _______ desk?

47. —你的双肩背包在床上吗? —是的。

—_______ your backpack ________ the bed?

—Yes, _______ _______.

48. 那是我的录像带。

That is my _______ _______.

49. 我需要我的钥匙。它们在哪里?

_______ _______ my keys. Where _______ _______?

50. 请把这本书给王老师带去。

Please _______ this book _______ Mr Wang.


每个人都有自己的小房间,你能告诉我们你的房间是什么样的吗?请以My Room为题写一篇小作文。


My Room

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________


一、1-5 BCCCA 6-10 CABCB

二、11-15 ACBBA

三、16-20 ABACB

四、21. They’re 22. and 23. In 24. where’s 25. on

五、A) 26. take 27. under 28. math 29. floor 30. video

B) 31. are 32. tapes 33. chairs 34. things 35. bring

C) 36. under; bed 37. on; sofa 38. in; backpack 39. on; floor 40. in; drawer

六、 41. Where is 42. they aren’t 43. It is 44. Please take 45. What can

七、46. Where’s my 47. Is; on; it is 48. video tape 49. I need; are they 50. take; to

八、One possible version:

My Room

This is my room. There are many things in it. Some books are on the desk. And a nice chair is under the desk. My alarm clock is on the table. A blue quilt is on the bed. And two pictures are on the wall. Where’s my schoolbag? Oh, it’s under the chair.

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