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广东省乐昌市中英文学校 2013-2014学年第二学期期中测试 八年级英语试卷 命题教师:八年级备课组 审核人:李海芳 说明:1、本试卷分问卷和答卷两部分。问卷共7页,答卷共1页。请考生将答案写在答卷上,答案写在卷上将不计分。 2、全卷120分,考试时间为100分钟。 3、必须使用黑色字迹的钢笔或签字笔作答。 Listening Test Part (共25分) 一、听力理解(本大题共25小题,每小题1分,共25分) A、听句子(本节共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)根据所听句子的内容选择符合题意的图画。每小题听一遍。 ( )1.Which picture is Jim in ?



C. ( ) 2. What should the speaker do? A.



( ) 3.What will the listener probably do? A.


C. ( ) 4.What did Peter and his cousin do yesterday?


B. C.

( ) 5.What was the speaker doing when the rainstorm came? A.

B. C.

B、听对话(本节共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)根据所听的对话内容回答每段对话后面的问题,在各题所给的三个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并将其字母编号填写在题前括号内。每段对话听两遍。 ( )6. What does Mary want Bob to do ? A. To fold the clothes. B. To do the dishes. C. To make the bed.


( )7. Which is not Mark’s advice?

A. To write her friend a letter. B. To go to her friend’s house.

C. To talk with her friend on the phone.

( )8. Why did Lin Tao’s house fall down?

A. Because of a heavy snow. B. Because of a heavy wind.

C. Because of a heavy rainstorm.

( )9. What does Tina want to do?

A. To listen to music. B. To buy a CD player. C. To go to sleep. ( )10. What was Mary doing at 7:00 yesterday morning?

A. Making breakfast. B. Doing some washing. C. Sweeping the floor.

( )11. What’s Cindy’s problem?

A. She argued with her friend Kim. B. She can’t borrow things from Kim.

C. She doesn’t want to be Kim’s good friend.

( ) 12. How will Cindy solve the problem?

A. She will call up Kim. B. She will write Kim a letter.

C. She will go to Kim’s house.

( )13. Who was reading in the city park ?

A. Some girls. B. Some boys. C. Some old men.

( ) 14. How many people were fishing?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

( ) 15. What did Sue do in the park?

A. She went boating. B. She played soccer. C. She picked up the rubbish.

C、听短文 (本节共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)请你根据所听的内容,在每小题给出的三个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并将其字母编号填写在题前括号内。本题听两遍。

( )16. Helen is Tim’s _______.

A. sister B. cousin C. friend

( )17. Tim does chores in his family because ________.

A. he thinks it’s important B. his parents are very busy

C. he likes doing chores

( )18.Tim usually ________.

A. feeds the dog B. walks the dog C. cleans the doors

( )19. _________washes the dishes after supper every day .

A. Tim B. Helen C. Tim’s mother

( )20.Kim and Helen feel ________ to do chores.

A. tired B. happy C. bored

D听填信息 (本节共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)请你根据所听的内容,完成表


Written Test Part (共95分)

二、单项选择题 (本大题共20小题,每小题1分,共20分)

( )26. — Did you __________, Frank? I’m afraid you have to see a dentist. — Yes, Mr. Wang. I’ll go after school.

A. have a sore back B. have a fever

C. have a nosebleed D. have a toothache

( )27. — Let’s go and play games, OK?

— Sorry, Mike. I won’t go out __________ I finish my homework.

A. until B. when C. although D. if

( )28. — My computer is broken.

— Why not ask Mr. White __________ for you?

A. to fix up it B. fix up it C. to fix it up D. fix it up

( )29. — Why does Wei Fang study so hard?

— She studies hard ________ she can get into a good university.

A. so that B. in order to C. because of D. thanks to

( )30. — What did you see just now?

— I saw an old man on the side of the road.

A. lies B. lied C. lying D. was lying

( )31. — When did you begin to play the piano? — I began to play it ______.

A. at the age of 5 B. for five years

C. when I am five D. after five years

( )32. — Could you please ________?

— No problem, but I’ll fold the clothes first.

A. stay out late B. making you bed

C. take out the rubbish D. going out for dinner

( )33. —Students these days are sometimes busier at weekends than weekdays. — Yes. They have ________ homework and _________ after-school classes.

A. too many; much too B. much too; too many

C. too many; too much D. too much; too many

( )34. — Do your brother get up early or late?

— He used to ________very late, but now he is used to _______ early.

A. get up; getting up B. got up; get up

C. getting up; get up D. getting up; got up

( )35. — May I ________ your dictionary, Jane?

— Sure. But you can’t ________ it to others.

A. borrow; borrow B. lend; lend C. borrow; lend D. lend; borrow

( )36— Would you mind________ for me, Lydia? — No problem.

A. sweep the floor B. to fold the clothes

C. doing the dishes D. watching this show

( )37. —The next day, they all looked at me __________.

—Really?What happened?

A. to my surprise B. in surprise C. surprised D. surprising

( )38. — My parents don’t allow me to watch TV, what should I do?

— ____________

A. I don’t think this is fair. B. You could say sorry to them.

C. Hope things work out. D. You could sit down and communicate with them.

( )39.It’s raining now.I would like to watch TV at home___playing soccer outside.

A. instead B. instead of C. because of D. afraid of

( )40. Mr. Li asks us to remember that ______ careful we are, _______ mistakes 3

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